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 When I met them (A Cimorelli and you fanfic) by idek_yeah_
When I met them (A Cimorelli and...by idek_yeah_
Y/N was a girl who had two sides. Laid back and a person who just loves to laugh. When you first meet her you only see one side. When you become more close to her and ge...
Facts On Pisces by Nhi671
Facts On Piscesby Nhi-sama
Look at the title. Btw, if ur birthday is from February 19 to March 20, you are a Pisces.
Guess What?! by Thescarycatwolf
Guess What?!by Frank Rodriguez
Today I'll make a story of ice scream comedy,action,horror and drama. It take some time but I don't mind and one more thing...shirogane will fight idate in the end so ye...
Brianna's diary by girlpop200
Brianna's diaryby girlpop200
This story is about Brianna and how her life is similar to her older sister Nikki's
Hi by xFrysPan
Hiby xFrysPan
...hi... by Memesarelifeandlove
...hi...by Sweet tea
I died and came back and I have cHANGED A BIT so.... yay :D
Me, me, and you by email456hey
Me, me, and youby Futurepopstar127
Anna was your average 11 year old girl. She's moving to her new school, Gregory Elementary School starting grade 6. She was excited, but little did she know that it was...
♡Abused•Singer♡tbd• by pizzbabyu
♡Abused•Singer♡tbd•by one happy phrog gremlin
poor izuku has been abused ever since his mother died. His friends at school dont know about this or his voice. Until...
Get To Know Me by Girl_Named_Cara
Get To Know Meby Girl_Named_Cara
A fact about me. Almost everyday. If i dont post somedays, yell at me. Leave me h8 comments saying "WHT THE TITS YOU FAILED KELLIN"
Upcoming Projects by RoseMaiden16
Upcoming Projectsby RoseMaiden16
This is some news on some new stories/artworks I'm gonna make here on Wattpad. I'm still working on my other stuff, sorry it's taking so long to make/finish them because...
Die in blood by cheetochipbabe
Die in bloodby cheetochipbabe
People who deserve to die in the collectors blood puddle
Shyler love story by CookieGirl_14
Shyler love storyby CookieGirl_14
This is a love story about Shyler obviously lol