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The strange type  by Fire_Heartu
The strange type by Fire_Heartu
Read the book
  • tamaki
  • hikaru
  • kyoya
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a wierd AU by mollieocsu
a wierd AUby mollieocsu
this is not Steven universe as I take matters into my own hands, writing a story about something I made its a world where humans have been mixed with a UT character and...
  • lesbain
  • lgbtq
  • wierd
my art by Albertsstuff_is_god
my artby Error x Scott (me)
my undertale artwork from this summer... YES I MADE THIS! IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT ME... BRING IT BITCHES!
  • gay
  • undertale
  • undertalecomics
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Karlin's Book by Elmukamu
Karlin's Bookby Elmukamu
Little and wierd stories
  • shortstories
  • wierd
weird is the new cool by ReadQueen07
weird is the new coolby Sarah Kelley
Anastasia is 18, even though she has two friends she's a loner and people make fun of her . and call her weird until she believes herself that she is. but what happens w...
  • friendship
  • romance
  • sweet
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Backstory and random  by buddy-J2
Backstory and random by buddy-J2
Welp I forgot to save my account sooo I had to start all over and warning:strong language and some edgy shit uh some strong themes too?
  • idkwhatimdoing
  • wierd
  • iwanttodie
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Meme Compilation by Whathaveibecomerip
Meme Compilationby Thunder Catherine ( Runaway c...
Basically, I make memes, or find memes, and then put them here. They are all clean so don't worry about it UwU
  • stupid
  • wierd
  • whyme
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Sight by OIAmACaticornO
Sightby Gibberish
All throughout your day thoughts are flying through your head. What would happen if your thoughts were shown to all that could See? Of course, not everyone can See. That...
  • sight
  • wierd
  • thoughts
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**OwO RANDOM UwU** Random Updates/Random Stuff by toastveryoriginal
**OwO RANDOM UwU** Random Updates...by Phoenix_64
This is a book for just random updates for books like my splatoon oneshots and books im working on. Don't mind my wierd-ness Please x3 there will be the most Random thin...
  • animebois
  • random
  • wierd
A Differnt Morning by TaylorMack4
A Differnt Morningby Taylor Mack
Beverly was a normal teenage girl in high school. Then she woke up feeling different. And that's where it all began
  • weird
  • wierd
l was a bad kid  by nooruyt66
l was a bad kid by nooruyt66
Pepeloe say Life gose on but that the sades thing to me
  • lifeforevery
  • wierd
  • sadness
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Nirrator's Wierd Adventure :v by JeffersonFernandez15
Nirrator's Wierd Adventure :vby Jefferson Fernandez
This story is made just for fun it doesn't follow any rules of writing, maybe a few anyway enjoy the story
  • breakingthefourthwall
  • forthelols
  • wierd
Weird or Random Stories That Happen To Me by TheOfficialShortie
Weird or Random Stories That Happe...by Katsuki Bakugo
These are full of random, weird, creepy things that have happened to me. I hope you guys like them.
  • spooky
  • creepy
  • odd
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MIND'S DARK MATTER by JanelleMckinney
MIND'S DARK MATTERby Janelle Mckinney
2 sentence dark shorts for the twisted mind.
  • short
  • horror
  • dark
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Book Of My Dreams by Boii_Itz_Killua_06
Book Of My Dreamsby Killua Zoldyck
Basically I write what I dream about when I go to sleep. Some of them are highly unusual so please read carefully to understand what is happening. I hope you guys enjoy.
  • sleep
  • action
  • wierd
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Arty Farty Booklet by EhMehBois
Arty Farty Bookletby Evagilene (Eva-kun)
So everyone does this now.... So yeah I will too
  • wierd
  • artbook
  • awkward
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Don't even @ me
  • cringey
  • cringe
  • shitpost
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That Was A Dream, Right? by Megotjams
That Was A Dream, Right?by Mrs Park
Where you think it's all a dream...
  • jimin
  • parkjimin
  • bts
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Stews Art Pot (Art Portfolio) by Nightmarewolf_stew
Stews Art Pot (Art Portfolio)by Stew
Just random art Warning- There are multiple signatures on the art contained in the portfolio, all of this art does belong to me, but my signature has changed throughout...
  • random
  • wierd
  • artbook
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