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I Prooped My Pants by TheZharjekSisters
I Prooped My Pantsby TheZharjekSisters
When quadruplets Ashley, Chelsey, Lindsey, and Tiffany Zharjek went to see their Whose Line idols, they never realized how much their lives would change. I Prooped My Pa...
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
The Price Of Whose Love Is it anyway? by EmelineWolff
The Price Of Whose Love Is it anyw...by Emeline
Hey Everyone so here is a new story I am writing. It's about Drew Carey and Aisha Tyler. That's all I am going to say about it so You will have to read to find out what...
WLIIA- Greg Proops by sparkley_donut
WLIIA- Greg Proopsby Hayley
My first story of my WLIIA series. Hayley is introduced to the comedy man, Greg Proops. They get off on the wrong foot and love to tick each other off. Can this change?
Member by rotmancrosier25
Memberby rotmancrosier25
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Fear by napoleonwilmoth95
Fearby napoleonwilmoth95
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Piece by eshmanpettit14
Pieceby eshmanpettit14
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Idea by zsalangdon77
Ideaby zsalangdon77
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Other by gouletvandenberg86
Otherby gouletvandenberg86
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Response by sherwinaltobelli44
Responseby sherwinaltobelli44
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One in a Million. (A Jeff Davis fan fiction.) by EmilyStarkidSD
One in a Million. (A Jeff Davis fa...by Emily-Jane Lancaster
"The audience cheered as the song finished and I got up to thank Jeff. He finally let go of my hand when I asked him for a hug. As we were in our embrace, he whispe...
Success by isbellapage44
Successby isbellapage44
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Radio by hubastam21
Radioby hubastam21
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Journal #1 by Matt_Biehn
Journal #1by Matt_Biehn
A collection of poems in my first journal.
Notice by axebaker30
Noticeby axebaker30
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Idea by reinagardiner27
Ideaby reinagardiner27
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Adult by rolphbetita94
Adultby rolphbetita94
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Since by pontiasbaden55
Sinceby pontiasbaden55
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Author by blairecuccurullo84
Authorby blairecuccurullo84
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Again by packstonzaragoza74
Againby packstonzaragoza74
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