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Swan's younger sister || New Moon by divinedutchess
Swan's younger sister || New Moonby Black girl power
"I'm sorry you did what? On whom?" Bailey Swan's never been one to have silly crushes on anyone. As a woman of the mind, the idea of a significant other never...
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My mate. The human. (Editing) by lovergirl00530
My mate. The human. (Editing)by Mia Mya whatever .
(Third book in the my mate series. Other books do not need to be read to read this book, but characters from other books will be mentioned in this book.) Evangeline is...
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  • badboygoodgirl
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Twisted by BurntWitch
Twistedby BurntWitch
⚜Some secrets are better hidden.⚜ ********************************************************** After a lifetime of moving, Imani's parents have promised her this is the la...
  • magic
  • alpha
  • lies
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Jared Cameron and I by Emo_Chick_2000
Jared Cameron and Iby Ledger-Lover
Avery Hale is a quiet girl. She's from Mississippi but moved to Washington when she was nine. Her parents died in a car crash when she was six, Avery then went to a adop...
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The new hybrid in town by Angry_nugget04
The new hybrid in townby Stressed out boi
Queenie Reed; she is a seventeen year old werewolf girl. Her abusive family decide to move to a new town because the people in their old town were getting too nosy. Quee...
  • werewolfhybrid
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The Missing Wolf Pack  by stranger10202000
The Missing Wolf Pack by
Sooooo I suck at titles 😝 Danielle Matthews a werewolf. Special to the pack for her fighting abilities, business, and resistant to silver. Her parents died...
  • pack
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  • werewolfpack
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The Rejected Luna by LyraLunaCalypso
The Rejected Lunaby Ms. JoJo Pasieka
Highest ranking #2 in were 3rd place on Bright Book Awards Lia is everything that other werewolves would want to have, daughter of an Alpha, excellent on training, studi...
  • mate
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  • secondchancemate
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Her Secrets (SLOW UPDATES) by z_nation
Her Secrets (SLOW UPDATES)by Z_Nation
Bailey is a sixteen year old werewolf, but is shamed because of who her mother is. Her pack calls her mother a slut, because they have no clue who her father is. They sa...
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A Different Type of Monster by lxstenbxforeigo
A Different Type of Monsterby ♡
He's a monster, in more than one way. And one is scarier than the other. ********** Lexi Gardens had the perfect life. Until a series of events unlocks the worst in who...
  • infatuation
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Bittersweet by mischiefmanaged7171
Bittersweetby mischiefmanaged7171
Updates on Tuesday... Layla was never the type to break, never the one to run. Always too numb to feel, too stubborn to cry. Yet she's chased out of her home, stabbed by...
  • luna
  • beta
  • werewolf-pack
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Alpha and Omega, The Forgotten Curse by Split_Wolf
Alpha and Omega, The Forgotten Cur...by Split_Wolf
Every 500 years a cursed werewolf pup would appear in the middle of the forest but for some unknown reason it just stopped. Now it has been 3,500 years since the last ap...
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Mending the Night by dudeniverse
Mending the Nightby robin
the town of oakheart was not special. it was large and full of upperclass families. or at least that's what everyone thought. the ross family has lived there for genera...
  • werewolf
  • werewolfpack
  • beta
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Dangerous Passion  by Violin3313
Dangerous Passion by Violin3313
-Written By @spiritgoat78 and @Violin3313- Bryon Cruorem is the youngest vampire of his pack, which has dated back centuries. He's spent many of these centuries huntin...
  • lies
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  • terror
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Moonlight Bites by AestheticDice
Moonlight Bitesby AestheticDice
Brooke Wilson is an average stripper, living an exciting, fast paced life. As of lately though she's having thoughts of settling down with the perfect guy. If only he's...
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Argeo and Eden by zaza_zalio
Argeo and Edenby zaza_zalio
When Willow is kidnapped at age 4 and taken by Lady Rosalina, her life has become horrible. After living in a dark, cold and stinky cell for the past 10 years, she decid...
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Forbidden [WIP] by Volvixx_
Forbidden [WIP]by Ri
Young werewolf, Mira Delirious, of the Lunairis Sky pack, is the daughter of the Alpha Shawn Delirious, the strongest werewolf in the area, but when a neighboring pack...
  • romance
  • forcedmarriage
  • forbiddenromance
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Shadow Sneak Pack Guide by ShadowSneak_Pack
Shadow Sneak Pack Guideby Shadow Sneak Pack
our pack
  • wolfpack
  • rp
  • werewolfpack
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One Look And Then We Fell by leeaaun
One Look And Then We Fellby Lee Aaun
" I am never going to show him my weakness again. If he's proud to be an Alpha then so am I." ✨ A Female Alpha: Hazel Jane always hate being weak. She trained...
  • generalfiction
  • firstlove
  • werewolf
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