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Abused by AbigailDH
Abusedby AbigailDH
This story is about Arukoru Kemuri, who is a 15 year old boy abused by his alcoholic and smoke addictive parents. Abuse is not a joke. Please spread awareness about this.
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Drenched In Red (DISCONTINUED) by funnybear12
Drenched In Red (DISCONTINUED)by Funnybear12
"What big ears you've got." My voice trembled as he slid a hand down my back. "All better to hear you, love." He replied huskily, his lips millimeter...
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A Day In The Life of me by mourzik73
A Day In The Life of meby ellie
If you wanna know why i have this as a cover read my book ;)
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mistletoe; norenmin by yutasbetterthanyou
mistletoe; norenminby yutasbetterthanyou
in which renjun kisses his crush under the mistletoe at a christmas party. problem is he has a boyfriend. cc; @zerofilms
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Abused (Rewrite) by AbigailDH
Abused (Rewrite)by AbigailDH
'Losing HoPe is harder than you think.' This story follows the life of Arukoru Kemuri and his life of abuse. There will be bullying, love and heartbreak. His life will b...
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The Barentain Family {book 2 of 'Abused'} by AbigailDH
The Barentain Family {book 2 of 'A...by AbigailDH
This book is the sequel to 'Abused'. This is about the Barentain family and about Arukoru and Aka's relationship.
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Seventh Sense → Taeten by ATINITY
Seventh Sense → Taetenby boop
"If you had some sense you would stay away from me." "Well thankfully I'm broke and in love." Taeyong doesn't know why but before he could establish...
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Ink and Blood by svtcity
Ink and Bloodby _| ̄|○
One has a story Another wants to share it with the world But there are still people with questions No one knows what really happened that night. Are you ready to find ou...
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I Spy → Nomin by ATINITY
I Spy → Nominby boop
What if two third wheels fall in love? Jaemin is trying to get Renjun and his crush together by Valentine's Day. But he doesn't want to be alone either... → a jaeno/nom...
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magical; norenmin by yutasbetterthanyou
magical; norenminby yutasbetterthanyou
renjun's been cursed. and there's only two people that can help him. cc; @zerofilms
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In the Deep by svtcity
In the Deepby _| ̄|○
Only two people were part of what happened in the Deep. One won't talk about it, the other can't remember. But what would happen if they decided to speak out? covers by...
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petalled , graphics by jeunsung
petalled , graphicsby 🌕
" so put me on a highway and show me a sign and take it to the limit one more time " come on in and gaze at my trashy graphics ! ¡ a graphic portfolio
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«Sapphire's Book» by Http-BlueWaves
«Sapphire's Book»by »ѧṃєṭһʏṡṭ»«ѕαρρнιяє«
This book is kind of random, I might write a little bit, maybe put a few drawings, some vents.
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Drawings and Stuff by AcidicTea
Drawings and Stuffby AcidicTea
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new book bc hundred followers lol by 700FoulsInQuidditch
new book bc hundred followers lolby 𝕨𝕦𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕩
idek. just read if you have time lol.
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If Teardrops Could Be Bottled by svtcity
If Teardrops Could Be Bottledby _| ̄|○
~if teardrops could be bottled there'd be swimming pools filled with models'~ In which Taehyung...
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To the Moon → Yuwin by ATINITY
To the Moon → Yuwinby boop
'i love you to the moon and farther' sometimes the only thing you can do is let go glimmering tears and shattered skies
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Fan-Of-Jay's Challenge! by Lava-The-Ninja
Fan-Of-Jay's Challenge!by Surprise?
I'm doing the challenge of writing what @Fan-Of-Jay tells me to :3 I think I'll have fun doing this
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Mystreet And MCD Short Stories (MyStreetXmcdXoc) by AbigailDH
Mystreet And MCD Short Stories (My...by AbigailDH
Just some random things happening on mystreet or in pheonix drop with my oc.