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Dark Blood And Pale Paws by Bunnysuprise2002
Dark Blood And Pale Pawsby Bunnysuprise2002
Book 2- Cece and Carlos Cece is a 17 year old Omega of the Blue Moon Star's Pack. He has been through a lot of things over his 17 years of living. Over those years, he...
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Alpha Of Blood by radleyswriter
Alpha Of Bloodby Becca🐿
Alexia wanted her mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her. Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know...
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Song of Love and Blood { On Hold } by BuckyandLokisGirls
Song of Love and Blood { On Hold }by NatandSid
Sydney was a regular girl. Well, she was an orphan. And super pretty. And nobody liked her cause she was too pretty.....but otherwise, completely normal. That all change...
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My Nerdy Alpha by ForeverMe007
My Nerdy Alphaby Shaazia
You often hear stories about the nerdy girl who just found out that her mate is a hot Alpha who plays with girls hearts. Then he rejects his nerdy mate and she runs away...
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His Little Wolf by Skye997x
His Little Wolfby Mildred Murumbi
Growing up every werewolf had been warned of Alexander Hendrix or as he was commonly known Alpha Hendrix. To say he was the most terrifying man to ever exist would be be...
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Alpha Stone by Fictonlover134
Alpha Stoneby Fictonlover134
Alpha Stone I am deadly and heartless" Mate. Mine!" His lips were suddenly being placed on mine . It was static electricity . Physical electricity .My eyes wen...
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His Black Beauty And Her Savage Beast by Lee203
His Black Beauty And Her Savage Be...by Lerato Pishka Khethelo
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The Alpha's Witch by WiccanWitch1301
The Alpha's Witchby Sydney Callaghan
Bran Cornick hates witches. Not only are witches and werewolves often enemies, but witches always seem to target him and his family. So what does it mean when a witch sa...
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Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha = One Fun Ride by ninja_kittyXD
Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha =...by Shaine
Emmet is a badass Assassin. And she has been one since her parents died. She and her twin are a rare form of werewolves. They can shift into both felines and wolves. Now...
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Twice the Howl by LisaMuller5
Twice the Howlby Lisa Muller
Derek Hale x OC (Sequel to Howl) Riley's life took an unexpected turn after Derek, now an alpha, bit her to save her from dying. Neither of them knew what she was turni...
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The little Luna by has_writers_block123
The little Lunaby Crazy author person
Gracie was four when she first met her mate, the thirteen year old alpha - to - be Thomas Days. Destined from birth to be the alpha of one of the very first werewolf pac...
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Her Omega{Book 1} by hidden_addictions
Her Omega{Book 1}by .
{Rewritten Verison} "Listen, if you like it or not you're stuck with me." I growled, my hand the pushing his body into the dark room. "Cause I will never...
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Crescent Moon by wanheda46
Crescent Moonby wanheda46
Adelaide's pack was killed by the Red Moon Pack. Addy and her younger sister Madelyn are the 2/3 last of the Crescent Moon pack and are being hunted down. 3 year later...
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Just A Werewolf's Mate  by YearsAndDays
Just A Werewolf's Mate by YearsAndDays
17 year old Theodore Jensen's life changes dramatically when his aunt that he lives with suddenly dies, and he is forced as a minor to live with his father. The father h...
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Dracon by RissaleWriter
Draconby Rissa, Rissy, Riss
Family was something that Clover thought was a foreign concept and could possibly never happen to her. The eighteen-year-old, different female couldn't fathom as to why...
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moon and stars by Fleur250205
moon and starsby Cabin13cosplayer
All charicters belong to j.k Rowling This is a random idea I have been working on I will be surprised if anyone reads this pleas comment and leave suggest on what to do...
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Love Me [Jasper Hale] by Kapichica
Love Me [Jasper Hale]by Kappa
In which a girl who has lost all sense of love gains the love of her life when she moves to the town of Forks, Washington looking for a new start. -Starts in New Moon-
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The Powerful One. by Steph22
The Powerful One.by Steph22
The Golden wolf is a myth among werewolves, no one has seen it and who ever has, didn't survive to tell anyone. Six hundred years and Andorra Hannah still looks the beau...
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My Destined by samiiRAWR1
My Destinedby Samii :)
The Choosing Ceremony is a ceremonial two-day event observed each year by the pack Elders where young wolves between the ages of 18-26 gather together to find their mate...
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Stolen Mate by MiaAma
Stolen Mateby MiaAma
Sara Johnson's life is turned around when she realizes she's the Alphas mate. This causes issues between Sara and her sister, Citi, who was the Alpha's girlfriend for 3...
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