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Grey's Tribute rmills75
2.7M 116K
The Alpha's Young Mate True_lies13
5.5M 227K
Heartless Alpha AmazedBookLover
2.2M 79.8K
His Queen jinwen2509
2.9M 101K
Ice Cold Mate IsabellaDiaz_
2.7M 97.8K
Alpha's Girl MissTroubleX
3.5M 126K
Alphas Claim s_marie10
878K 33.8K
The Sexy Italian Kidnapper (#TheWattys2015) TheWeirdo_Salts
1.2M 43.7K
Beastly FallenCause
1.2M 49.1K
Heath mesmores
1.9M 80.1K
My Broken Luna awesomepriscilla
330K 11.3K
Innocent Little Runt MixyBell
263K 11.3K
Mated To The Alpha King Sannyaahhh
8.7M 313K
Silent Mate pikniktable
397K 15.5K
The Code of The Alpha MaybeManhattan
11.3M 386K
Vet Tech Meets The Alpha MommaShifter
1.5M 81.7K
Wrapped Around My Whiskers majaaa_xx
1.2M 67.7K
His Possession -aameliaa-
248K 7.1K