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Wii Deleted You Oneshots by AloneFanfiction
Wii Deleted You Oneshotsby ❤️💜💚💙💛🧡
This is just little stories that I'm making related to Wii Deleted You.
Punch Out! x Reader  by Metal_Panda_Bear
Punch Out! x Reader by Metal_Panda_Bear
New and improved! Like a lot of my shit lately! 😄 Smut, Imagines, scenarios, and more!
12 Weeks, 12 Dates by bookbuddy
12 Weeks, 12 Datesby bookbuddy
Meet Piper Hollows. She doesn't like to go out if she has the choice not to. She has things to do and is perfectly fine being in her room on Saturday nights, with her hu...
a Wii Deleted You book that's totally not cringe by Felvanio
a Wii Deleted You book that's tota...by Fel/Alien
it's cringe wii deleted you is by iceypie
The Legend of Zelda Oneshots (Requests open) by emmict
The Legend of Zelda Oneshots (Requ...by The_Revali_Fan
Pretty much what it sounds like. Not all of it is romance guys. Some of them can be completely random in different places. Or just a scene. Buuut! I can do romance too...
Mr. L X Dimentio by super_mario_1985
Mr. L X Dimentioby Annalisa
Ever wonder what happens when two of Count Bleck's minions make out with each other? Well, you'll soon find out as you read this story about Mr. L and Dimentio who both...
Castle Bleck Craziness by NintendoJedi
Castle Bleck Crazinessby NintendoJedi
If you've ever wanted to see what REALLY happens at Castle Bleck on an average day, you're going to love this. A collection of short stories about Count Bleck and our fa...
Virus | My 1st WDY AU. by Alisha-Mii
Virus | My 1st WDY AU.by Alisha-Mii
So this was an AU that I had thought of when I first watched WDY, and started doing animations again. So uh. This is basically the remade version where things make more...
Super Paper Mario Zodiacs by abstractaquamarine
Super Paper Mario Zodiacsby Abby ( ^ω^ )
Calling all Super Paper Mario fans! Have you ever wondered which Dark Prognosticus villain matches your star sign the best? Perhaps you've thought about which of the 12...
Under The Stars (A Celeste X Reader) by 123icecreammonster
Under The Stars (A Celeste X Reade...by Lili
"So, when I look up at the stars, I just wonder...what will they all become someday?" I barely seen any Animal Crossing X Readers so I made one. Yay. ALSO THIS...
Wii Saved You by Justice_The_Soul
Wii Saved Youby Under Construction
Meet Blank, your average Mii. For as long as she can remember she lived in the deletion for her life, but when hope arises and freedom is at grasp. Will she be free? Or...
Eteled's Guide to Life and Hentai by Felvanio
Eteled's Guide to Life and Hentaiby Fel/Alien
This took 10 FUCKING MINUTES TO DO. It wasn't written by me. I just copied it down for the memes.
My Super Smash Academia  by powerlonely666
My Super Smash Academia by powerlonely
I'm not good a description but I'll try my best CLASSIC MODE SELECT YOUR FIGHER TENY- no. KIRI- no. TODO- no. BAKU- no DEKU. yes DEKU- MY JOURNEY OF BECOMING THE GREATE...
The Story of Wii Sports Matt by Derpikarp
The Story of Wii Sports Mattby Derpikarp
This is the Backstory of Wii Sports Matt, a man of legendary status. This tells the true tale of how he came into existance, in the canonical form, and how he has become...
Super Paper Mario by ShadowSans58
Super Paper Marioby Ink Sans
This story is based on the game "Super Paper Mario" from Wii. Paper Mario is up for a new adventure but this one is different... It seems that this time, Peach...
(Revamped) Wii Deleted You by ClockworkTarantula
(Revamped) Wii Deleted Youby ClockSpider
(Corrupted Mii, Eteled and Kyle are not mine. I do not own them and the original story is worth the view! I don't know who made the original story but I hope you can fin...
Top Favorite Mario Kart Music Tracks by 5wilsonr
Top Favorite Mario Kart Music Trac...by Ryan Wilson
I've been a major fan of the Mario Kart series ever since I was little. My 1st Mario Kart game was Mario Kart Wii for Nintendo Wii, and I played the heck out of it. Fr...
Wii Deleted You Crack by SadieTadhanaJota
Wii Deleted You Crackby Angelic_Demon666
So this is just gonna be random stories I came up with so make sure you stick around for more stories so see you around!
Wii sports resort smut by peachspike
Wii sports resort smutby uhhhh a dude
Reader x mii (of your choice) You are eager to discover the world of wii sports. So many possibilities of what you can play; also means sexual possibilities.