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The Alpha And The White Fox by TilDeathDoUsPart0728
The Alpha And The White Foxby Moon Starlight
The last thing Hope remembers is her and her sibling and captured and separated. Hope was sent to a zoo to never see her siblings again. Ten years later still being in t...
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Rocket x(white fox)reader by Cannibalcreep1
Rocket x(white fox)readerby Love-this-art
Your a white fox and a ravanger. old friend of peters and yondu's and this is a story of how you and him find some friends. A green women, A buff dude, A tree and a hunk...
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The Fox by darkstars12
The Foxby Astraea
Let's just say it involves a lot of Draco Malfoy and muggle born shenanigans. ;)
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•]••'º'•»₥Ɏ₮Ⱨł₵₳Ⱡ«•'º'••[• A Foxcraft RP by BloodiedDarkRoses
•]••'º'•»₥Ɏ₮Ⱨł₵₳Ⱡ«•'º'••[• A Foxcr...by Swiftstar
The mage is defeated. But a new evil is rising. The former Lord Mirraclaw has found a source of magic, that can be harnessed by any of Canista's cubs, for good and evil...
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Come Divenne Il "Chirurgo Della Morte" by TrafalgarDPawa
Come Divenne Il "Chirurgo Della Mo...by TrafalgarDPawa
Trafalgar Law, il "Chirurgo della Morte". Perché è un medico in grado di manipolare a piacimento la vita del paziente; perché è un pirata che uccide per avere...
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Incarnation by KuromitsuUnnie
Incarnationby Unnie
Jungkook had always been insane. No trauma. Nothing. He was just born that way. Jungkook killed his own family with no regret. He always just killed for fun or if someon...
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Red Rose: Reformation by RedLoyalty
Red Rose: Reformationby RedLoyalty
Some heroes are born in the dark.
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The White Fox Shapeshifter *BEING EDITED* by bookheaven101
The White Fox Shapeshifter *BEING...by bookheaven101 📖✨
Hi! My name is Lucille, and I have the ability to shapeshift into a beautiful white fox...... My life just got a whole lot worse, and I have to find a way to make it bet...
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White fox shifter by Luna_Athena_89
White fox shifterby Reni
Layla is one of the only fox shifters on earth. She was kidnapped from her pack at the age of 1, and hasn't had an easy life since. The people that took her move around...
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A walk in the Woods by vrydifur
A walk in the Woodsby Vrydifur
A random stroll in the mysterious woods after an unexpected encounter by a little red fox and a three-tailed white fox. Come and discover together with them the mysterio...
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White Fox by Super_Koogz
White Foxby Koogz
Elizabeth's (Lizzie) life was fine, perfect even but everything changed when she saw that white fox.
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Big Sister {COMPLETE} by ImJustABean
Big Sister {COMPLETE}by Bean ~(._.~)
After Nisha's sister gets kidnapped by the infamous White Fox Gang, she will need to go through many challenges to get her back. Will she comply with the gang's trials...
The Legend of the White Fox Book 1 The rise of the White Queen by VictoriaHastings5
The Legend of the White Fox Book 1...by Vickey
A white fox named Snowflake gets bullied by 4 of her little brothers. Spike, the fox who leads the bulling pack gets jealous and wants to get rid of her. Join Snowflake...
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Sober Heart by koeunique
Sober Heartby koeun
A three page story about drunk Mark confessing
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I want to be with you(itano horibe x reader) by Desiree147422
I want to be with you(itano horibe...by Psycho dickhead
Itona: I don't want to be strong anymore I want to love someone. He will find her but Well she love him Will itona Force her to be in the relationship Will someone stea...
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The Luna's Alpha  by ometel
The Luna's Alpha by ometel
Star is having her eighteenth birthday but hasn't shifted yet but she might or might not on her birthday.
Things About Me That I Would Like To Share! by LilyEsmeraldaFox
Things About Me That I Would Like...by Princess_Lily_Fox
Stuff about me!
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The White Fox and The Alpha by YourTypicalAsian2244
The White Fox and The Alphaby YourTypicalAsian
Allison Blue was cheated on by her boyfriend Nathan and immediately called Emma, her best friend. During the way home it started raining and she found a hurt fox behind...
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White Fox by silversnitch33
White Foxby silversnitch33
It's 1977. The Crown of Hogwarts is being installed for the first time at Hogwarts in a thousand years. And then someone comes along and steals it. This someone goes by...
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White by PuppyPopWords
Whiteby PuppyPopWords