If I Stay by RamenLady
If I Stayby RamenLady
Waking up with no memory of her past or who she really was, Misha had no choice but to start a life in a strange town. However, she starts to notice strange things happe...
  • possessive
  • werewolf
  • alpha
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The Lady Alpha by MissMiaMalfoy
The Lady Alphaby MissMiaMalfoy
Most girls can only dream of acquiring Luna, marrying a strong and powerful Alpha. Hermione never wanted that though. She hated how she had always been destined for that...
  • fate
  • wolf
  • twinmates
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By The Full Moon by Jaayvas
By The Full Moonby Jaayvas
I leaned down to her, our faces a few inches apart. I brushed a stray hair back from her face, tucking it behind her delicate ear. "We are not complete animals...
  • dominant
  • twoguysonegirl
  • romance
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Alpha Lucas  by Baby_Mara04
Alpha Lucas by Baby_Mara04
Skyler has caged her wolf for years, and has never shifted before. She's lived as a normal girl with her human mother for nineteen years. Unknown to her that her mothers...
  • vampire
  • mates
  • firewitch
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Not Your Luna--The Broken Bond   COMPLETED by heiditerryberry
Not Your Luna--The Broken Bond C...by heiditerryberry
She's a fighter filled with anger and who does not trust easily if at all. Losing her dad 6 months ago Mac ended up with her who then shipped her off to an uncle she had...
  • fighting
  • mates
  • hate
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Bessa by Whiskeyqueenn
Bessaby Whiskeyqueenn
"Let me see your face." Savage, fierce, unforgiving, the world of the Far North is nothing like the land of Dunes where Bessa was birthed. From the first mom...
  • ceremony
  • luna
  • shifters
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Accept Me, Please? by presleysangel
Accept Me, Please?by presleysangel
Raul Desoto had been a widower for a while and now he wanted a companion. Someone who would keep the loneliness at bay. Someone to spend time with since his son was gr...
  • pack
  • age-gap
  • bond
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The chosen one by littlemonkey12r
The chosen oneby littlemonkey12r
"Mate." Caitlyn said. And I believed her. "Shit. No, no, no, no. Fuck Adeline It's gonna be okay." I felt a strong pair of arms scoop me up off the g...
  • fantasy
  • alpha
  • fiction
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His Queen by beachgal101
His Queenby beachgal101
He is cruel She is broken Onalee has stared death in the face more then once in her 18 years. She knows loss and pain better then anyone. After Ali's pack was killed s...
  • lunaqueen
  • mates
  • mate
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But He's My Brother! by redflavourcake
But He's My Brother!by redflavourcake
Elisa is turning eighteen in a week, this will be a crucial moment for her because not only does it mean she will soon shift into her Wolf for the first time but that sh...
  • love
  • mate
  • conflict
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I Dare You by AsherMars
I Dare Youby AsherMars
Once you lose what Cleo's lost, something in you snaps and you put up walls. Hell, you put up mountains. That way nothing can get to you. You can't get hurt. Not again.
  • wolfpack
  • pack
  • moongoddess
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My Twin Alpha Mates by breathless_writer
My Twin Alpha Matesby breathless_writer
(Continued version of original story) "You're the Alpha?" "Alphas." Emilia cocked her head, her lips pouting in confusion. "There's two of you...
  • alphas
  • luna
  • love
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Stars to Infinity by EMxxtragic
Stars to Infinityby EMxxtragic
When you are the last few ladies on Earth, what will you do? The mating games have begun! Every year since the men population of humans have been killed off, the ladies...
  • love-hate
  • feelings
  • alphamate
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Beaten But Loved by puppy-princess
Beaten But Lovedby puppy-princess
every young child dreams of being a princess but that dream was ripped away from me when I was only five years old. my father abused me when my mother passed away. he wh...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • sad
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Supernatural Misfit's: Loving The Devil (Book #4) by zoeywelch14
Supernatural Misfit's: Loving The...by zoeywelch14
Terry is a 23 year old hell-being who has lived her whole life in Hell. She's mean, blunt and in charge of the hellhound's of the Underworld. She is a hellhound with a s...
  • soulmate
  • hate
  • war
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His Queen by STESLARA
His Queenby STESLARA
I look at her; My Queen, My Luna, Mine. The moonlight dancing across her beautiful face making it glow, and the wind making her hair fly behind her as if it's chasing th...
  • mate
  • jessicaxgabriel
  • human
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CHAOS by August_BlackHeart
CHAOSby August_BlackHeart
Underestimated... That is what I have been almost all my life just because I am a female, a woman, a lady... but I understand... this world is filled with egotistic and...
  • darkness
  • rage
  • payback
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Moonbeam by MermaidsAndStarfish
Moonbeamby MermaidsAndStarfish
Shakespeare had once said: "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Your fate awaits you. Accept it in body and spiri...
  • pizza
  • vampire
  • lostandfound
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