The Last Shewolf by Part2Wolf
The Last Shewolfby Part2Wolf
Every male wants to find her, hide her, mate her, breed her. Men will kill for her. Packs will go to war over her. A species will go extinct without her. She is the...
  • gắng
  • biker
  • pack
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Her Blind King ― ONGOING by FoxyGirlLovesIt
Her Blind King ― ONGOINGby FoxyGirlLovesIt
The true mate is for all eternity. But what if that's not what you want? ♛♚♛ Amaya Elissa of Winter's Pack is the every day Wolf with big dreams. When the terrible event...
  • omega
  • novel
  • lycan
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Teach Me How To Werewolf by CCCSummers
Teach Me How To Werewolfby CCCSummers
Ako si Eliana, isang college student na aksidente na naging werewolf. To avoid being stuck in a werewolf form, I was forced to marry a werewolf royalty named Tristan Eri...
  • vampire
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy} by _A13XA_
Pixie Dust {BoyxBoy}by _A13XA_
Being the new kid is extremely hard, especially when you go to a school just for the supernatural. Leon is a pixie- and the new kid. Moving from his old home for better...
  • mate
  • powers
  • principlexstudent
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A Monsters Mercy by Farmer_T
A Monsters Mercyby Farmer_T
What happens when your mate is a monster? Can you change him or will he destroy you first? They say when that when you meet your mate you truly see beauty for the first...
  • mercy
  • mate
  • monster
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Breaking The Assassin by zoeywelch14
Breaking The Assassinby zoeywelch14
Ilanthe's main goal in life is to become the Luna of the most elite pack of assassin's; but when war wages and her 'simple' life is thrown into chaos, she is pushed to h...
  • funny
  • actionpacked
  • love
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Icarus by nearxlight
Icarusby nearxlight
They walk like men. They talk like men. They seduce like men. But they are not men. The werewolf is not a man who transforms into a wolf, but rather, he is a wolf who ch...
  • icarus
  • romance
  • strongfemalelead
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King's Den by articen
King's Denby articen
++++++UPDATES TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, AND SATURDAYS.... And whenever I'm feeling happy...++++++ "Run," I told myself. If I didn't they would rip me to shreds just...
  • gemawards2018
  • alphaking
  • thecosmicawards2018
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Hated by flyinfox28
Hatedby flyinfox28
I ran. God I ran like their was no tomorrow. Cause their most likely wasn't going to be one. Three men on horses and three wolves? If I had never trespassed on someone e...
  • alpha
  • ball
  • save
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Alpha Cinder (GirlXGirl) by AnneJCarol
Alpha Cinder (GirlXGirl)by AnneJCarol
(Mature) Cara Wright gets kicked out of her apartment by a salty dad, a small chain of events leading to finding her mate. Instead of seeing a hot, sexy male alpha, what...
  • teenfiction
  • lgbtfiction
  • beta
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ODELIA by ikawako99
ODELIAby ikawako99
"You don't belong here." A growl escapes his mouth as he grits his teeth. He grabs me by the arm, squeezing it purple until I feel it numbing. He drags me away...
  • rogue
  • humor
  • supernatural
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Melody's mate by Melizzz16
Melody's mateby Melizzz16
Melody Prince is seventeen years old. She has abusive step parents. Her real parents died. Or so she thinks. She has never known what love feels like. Her only friend is...
  • mate
  • melody
  • mating
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The Marking by destiny6795
The Markingby destiny6795
With every step he took towards me, I took one back until I hit the edge of his bed. A deep growl rumbled from his throat and I tried to make myself smaller in hopes tha...
  • mate
  • wolf
  • luna
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Caged Wolves by JorginaAdele
Caged Wolvesby JorginaAdele
Lucina and her siblings have been locked in a cage for moon knows how long. They are weak and malnourished, they don't even know where they are or why they have been loc...
  • lost
  • wolfpack
  • alpha
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Rogue by Death_By_Narcissism
Rogueby Death_By_Narcissism
Current rank: #465 In my dreams rank: #10 "Oh sweet angel mine," Ares whispered running his cool fingers along her bruised neck, clicking the collar in place...
  • humor
  • servant
  • werewolves
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Blue Blood by Mybloglife
Blue Bloodby Mybloglife
MATURE 18+ "Just because my story doesn't seem credible doesn't mean it's not true!" I was livid. How dare he question my bloodline. My power! I stood up and...
  • werewolf
  • dragons
  • romance
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She-Wolf by AshesToAsh
She-Wolfby AshesToAsh
Midnight struck, the sound of crying erupted in the room. A child was born, nonetheless, however, what would've happened if anyone realised that this little girl was spe...
  • lycanthropy
  • werewolves
  • hunters
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Never by _xXUnicornSlayerXx_
Neverby _xXUnicornSlayerXx_
She has a secret that only a few people know about. She's never told anyone about it, she's kept her mouth closed, and the secret buried deep. And the secret is so deep...
  • scream
  • romance
  • trash
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