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Oncelerxreader One-shots!!! by Francemacaroon
Oncelerxreader One-shots!!!by Francemacaroon
A bunch of one-shot scenarios for all them Onceler fangirls! Sorry I suck at descriptions, first time making a xreader so cut me some slack! Also requests are open!
  • onceler
  • randomness
  • romance
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....I was tagged... by RavenclawFander
....I was tagged...by Audrey Seiler
i have no clue what to put here and i am not aware of anyone following me so this is to my fbi agent.
  • whythehecknot
Cover Contest by solangelorules
Cover Contestby solangelorules
I am having my own little contest because I'm bored. I am willing to make you a cover IF you win! So please, come in and enter yourself!
  • contest
  • covercontest
  • votes
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When it all Comes Crashing Down  by monkey16457
When it all Comes Crashing Down by Monkey2022
Jordan has always been on the run, always traveling to one town or another, in an attempt to escape her past. Her one and only friend was a large Newfoundland dog, that...
  • abuse
  • mates
  • plottwist
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  • whythehecknot
  • undertale
  • random
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My imagination write by Psychopath_Sherry
My imagination writeby Psychopath_Sherry
Just some random stuff and there will sort be not that much grammar and run on sentences.
  • hopeyouenjoy
  • justforfun
  • magic
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Darkiplier x Apocalypto_12 Goodness by Viaotic
Darkiplier x Apocalypto_12 Goodnessby Viaotic
I stumbled across a Dark x Ethan fanfic, and began to question why there are no Tyler x Dark fanfics (or why I'm not finding them if there are). I think this pairing is...
  • apocalypto12
  • whythehecknot
  • darkiplier
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Mythology  by LillyFromMoonlight
Mythology by LillyFromMoonlight
So I have to write this story for English class and I figured why not do it on Wattpad? This story will contain: Character descriptions, LOTS of drafts (hopefully), the...
  • penguinscantfly
  • penguins
  • mythology
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Dragon Short Stories by ElerisAndAririah
Dragon Short Storiesby ElerisAndAririah
short (probably shit) stories about dragons. what else do you want me to write?
  • fantasy
  • elemental
  • dragon
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 The hopeless -Dick Grayson (Nightwing) x reader by SPACEGIRL_97
The hopeless -Dick Grayson (Night...by SPACEGIRL_97
y/n was abandoned as a child and grew up in the forest of Gotham City, when she runs into Nightwing, what will happen after their encounter? Find out by reading this cra...
  • gotham
  • nightwing
  • powers
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