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Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader} by peanutzstuff
Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader}by peanut
Highest Accomplishment: # 1 IN SMOSH (TYSM) #1 in Wes, #1 in smoshgames * * * You've been living in California for a while, but you were just fired from your job. Thankf...
Starting over {Damien Haas}  by SofiaroseGionomo
Starting over {Damien Haas} by Sofia-rose Gionomo
When Courtney's cousin and life long best friend Sydney finds herself in a bad relationship, she gets fed up and removes her from the situation. How will Sydney adapt to...
I Knew I Had That True Love (Shourtney Story) by jc_rosewriter
I Knew I Had That True Love (Shour...by rose carrington
"What would happen if I was Shayne's girlfriend? No! Stop it Courtney. You two are friends and that is all. The girls are right. I just miss having someone be there...
Smosh Preferences/Imagines by midwestloser
Smosh Preferences/Imaginesby midwestloser
(Smosh Guys with Feminine Pronouns) *discontinued*
Smosh Imagines by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Imaginesby clay
A collection of imagines about the whole Smosh crew. These are only one-shots. This includes Ian and Anthony, the Smosh Games crew, and the Smosh main channel fam. I'll...
Smosh Imagines, Ships, and Preferences by Kathryn_Ruth
Smosh Imagines, Ships, and Prefere...by Kathryn
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!!! I tried writing these years ago and it didn't work out, but NOW I'm back to write!! I will not be doing smuts (SORRY) because my little soul isn...
Smosh Family preferences by whotfis5sauce
Smosh Family preferencesby baevillier
Just some imagines and preferences because
New Gamer Girl (Reader X Wesley Johnson) by IronicMr_Darcy
New Gamer Girl (Reader X Wesley Jo...by Sorry Smosh
There's a new gamer girl in town, specifically in the Smosh Games office! Now this could mean many things, new romances or drama. But the leaders of Smosh have a pretty...
Just friends, we swear by Jaelynntodd
Just friends, we swearby Jae
Highest rankings: #1 in DamienHaas #2 in Smoshgames A Damien X reader fanfic. [Book one.] You moved out to LA and applied for a job at Smosh! You were and fit perfect...
[untitled] smosh one-shots by petrichor_plots
[untitled] smosh one-shotsby girl luvr
[hiatus, pretty much indefinite] --a series of disjointed and unconnected oneshots about smosh, the youtube channel. -former members as well as current included !
The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Reader)  by Spaceduhhh
The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Re...by Spaceduhhh
A new Girl takes a huge risk by joining Smosh Games. Will it all be worth it? Has she made the right choice? Or should she have stayed where she was before? Also she f...
Don't Go // Damien Haas x Reader by milliehatake
Don't Go // Damien Haas x Readerby meeks <3
Y/N and Damien... the 'power' couple you could say. On and offs, arguments, forgiveness, it was a bumpy road for them but in the end... Everything always turns out okay...
Smosh Imagines by TopGeek101
Smosh Imaginesby TopGeek 101
What the title says(All based on their videos)
Call Me 'Wes' (In progress)  by spacey_dad
Call Me 'Wes' (In progress) by spacey_dad
(Y/N) can only be described as the ultimate girl next door, she applied for Smosh Games and surprisingly got the job. That's when she met him, and the only words out of...
Smosh Imagines by CensoredNightmare
Smosh Imaginesby liz
I've been wanting to make this for some time!
Smosh Ships by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Shipsby clay
A collection of one-shots about the ships from smosh. I'm beginning the book with two one-shots I already wrote for my book Smosh Imagines, but I'll continue writing my...
Smosh Preferences // Only boys by Justboreddotcom
Smosh Preferences // Only boysby JustBored
Smosh and smosh games preferences/////// only manssssss