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The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Reader)  by Spaceduhhh
The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Re...by Spaceduhhh
A new Girl takes a huge risk by joining Smosh Games. Will it all be worth it? Has she made the right choice? Or should she have stayed where she was before? Also she f...
<ON HOLD> One Day, Maybe (Wesley Johnson X Reader) by babywolf251
One Day, Maybe (Wesley Johnson X...by babywolf251
You found it hard to find work after you graduated college. It seemed like no one in your hometown wanted to hire you. So, for your graduation gift, your parents gave yo...
More Than A Game (Wes x Reader) | completed by joliesfiction
More Than A Game (Wes x Reader) |...by Jo
A story in which you become part of Smosh and fall for Wes. Started: 06/06/19 Completed! 07/06/09 #1 westheeditor
Lovestruck -(Wes x reader)- book two by Spaceduhhh
Lovestruck -(Wes x reader)- book t...by Spaceduhhh
Wes and Emily are finally together... but will it be smooth sailing or a bumpy road ahead of them
\\One shots// w.j by cumformecalum
\\One shots// w.jby alexandria
Short one shots about Wesley Johnson/ wes the editor from smosh games
A Smosh Fanfic (Wes X reader) by TheToadMan
A Smosh Fanfic (Wes X reader)by Owen
Your the new girl in smosh games everyone is super nice but one person really stands out...the silver haired Wes Johnson but how does he feel about you?
take a chance (wes x reader) by tommyfiinch
take a chance (wes x reader)by tommy's party
"take a chance on me. that's all i'm asking." - (Y/N)'s whole world is in Philadelphia. Their partner, their friends, their job. Their heart and soul. But coul...
Wes Johnson x Reader Fanfiction by gretamari123
Wes Johnson x Reader Fanfictionby Greta Mari
Exactly as the title says Disclaimer - I know Wes isn't technically part of Smosh anymore and that he has his own channel with his brother (also its really good you shou...
Wesley Johnson x Reader by MySmoshFanfics
Wesley Johnson x Readerby MySmoshFanfics
Hi!!!! I'm a starter to Wattpad and this is my first story, obviously it won't get as popular but I hope you do enjoy this fanfic. K, hope you enjoy 😚
just trust me - wes x reader (fuck wes) by lucyisntokay
just trust me - wes x reader (fuck...by lucy💫✨
y/n and wes? obviously just perfect for each other... right? will she finally throw her trust issues and past out the window for him or will she keep her guard up? 'c'mo...
•°Jovens Sister°• by Damien_Haas_Lover
•°Jovens Sister°•by Psycho Boi
Wes x Reader fanfic Jovens sister is in town since she lost her job and is staying with her brother Joven, she was offered a job at Smosh Games.. will Romance Bloom?