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Wildberry cookie x Ava(OC) by Aver_Ryn
Wildberry cookie x Ava(OC)by Averyn
I was reading a wildberry cookie x reader when I found out it was the only one. So I decided to make the second. slow updates. But anyway hope you enjoy it.
As long that we are together by akrd04
As long that we are togetherby Aked04
Wildberry cookie and crunchy chip cookie had a big fight so they decided to go to there kingdoms but then Dark Enchantress cookie goes to Dark Cacao kingdom and a lot of...
Mistletoe (Crunchy chip cookie x gn reader ) by KrystalRow
Mistletoe (Crunchy chip cookie x g...by
thanks to theunnecessarykid for the story idea This is gonna be bad I can feel it, eh what's done is done but if you die from second hand cringe, I warned you Achieveme...
Daily Life of a Watcher And Her Purple Snake Husband || Cookie Run Crackfic by dEoNlYcOoOkIe
Daily Life of a Watcher And Her Pu...by dEoNlYcOoOkIe
Caramel Arrow is way too much of a girlboss (Devsis confirmed) and lives with her beautiful malewife Affogato, who may or may not be homicidal. This is their daily life.
A sweet taste of love  by Scarleto0o
A sweet taste of love by Slay soul sister
Just a wildchip story,there probably won't be anything sexual in this so if your looking for that i won't recommend this book! - Wildberry and crunchy chip finally Deci...
A baby? (A Wildchip love story) by BlueberryBranwen
A baby? (A Wildchip love story)by Blueberry
(Art credit for cover: hazelthenut7 on Tumblr) Wildberry and Crunchy Chip Cookie were on a walk until they see a baby all by themselves. So they decided to take care of...
{ Cherry Blossoms And Snow Drops } Wildchip Fanfic by marz_x14
{ Cherry Blossoms And Snow Drops }...by Marz <3
these two are so cute 😭 I had to make this If some of you horny mfs are looking for smut wrong fan fiction my guy 💀
What is this feeling?... (WildChip) by ACRKAddict
What is this feeling?... (WildChip)by Kai uvu
A modern USA town, and a highly dense town at that, is NOT good place for a werewolf. Say hello to the werewolf! A small 22 year old man named Crunchy Chip. He lives wi...
A Kingdom of Switched Light: A Cookie Run oneshot story. by DarkPuppet1331
A Kingdom of Switched Light: A Coo...by DarkPuppet1331
What if the Ancients are evil. What if the villains are good What if cookies are neither good or bad. But morally gray What if some cookies plots, stories and lives are...
Cruel Assassination ~ Wildchip AU ~ Cookie Run Kingdom  by vookabox
Cruel Assassination ~ Wildchip AU...by vookabox
A blueish hue silloulette, emerging from the darkness looked worried. "Are you sure this year will be successful? Last year was only a blessing because your son cam...
🥀 Wildchip au thingy 🥀 by Celestianeedstoshut
🥀 Wildchip au thingy 🥀by 𝘤𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘢 ⭐
so uh wildberry is a prince and crunchy is a thingy elf thingy i dunno bruh just read it
I can be the cream to your berry 🤪🤪😁 by LobsterEyes
I can be the cream to your berry �...by LobsterEyes
Title created by toast 🥺 Wildberry x Clotted Cream. Cinnamon, I am sorry if you read this. I don't really know how these two act but I have started the republic stuff...
"The broken club"  by ace0fspades_racc
"The broken club" by Kazi/Nugget
Wildberry Cookie,the infamous escort and bodyguard to the ancient hero,Hollyberry Cookie. Since she saved him from the streets all those years ago,She was like a mother...
Cookie Odyssey: Council of Heroes & the Crème Republic (Ch.1-3) by clctam
Cookie Odyssey: Council of Heroes...by clctam
Dark Enchantress Cookie must be stopped! Pure Vanilla Cookie has called upon the council of Ancient Heroes, but a mysterious cookie from the Crème Republic suddenly appe...
Uh....oh I don't what this feeling is by -_chiffon_-
Uh....oh I don't what this feeling...by Fio (crunchy chip Stan era)
He thinks he is a terrible excuse of a father While he was a saint straight from heaven She was the head archer striving for perfection While she was doing everything t...
Her words (Wildchip oneshot fic) by NightOwlii_46
Her words (Wildchip oneshot fic)by NightOwlii_46
To any Oyster cookie fans about to read this, I apologize in advance. Characters belong to Devsisters
Ever Always  Beside You (Wildchip) by andwhump
Ever Always Beside You (Wildchip)by hella_whump
Taking place after Crunchy chip's first nightmare. Wildberry finds a sleep reluctant Crunchy chip on the Madeleine's living room floor.
[🌾] Story Between The Two  by ArxvaOnTwitt
[🌾] Story Between The Two by Arxva _
. Nothing, just a Wildchip Fanfiction! read more for info about this Story in the Description ! 🌻 ☡!! Disclaimer !!☡ -- 🌠 All Characters in this Story was not mine, it...
[DISCONTINUED] "~A Royal Duty~" by Laura_LaCheesecakez
[DISCONTINUED] "~A Royal Duty~"by luvvies_cheesecakez
*-ALL ART IS NOT MINE, EXCEPT COVER ART-* this is a fanfic i made before even joining wattpad. thanks in advance for reading, here r some extra details; -fluff, wholesom...
uhh crk art by Precumcookie
uhh crk artby Somchai
Got funky, motivated, and a lil hot nd bothered Problematic/fujoshi dni