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A troubled Widow  by WolfGrinch
A troubled Widow by WolfGrinch
When Widow is on a mission and noticed 'feelings' as she was told that's what they are, she goes to the enemy seeking help, so she could recall her pass. Will Overwatch...
One Minute (NSFW)  by LesbiansHellYeah
One Minute (NSFW) by LesbiansHellYeah
NSFW warning, homosexuality and bad writing skills (I DO NOT OWN THE COVER IMAGE ALL CREDIT GOES TO "Yllande" ON DEVIANTART)
Mon Amour {Widowtracer AU Fanfiction} | COMPLETE by KKayemii
Mon Amour {Widowtracer AU Fanficti...by 🌺🌺 𝓒𝓪𝓶🌺🌺
This is not SU related because i'm slowly drifting away from the fandom since it's inactive but never mind that. Lena has broken up with her innocent girlfriend just to...
"Alive" ( WidowTracer Fanfic ) by xLilDvlx
"Alive" ( WidowTracer Fanfic )by xLilDvlx
Lena Oxton, or more well known by her Overwatch call sign: "Tracer", is having conflicting thoughts and feelings about Amélie Lacroix, now known as the Widowma...
Why Does a Spider Kill? by TeaQueen2112
Why Does a Spider Kill?by Katherine
On a special Overwatch mission Lena Oxton (AKA Tracer) goes M.I.A and her new wife, Amelie Lacroix, must help the Overwatch get her back.
Christmas special  by WolfGrinch
Christmas special by WolfGrinch
When Amelie been out of Talon for 3 months now she wants to confess her feelings to the one who saved her.... Lena. Can she do it?
(Scrapped) Overwatch: Playing With The Enemy by DarthShepard
(Scrapped) Overwatch: Playing With...by DarthShepard
An Overwatch Story with a couple of ships in it. Like my other work it's mostly just everyday life with hurdles coming up, highs and lows. A few dates are changed from t...
Exsilium - A Widowtracer Fan Fiction by Mewnari
Exsilium - A Widowtracer Fan Ficti...by Mewnari
"Give me one reason I shouldn't." Widow sneered, readjusting the gun pointed at the Overwatch agents face. Lena remained silent for several moments before she...
Catch Me When I Fall by deathangelo
Catch Me When I Fallby No body cares about me
I remember when everything was perfect. When she was still here. Before she was taken. Before my life went into a mess. Before when she remembered me.
Overwatch by monoshit
Overwatchby Bear
Cringy yet funny chapters at the beginning, but trust me it gets better. Overwatch belongs to papa Jeff.
Overwatch Preferences/OneShots by itsintherefriger8or
Overwatch Preferences/OneShotsby Bees Are Cool
Requests are open. I'll write for mostly any character. There will be Reader X Character and maybe some Character X Character
Overwatch High by Mischiefmercy
Overwatch Highby Mischiefmercy
Yet another one of these books taking place in our favorite character's high school years, but with all of our favorite Overwatch ships! The timeline might not be accura...
Overwatch book of fun by HumanatiesCutest
Overwatch book of funby Meow cat
Ey, overwatch smut for my lovelies! Enjoy babes!
[Overwatch] A Hacked Dream by 5H4D0W8OY
[Overwatch] A Hacked Dreamby Charleyyy
Hola, mi amigos! This is my first fanfic I'm so excited!! Please please please give comments on my story and stuffs so I can write better ones, hopefully:) And English i...
Junkrat the Gargantuan 3 by TheWarHorse100
Junkrat the Gargantuan 3by Alicia L.
Junkrat was slain, but so were his allies. Mei is the only one of Overwatch left alive. She must learn to cope with the responsibilities of keeping Overwatch stable and...
A Widows Hunter by WolfGrinch
A Widows Hunterby WolfGrinch
In the supernatural world anything is possible. Even a love story. Based on Overwatch characters
A speedy recovery. (Remake)  by AestheticMercy
A speedy recovery. (Remake) by AestheticMercy
The story of two women who have known each other since the very beginning. First, Amazing friends,, but maybe... more?
A life away from hell by litfrick
A life away from hellby litfrick
Very very gay also sorry if I suck at writing because this is my first fanfic
Game Over | Somb.Va (Overwatch AU) by Rinzeki
Game Over | Somb.Va (Overwatch AU)by Rin
Famous gamer, Hana Song, meets a hacker, Olivia Colomar, and has her life changed with a simple friend request. Please note that this is an AU and not based on the OW ti...