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Never Not Wild Boys by prosecastinator
Never Not Wild Boysby cj lopez
Faust Lockhart wanted a prince charming and cheap romantics. Saint Dubois needed a dark wild fairy tale, he wanted to be devoured. Two boys, one a bored walking woe-is-m...
Wild Boys by kulotskyut
Wild Boysby aly cayab
Wild's High School, an all boys educational institute specializing in MMA.
Lost Boys // Narry AU by cthnarry
Lost Boys // Narry AUby Az
- Book 3 from the Wild Boys series - If it's love, they'll find their way back to each other, no matter how lost they were before that.
Forgotten Boys > Narry AU by cthnarry
Forgotten Boys > Narry AUby Az
Sequel to Wild Boys would you do it, relive a summer love with the one person you love but can't remember? [ narry twins au ]
The Wildboys by wildboyj
The Wildboysby wildboyj
In the DC Universe, as the Justice League protect the world from everything nature has to throw at them, a group of elite fighters unknown to only but a few is about to...