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What about me, Mr. Stark? by thejanedoestories
What about me, Mr. Stark?by thejanedoestories
All goes well in Peters life until a new kid shows up at Tony's door. But what happens when Peter starts getting forgotten and one evil frost-giant is rooming the earth...
Give him back to me, or so help me god by EvaRose7673
Give him back to me, or so help me...by Evarose7673
...aka that time Ross took Tony's Spidy-son, and Tony was 39237234% not okay with it. *Kudos to the artist Sami Pray for the cover-work
If They Knew All About You by MsHermia
If They Knew All About Youby MsHermia
Tony Stark had lost his son when he was only 2 years old, stolen away in broad daylight. Years later, his path crosses with that of a particular vigilante. They are stra...
Peter and Tony One Shots by Tony_Peter_Loki
Peter and Tony One Shotsby Tony_Peter_Loki
Peter needing Tony/ Tony needing Peter/ Bonding. Will write anything, so let me know what you guys would like and I'll write it x
Percy Jackson meets Loki and the Avengers by Addi_the_Unicorn
Percy Jackson meets Loki and the A...by Addi_the_Book_Thief
When Percy goes into Police custody, SHIELD does a background sweep on him. Realizing that he could be a dangerous terrorist, Fury has two shield agents bring him in. Wh...
Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Much For His Own Good by disfanatic10
Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Muc...by disfanatic10
Peter Parker sickfics and Irondad stuff. These will mostly be multipart stories featuring different medical scenarios. The scenarios I have so far are: appendicitis, poi...
Irondad Oneshots by MagicaLyss
Irondad Oneshotsby ✨Lyss✨
Irondad and Spiderson Oneshots :) (TW's at the beginning of every oneshot where applicable) Lyss
This is a Loki and Thor sibling love oneshots. I will take requests. Please give me requests. I honestly crave so much for Loki and Thor brotherly love moments. So i dec...
If One's Home Is Foreign, Is It Truly Home? by HowTheHell-
If One's Home Is Foreign, Is It Tr...by imtryingmybest
When it's proven that Loki cannot be properly held on Asgard, Odin puts him in Midgard's hands. He is put under a geas restricting his magic and sent into the custody of...
It Only Takes a Second by okayletsbesirius
It Only Takes a Secondby OkaySiriusly?
Harry Potter has been living his life in fear. Fear of his uncle, fear of his power, fear of his magic, fear of his own shadow. But one day, during a routine trip to the...
Wolf Spider by semideadpanda
Wolf Spiderby semideadpanda
Peter never grew up with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. He grew up with HYDRA, trained and brainwashed to be even better then the Winter Soldier. He spends ten years with HYDR...
Wolfstar Oneshots by sadieddie11
Wolfstar Oneshotsby 𝚒𝚍𝚔
Just a bunch of oneshots that I found on Pinterest but with Wolfstar. Most are my own ideas. Some will be fluffy, and others whump. NO SMUT. Requests are closed. DISCL...
Project Alpha by Aztecl
Project Alphaby Aztecl
Project Alpha, led by Dr. Kaleb Kilimar was engineered in order to create the perfect experiment: the child of Natasha Romanoff and the Winter Soldier. Too bad the missi...
The Apprentice of Thanatos by LombaxMechanic23
The Apprentice of Thanatosby MoNinja Gamer
One night after a long day of ghost fighting, Danny meets Thanatos, the Greek god of death. The god tells Danny that he needs the halfa's help, and offers to make him hi...
Tony stark//one shots  by Marvelous-marvelsss
Tony stark//one shots by Marvelous-marvelsss
The first few are transferred from my Peter Parker//avengers one shot book. The new ones start at 'spectacular glory'. Tony stark angst, whump, sick fics, and more.
Peter Parker Whump + other stuff by xcharredrosesx
Peter Parker Whump + other stuffby xcharredrosesx
This is a one-shot book and it will include lots of Irondad and Peter dealing with field trips, injuries and being sick. It will basically include everything so enjoy! R...
What Happens at the CCPD by sillygoose12
What Happens at the CCPDby Queen Silly Goose
One-shots (or Two-shots) about Barry at the CCPD and doing CSI stuff. There will be some reveals and crossovers. And there might be a few that don't really have anything...
Sing to the Sky {31 Days Of Peter Parker Whump} by MagicaLyss
Sing to the Sky {31 Days Of Peter...by ✨Lyss✨
Just lots of sadness and pain and hurt/comfort and probably way too many hospital scenes Whumpcember Also published on AO3
Bluer Than The Sky {Whumptober 2019} by MagicaLyss
Bluer Than The Sky {Whumptober 201...by ✨Lyss✨
Whumptober 2019 Thirty-One Days straight of Irondad & Spiderson Whump from yours truly, Lyss (Cross Posted on Ao3 and on Tumblr)