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Smosh Preferences/Imagines by midwestloser
Smosh Preferences/Imaginesby Adi
(Smosh Guys with Feminine Pronouns) *Was discontinued for a while, but I'm thinking of continuing?* I feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory, so go ahead and enj...
The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Reader)  by Spaceduhhh
The Best. By far. Is you (Wes x Re...by Spaceduhhh
A new Girl takes a huge risk by joining Smosh Games. Will it all be worth it? Has she made the right choice? Or should she have stayed where she was before? Also she f...
More Than A Game (Wes x Reader) | completed by joliesfiction
More Than A Game (Wes x Reader) |...by Jo
A story in which you become part of Smosh and fall for Wes. Started: 06/06/19 Completed! 07/06/09 #1 westheeditor
There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfiction) by daddyneedshismmmunge
There's No Way (Damien Haas Fanfic...by trash
The day Damien and Chloe met, they both knew that there was no way that nothing would happen between them. Will their relationship blossom despite trying to keep their f...
Lovestruck -(Wes x reader)- book two by Spaceduhhh
Lovestruck -(Wes x reader)- book t...by Spaceduhhh
Wes and Emily are finally together... but will it be smooth sailing or a bumpy road ahead of them
A Touch of Cinnamon by Devils_Music
A Touch of Cinnamonby Psychotic Devil
After a bad ending to a seemingly perfect story. Wes Johnson falls for the new girl next door. Little does he know she's a lot more spice than he bargained for. Will the...
Broken Roads  by someevilpanda
Broken Roads by Just Some Girl
Leilani moved to California after tragedy. Her psychologist recommended she make a Youtube channel to talk about things. One thing led to another, and now she's with Smo...
Smosh Preferences // Only boys by Justboreddotcom
Smosh Preferences // Only boysby JustBored
Smosh and smosh games preferences/////// only manssssss
WesIRL x reader by Icyriver123
WesIRL x readerby Icyriver123
Y/n Kurt Cobain (daughter of Kurt Cobain) moved to LA with her friend Mari. Mari gets her a job at Smosh. What happens when Y/n meets Wes. I do not own Smosh or the peop...
Thanks for calling me cute (a Noah Grossman fanfiction by Jazkyn
Thanks for calling me cute (a Noah...by Jazkyn
Wes' little sister, Leslie, had just graduated college. A couple months ago she moved to LA to live with Wes and her long term boyfriend Sergio. Read to learn more
Wes irl x reader ON HOLD by Icyriver123
Wes irl x reader ON HOLDby Icyriver123
What happens when you take your brother shooting. You work at an orphanage because you were adopted. You have an abusive boyfriend. I do not own Smosh. You also edit well
Smosh Imagines by daddyneedshismmmunge
Smosh Imaginesby trash
Short Smosh imagines, oneshots, drabbles, whatever you wanna call them. No strings attached pieces of writing, just one-off stuff that I wanted to write for fun.
Smosh family one-shot x reader by Smoshfangirl_bp
Smosh family one-shot x readerby Belle Pattison
This is a story full of one-shot x reader of the Smosh family. I do take suggestions and requests just message me a person from the Smosh family, what you briefly want t...
Smosh Horror Thing by BigOldLoser
Smosh Horror Thingby BigOldLoser
This is based off the slasher story Lasercorn and Boze came up with on the Mario Kart 8 SG livestream. It's a mess.
Lasertwin (Wes x reader) by MEXAnonymous
Lasertwin (Wes x reader)by MEXAnonymous
(One of my better ones) Go ahead read it, I dare you ;*
Catervina's Birthday by alwaysfangirl08
Catervina's Birthdayby alwaysfangirl08
A short fic based on the Twitch live-streamed LARP, Blank Slate, which was created by Ryan Omega. It takes place after the events of season 2 in an alternate universe wh...