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Hollow Knight One Shots! [Requests Closed] by Sour_Taco
Hollow Knight One Shots! [Requests...by Hoi?
Yes this is something I'm doing, surprise for my Ghost x Grimm book readers! Hopefully this book will be at least okay. I will state rules in the first chapter so if you...
Lovers, Dreamers, and Me [Hollow Knight x Reader] by AutonomousMask
Lovers, Dreamers, and Me [Hollow K...by Cryptiic Fool
Hah! Oh look, another story that I'll probably focus a little too hard on ":D This story shall take place in a timeline where the infection was dispelled fairly qui...
Ghost x Grimmchild  by Sm0l_King
Ghost x Grimmchild by Sm0l_King
So guys this was a previous story from my another account so I wanted to bring it here because a lot of stuff happened to me but anyways I hope you guys still enjoy it.
why do drugs when you can be reborn as a god by Homosexualhomeslice
why do drugs when you can be rebor...by homosexualhomeslice
hello this is basically a shitty hollow knight self-insert ish vessel reincarnation (I know these got old quick) but with satire and homosexuals there will be TW's befo...
Hell Breaks Free (Hollow Knight Au) by Smol-Knight
Hell Breaks Free (Hollow Knight Au)by Smol-Knight
As a member of the Abraxis Fondation, Asha Tusken is meant to up hold peace between humans and bugs alike. After a bloody war, everyone is hoping that peace can be kept...
Conflicting Conundrums by FlufflesTheCatlover
Conflicting Conundrumsby FlufflesTheCatlover
The Shade Lord returns, but nobody can tell what happened besides them. The Shade Lord themself certainly doesn't mind. Hollow Knight and all of its characters belongs t...
Hollow Knight: Fake screenshot by InkScarlet1996
Hollow Knight: Fake screenshotby InkScarlet alias l'Encre Écar...
This is where I will post all my fake screenshots. Don't use and repost my fake screenshots without my permission.
Not Pure (sequel canceled) by InkScarlet1996
Not Pure (sequel canceled)by InkScarlet alias l'Encre Écar...
The Pale King thought that his Hollow Knight was Pure, but in reality he is not.
{Lovesong} Hornet X reader by HazyMelody
{Lovesong} Hornet X readerby HazyMelody
You finally decide to visit your old home, hallownest. What will you discover? Secrets? Treasure? Love?? Don't keep Hornet waiting❤️!
Vivienne Bridge by Katrina_Estrella
Vivienne Bridgeby Maria✨
Us Series 1 | UNEDITED Maganda sa paningin namin ang tulay na akala namin walang MISTERYO pero nang tumagal, makikita namin kung ano ITO. Masyadong maraming iniisip nami...
Short Tagalog Horror Stories-Sigaw by AngelicaZulueta4
Short Tagalog Horror Stories-Sigawby ANGELICA B ZULUETA
This story is all about horror. Matured content!
The Pale Truth by PlasmaScience
The Pale Truthby Cosmo Clydesdale
A bustling, beautiful kingdom, ravaged by disease and revenge. But what would happen if the Infection never made its way across the kingdom? What would happen if the Rad...
Dryya x The Hollow Knight by Sm0l_King
Dryya x The Hollow Knightby Sm0l_King
After a long time thinking about a new book I want to make some sort of prequel and sequel of the Ghost x Grimmchild book. So as you guys see I'll make one of my favorit...
The One for All - A Hollow Knight Story by DJTuberPlays
The One for All - A Hollow Knight...by dj_arctic
A story in a non - infected AU about the different groups across Hallownest, and their war. But one came and helped saved it all...
Gender Fluid Reader x Hollow Knight by YourStorysTeller
Gender Fluid Reader x Hollow Knightby Story, Your Storys Teller
So basically I'm inserting you into the book. At the end of the chapter, you can vote for a gender.
Kagat ng Dilim  by KeiranPierre
Kagat ng Dilim by KeiranPierre
Natatakot ka rin ba tuwing KUMAKAGAT ANG DILIM?
Pure Vessel's instagram by TheUnofficalArchives
Pure Vessel's instagramby Pure Vessel
I don't know what a instagram is. Everyone else has one.
Xero | Crimson by HP20_RosingTea
Xero | Crimsonby HopedFutur20 RosingTea
A Bright Gift by InkScarlet1996
A Bright Giftby InkScarlet alias l'Encre Écar...
The story is four years after Not Pure. Broken, a young adult Vessel and also a treasure hunter decided to go to the City of Tears to search for treasures. During his ex...
Pure Vessel's journal by TheUnofficalArchives
Pure Vessel's journalby Pure Vessel
No cost too great. No mind to think. No will to break. No voice to cry suffering. Born of God and Void. You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams. You...