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A baby? (A Wildchip love story) by BlueberryBranwen
A baby? (A Wildchip love story)by Blueberry
(Art credit for cover: hazelthenut7 on Tumblr) Wildberry and Crunchy Chip Cookie were on a walk until they see a baby all by themselves. So they decided to take care of...
Silly Wildchip oneshots by Grillveryswag
Silly Wildchip oneshotsby Grillveryswag
A little one shot I wrote for my wildchip discord server :)
The More Snow that gets near you! by Moon_Pain
The More Snow that gets near you!by Sea Fairy
××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Crunchy Chip and Wildberry both met in the Vanilla Kingdom and one of them started having feelings for each other who's going to conf...
What is this feeling?... (WildChip) by ACRKAddict
What is this feeling?... (WildChip)by Kai uvu
A modern USA town, and a highly dense town at that, is NOT good place for a werewolf. Say hello to the werewolf! A small 22 year old man named Crunchy Chip. He lives wi...
Uh....oh I don't what this feeling is by -_chiffon_-
Uh....oh I don't what this feeling...by Fio (crunchy chip Stan era)
He thinks he is a terrible excuse of a father While he was a saint straight from heaven She was the head archer striving for perfection While she was doing everything t...
Her words (Wildchip oneshot fic) by NightOwlii_46
Her words (Wildchip oneshot fic)by NightOwlii_46
To any Oyster cookie fans about to read this, I apologize in advance. Characters belong to Devsisters
Wildberry x Crunchy Chip [Hope To See You Again] (Read description) by Jaira0423
Wildberry x Crunchy Chip [Hope To...by
This is only one chapter btw, I made this as an alternate or diffrent ending of Cookie Oddesy Chapter 3 Day 5 a wildchip ending :) anyways i hope you enjoy this is my 1s...
The bucket list by -_chiffon_-
The bucket listby Fio (crunchy chip Stan era)
a mischievous kid a brave knight two warriors and a tired mage in a adventure that just might make or break the world they live in
21 Hollyberry Street (Red Velvet Cookie x Cookie!Reader) by Light_Summoner
21 Hollyberry Street (Red Velvet C...by Light_Summoner
Get in Highschool Uniforms and Enter the Evil8! and expose their schemes and their (well one cookies) Crimes to the world!
Ever Always  Beside You (Wildchip) by andwhump
Ever Always Beside You (Wildchip)by hella_whump
Taking place after Crunchy chip's first nightmare. Wildberry finds a sleep reluctant Crunchy chip on the Madeleine's living room floor.
[🌾] Story Between The Two  by ArxvaOnTwitt
[🌾] Story Between The Two by Arxva _
. Nothing, just a Wildchip Fanfiction! read more for info about this Story in the Description ! 🌻 ☡!! Disclaimer !!☡ -- 🌠 All Characters in this Story was not mine, it...
Cruel Assassination ~ Wildchip AU ~ Cookie Run Kingdom  by vookabox
Cruel Assassination ~ Wildchip AU...by vookabox
A blueish hue silloulette, emerging from the darkness looked worried. "Are you sure this year will be successful? Last year was only a blessing because your son cam...
❌CRK Oneshots❌ by ItUni_The_Actual
❌CRK Oneshots❌by ItUni
Alrightttt, the title READ THE FIRST PAGE PLEASE Requests: ❌ im sorry but this book has ship limits And no lemon because i cant write that All support means a lot! Co...
A sweet taste of love  by Scarleto0o
A sweet taste of love by Slay soul sister
Just a wildchip story,there probably won't be anything sexual in this so if your looking for that i won't recommend this book! - Wildberry and crunchy chip finally Deci...
✨Wildchip oneshots✨ by Oof3215
✨Wildchip oneshots✨by
you read the title, now read the book
CRK stories ill probably never finish !!  || RANDOM CRK BOOK by Laura_LaCheesecakez
CRK stories ill probably never fin...by luvvies_cheesecakez
stories i will probably never finish. this book was just for yall's entertainment because i KNOW i havent updated "~a royal duty~" IN A LITERAL MONTH.
A Love Mission?! by MoonlitOrchid091
A Love Mission?!by Moonlit Orchid
Hello this is my first ship story! And I will inform you that my ocs are here these ocs are: Link, Princess Zelda, Moon Crescent, Choco Espresso, and other more. These c...