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Life After the Bite. (A Michael Afton story) by Mehhhh1975
Life After the Bite. (A Michael Af...by Meh
This story starts the day Chris died in the hospital. This story will have cussing, self harm, child abuse, attempted suicide, verbal and physical abuse, boy x boy, girl...
Willys Wonderland: Twisted Wonderland (Male reader) by Puppet198463
Willys Wonderland: Twisted Wonderl...by Puppet198463
Based on Willys Wonderland and FNAF: Twisted Ones It's been a year since the horrific events at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and Charlie is just trying to move on. Even with...
Aftons in Ninjago by Lexi51283
Aftons in Ninjagoby Lexi51283
Y/n afton, twin sibling to Evan Afton. Y/n Afton died at 15 to an animatronic named Lolbit. Years went by and after a while they all reunited and lived together. What ha...
Christopher Afton/Shadow Freddy by GachaSpriteu
Christopher Afton/Shadow Freddyby Gacha Spriteu
Foto made by me ↑ i know that Chris afton isn't Shadow Freddy(maybe) but in my AU it is just like that ok? if you aren't happy with this AU and say it isn't real it's MY...
"Just Pretend "  Sister Location (Elizabeth Afton) by NightmareBallond2
"Just Pretend " Sister Location (...by ???
Main Characters: Elizabeth Afton & Circus Baby " Isn't it why you came here?..To be whith HER again?...." -- Circus Baby " isn't this why you came here...
The Secrets Of The Afton Family And Freddy's  by 29447a
The Secrets Of The Afton Family An...by Sallyface'snuggets
After Susie goes missing C.C and his friends try to solve the mysterious disappearances of the kids at Freddy's ( This is my AU and Yeah)
Afton family  comfort character oneshots by 911eddievr
Afton family comfort character on...by aMaskedRat
The afton family is one of my top comfort characters I love them so much why aren't they real T-T.[THESE ARE ALL PLATONIC] a collection of oneshots and scenarios of Th...
Chris x Parker  Gacha life  by January998
Chris x Parker Gacha life by January998
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Chris falls in love with Parker and it is his brith day and we are going to Freddy's to celebrate his birthday 🎂 this is going to have...
FNAF SECURITY BREACH × Gendernatural Reader by Makunotfound
FNAF SECURITY BREACH × Gendernatur...by Kirito shinoba
Y/N L/N a tall [Age] [Gender] Looking for a way out in the pizzaplex along with Gregory, wondering how they got locked in and having to face against non-human people, ma...
my death before your love  by Gregory_lover
my death before your love by Karla
just a quick story uhhh sad stuff get ready to cry idk BUT IT'LL BE GOOD?!
Baby's secret told [Volume 1 Book 1] Minecraft Fnaf AU[Past] by XxRaeylnn_moonXx
Baby's secret told [Volume 1 Book...by XxTyukuyomi_moonXx
Baby and Puppet have some kinda fallout with eachother,and Baby tells her dark secrets to Foxy,what will happen? TW:// Abuse Cussing Angst
Afton Family Preference (Request Open) by GachaFanOfThings
Afton Family Preference (Request O...by Gacha Fan Of Things
COVER IS NOT MINE!!! This is a preference book of the Afton Family (DUH). Of course for each different person you'll be a different age and you are dead. This will defin...
Mr puppy Michael afton +bf hcs by Frogrot_
Mr puppy Michael afton +bf hcsby Catz / Cosmo
forgive me father for i have sinned im bored pls dont cancel me I swear i dont find him hot sometimes
More than friends? (FNAF Jeremy Fitzgerald x Micheal afton) by llie_36
More than friends? (FNAF Jeremy Fi...by llie_36
Micheal is struggling with his mental health all while Jeremy is trying his best to help.
Security breach mini stories  by Exis_Fine
Security breach mini stories by 💜☕️pat☕️💜
This is a book with mini stories in it It has my friends ocs in it so if you don't like that you can leave Also- Bonnie and foxy are alive
Aftons Celebrated random national days by Mehhhh1975
Aftons Celebrated random national...by Meh
I saw someone else do this, so I made my own!
Her Eyes by Irhaboggler
Her Eyesby Irhaboggler
Baby takes a moment to reflect on her eyes and how beautiful and blue they are... Baby takes a moment to reflect on her eyes and how ugly and green they are...
Blind love ( Henry Emily x Parent!reader) by ItzSm1lely
Blind love ( Henry Emily x Parent...by EyelessJacksotherhoe<33
Y/N is a single parent raising a six year old girl named Summer (L/N) who is a bright and bubbly girl. Back then Y/N discovered that Their ex-husband Adam was cheating o...