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The Girl Who Thought She Had Best Friends. by BlackAriesxx
The Girl Who Thought She Had Best...by Umaira M.Shabbir
Leena Ross, a girl who thought she had best friends. Written by Umaira M.Shabbir. ---------------------------- Leena, is a simple girl but with a comp...
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Random Stuff by -surpised_slxtherin-
Random Stuffby ₙₒₜ ₒₖₐy
i hate descriptions but basically this is a random book where i post random things and maybe art as well very trashy art my life is trash
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Honesty at its Worst by 7Dandelions
Honesty at its Worstby 7Dandelions
(2nd book in 'Betrayal at its Finest' series) ***** "She's four months old, Foster. There's really not much influence on her yet." I broke my grip on Ezzie's h...
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Inkcember 2k19  by Remy2211
Inkcember 2k19 by (^O^;)Tim(^O^;)
Idefk why I am doing this... Y'all asked...?
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HERE WE GO AGAIN by malfoy_my_king
Sequal of Poem FROM ME Doesn't rhyme Occasional short stories and rants
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Random Stories by R4dio_H0e
Random Storiesby Human Trash Bag
I'm bored so I write random stories in this book Read if you want If you don't that's fine Read this if you're bored so we can be bored together Yay wholesome
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Your 2 a.m. Thoughts by glimmerindark
Your 2 a.m. Thoughtsby glimmerindark
Things you'd talk to a friend - at 2 a.m. Oh! but only if they were not sleeping. ☻ Questions we don't ask that silently creep in. ~Answers that get lost in what we are...
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In Another Life  by loisjsjsjd
In Another Life by loisjsjsjd
Basically a description of my dream life. Follow the journey of a young boy trying find himself in the maze that is life. Sexuality, School, Sports, Friends, Family, and...
i was tagged by w33db01
i was taggedby w33db01
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Scary Days ( An Oc Story )  by bugmilk
Scary Days ( An Oc Story ) by green tea
fun fact: i get scared easily
Read this when you miss your ex by feelingshurttt
Read this when you miss your exby feelingshurttt
Most people don't hate love. They just hate what it does to you in the end. Losing someone special changes you a lot. That awkward moment when you think you're important...
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The Runes of Love by BloomPrimrose
The Runes of Loveby Anonymous
Angelica stumbles across Maxxie. They fall in love until... Truth or Dare.
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shattered. by whydontwe_ny
shattered.by uncle heehee
I'm broken. Into pieces. And I can't get back together.
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My Stories by DrowningBoat
My Storiesby DrowningBoat
My experiences and feelings written here.
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Creepypasta experiences | Scary experiences by FriskyBits278
Creepypasta experiences | Scary ex...by FriskyBits278
I dont care if you dont believe me. I have had some scary things happen to me, I've had weird things happen. Some may just be what I've talked to cleverbot about, I just...
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Rants you dont gotta read by Devon-ish
Rants you dont gotta readby ~Devon~
I need something to rant to- and idk any of you so we just oUT HERE WITH ALL THE PERSONAL ISH SO LIKE BE WARNED -swear words and sensative content-
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Cigarette by rapturereverie
Cigaretteby rapturereverie
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Extroverted Introvert by NabelAlif
Extroverted Introvertby Nabel Alif
basically a story about how awkward my life is.
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When The Sun Goes Down by ifyoucatchmydrift4
When The Sun Goes Downby ifyoucatchmydrift4
i just created this so i could write down my feelings when occasions happen. It's good to do that, right? I might be good or bad. i'm trying here okay.
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