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A sweet taste of love  by Scarleto0o
A sweet taste of love by Slay soul sister
Just a wildchip story,there probably won't be anything sexual in this so if your looking for that i won't recommend this book! - Wildberry and crunchy chip finally Deci...
Wing Mission ~ Wildchip AU ~ Cookie Run Kingdom  by vookabox
Wing Mission ~ Wildchip AU ~ Cooki...by vookabox
"The nation built after Pure Vanilla Kingdom's fall, We must investigate." Hollyberry said, clutching her wine glass. Dark Cacao sat there being unsure, He gla...
{ *The Herring Jelly Pie* } by C0ff1_h3r3
{ *The Herring Jelly Pie* }by * name *
This was originally wroten on discord by me.
Wildberry x Crunchy Chip [Hope To See You Again] (Read description) by Jaira0423
Wildberry x Crunchy Chip [Hope To...by
This is only one chapter btw, I made this as an alternate or diffrent ending of Cookie Oddesy Chapter 3 Day 5 a wildchip ending :) anyways i hope you enjoy this is my 1s...
Wildberry and Crunchy chip by Goodsoupsalad
Wildberry and Crunchy chipby Zellyit
Literally in the title but ok (this gonna be so weird💀) So both Wildberry and Crunchy chip work for two different kingdom's but one day both are ask to come for a meet...
My Beloved King. by Whygoodusernametaken
My Beloved King.by Whygoodusernametaken
Made for the fun of it. Planning on making a Dark Cacao and Dark Choco bonding story thingy tho. Smut in this book which I'm very disappointed of due to the fact that I...
Wildchip (Discontinued, maybe??) by Yumi_d1e
Wildchip (Discontinued, maybe??)by Yumi
I will be uploading a chapter every Saturday, but only if it hits 100 veiws each. You also can request a song!