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Electric Youth ♡Billy Hargrove Fanfiction♡ by LostSoul84
Electric Youth ♡Billy Hargrove Fan...by LostSoul84
Billy Hargrove is the new badass in Hawkins, Indiana. He doesn't play by the rules and laughs in the face of authority. Molly Holland is a stickler for the rules and one...
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Strong by JenYarrington
Strongby Jen Yarrington
This is a Christian fanfic: In a whirlwind romance, Kate falls in love with Harry, who has been partial paraplegic since a horrific car accident at age 17. Kate and Harr...
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The Heart of the Willow by jessicafrances2019
The Heart of the Willowby jessicafrances2019
Sarah Mackenzie's life has never been so complicated. Newly divorced, she has a brief romantic encounter with famous actor Xander Hawkins that leaves a long lasting impr...
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Sincerely, Yours  by sophieavv
Sincerely, Yours by sophieavv
Kathleen Dechambeau's life was never one anyone would ever expect. Her father died in war, leaving behind his wife to fend for their family. Kathleen and her family live...
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Foraged Love in a Berry Grove - Love Tales from Santa Margarita Island Book 1 by MaggieSantander
Foraged Love in a Berry Grove - Lo...by Maggie Santander
La Isla de Santa Margarita is a tropical paradise a few hours north of Manila. It boasts powdery white sand beaches, romantic cliffs, virgin rainforests, and misty mount...
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golconda fort by puzzledgirl1
golconda fortby puzzledgirl1
little poem on my trip to the breath taking Golconda Fort
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The Escapism by theEscapism
The Escapismby theEscapism
Short & Random.
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A PEEK TO ETERNITY by localucas
A PEEK TO ETERNITYby localucas
Save me from myself. Rescue me from my own monstrosity.
Elizabeth by marthascribbles
Elizabethby marthascribbles
How can whirlwind romances be such fuckery on our feelings? Its mind bogglingly bittersweet but sometimes a romace like that is just written by fate and is just inevitab...
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The One He Left Behind by lovelylitz
The One He Left Behindby lovelylitz
It didn't turn out how I expected at all. It was going great, perfect almost. That should've been my first clue that it wouldn't work out. It's never supposed to be perf...
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WHIRLWIND ROMANCE by crystalkane23
WHIRLWIND ROMANCEby crystalkane23
July 31, 2016 3:00pm - 3:44pm
Angela and Rafael - Love Tales from Santa Margarita Island Book 2 by MaggieSantander
Angela and Rafael - Love Tales fro...by Maggie Santander
A veteran of unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships, Angela had just arrived at the life she'd always dreamed of. One tempestuous slip-up and this amazing new life is...
The disappearing Act by lanameyer
The disappearing Actby lana
Celia lives a quiet life with her books, parents and younger sister Poppy. Her stifling normality comes crashing down when Poppy introduces her to Alister Tyler, a boy s...
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FORBIDDEN LOVE ❣ by MariellaAllyssa
FORBIDDEN LOVE ❣by MariellaAllyssa
To you my first love... Thank you for the pain that you brought me. I need this pain to pursue this novel. I love you. BUT this is not right... You are always here in my...
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Roses & Flames by auspicious_jesse
Roses & Flamesby Jesse Katherine Dylans
"Someday, Princess. I promise you someday it's all gonna make sense." *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 18-year-old Victoria Anderson has been surrounded by...
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Misadventures Of A Sneak by FranNics21
Misadventures Of A Sneakby Nicotine
I never thought I would ever do something so spontaneously reckless, crazy, and very stupid for something as insignificant as a concert ticket for a band I don't even kn...
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The Girl Who Ruined Everything by AbelleKingsley
The Girl Who Ruined Everythingby AbelleKingsley
Todd West was just a regular guy, working towards a promotion and trying to make it down the aisle. I guess fate had something else in store for him. Isn't it strange th...
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SYPNOSIS Do you still believe that promises should be kept? “Promises are meant to be broken.” as stated by a popular saying in this modern regime; this could either be...
Is he a cheater? Is he a playboy? You're called to answer! :) (On Going) by MissJesa
Is he a cheater? Is he a playboy...by Sej
This is based on a true to life story of Jas and Chris who have quickly get into relationship for just a short period of time. Jas have been waiting for a relationship f...
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Someone To Run To by lenalou85
Someone To Run Toby Selena
"You're not leaving here, Gina. Even if you do happen to escape I will find you. I won't rest until you're dead. You'll never see it coming. It's a promise."...
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