Cassius by Whiskeyqueenn
Cassiusby Whiskeyqueenn
Cassius Denver Valentine thinks he's a monster, I think he's broken. There's old blood on Cassius's hand. He won't pick up the twins when blood still clings to the webb...
  • romance
  • alpha
  • shifters
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Reaper | The Legacies by zoeexchantel
Reaper | The Legaciesby zoee
Anastasia King is Hope Mikaelsons half sister. She struggles with her tri-bird abilities as she finally goes to Salvatore School Anastasia's mom is another original, who...
  • legacies
  • thelegacies
  • tvd
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Mutt | T.K. by OreoGukie
Mutt | Yoongi Poongi
Jungkook is a young werewolf is willing to do anything to win Taehyung's heart, like pretending to be a dog. 🚧 Under Co. 🚧 means anything below it hasn't been edited/i...
  • rom-com
  • werewolf
  • vkook
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Underworld (Klaus Mikaelson) by insaneredhead
Underworld (Klaus Mikaelson)by insaneredhead
Selene Salvatore hasn't seen her brothers in years, and hasn't been back to Mystic Falls for longer. But when she is drawn back to the place that broke her heart Selene...
  • carolineforbes
  • elenagilbert
  • finnmikaelson
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The Alpha's Daughter- The Elite Pack by KrazyKayla26
The Alpha's Daughter- The Elite ღ Kayla Rose ღ
Kiara Reed is an 18 year old graduate who has many hopes and dreams, she also has a secret no one else knows except her best friend. She's a werewolf and her father whom...
  • wolf
  • storiesbykayla
  • alpha
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Alpha Dominance by AbigailSmart13
Alpha Dominanceby Abigail Dehod
Rae a stubborn 17 year old, grows up to become the leader of her pack. She spends all her free time training and preparing to fulfill her born right. Though what happens...
  • betrayal
  • werewolf
  • declan
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Doctor for the Alpha by K_Richardson123
Doctor for the Alphaby KL Richardson
Emery is a smart, sassy, and gorgeous doctor. When she was asked to move to a new pack and become their doctor she had no idea what she was in for. Will all the feelings...
  • doctor
  • romance
  • werewolfdoctor
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The Little Wolf  by shh_im_quiet
The Little Wolf by Kyndle Tolbert
Everyday on her way to and from work Jasmine James walked past the woods. One day while walking home a white wolf pup follows her. She brings her home and takes care of...
  • mates
  • bwwm
  • alpha
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Past Down • Legacies  by tvdfoflife
Past Down • Legacies by Gucci Vampire ♡
A boarding school for the supernatural what could possibly go wrong especially if Kai Parker's daughter attends.
  • boardinghouse
  • legacies
  • witch
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A Different Breed ▻  Legacies by arios2004
A Different Breed ▻ Legaciesby Angie
Valerie Rose was widely known at the Salvatore Boarding school as the daughter of Ophelia Rose, everyone's favorite teacher at the supernatural school for all different...
  • legacies
  • hybrid
  • tribrid
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The Creative Minds Awards [OPEN] by KatySantiago8
The Creative Minds Awards [OPEN]by Katy Santiago
The Creative Minds Awards [OPEN] Hello, fellow Wattpadders! Feel free to submit your stories to The Creative Minds Awards which will be hosted by me, @KatySantiago8 . T...
  • fantasy
  • random
  • action
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Yuri/Yaoi Roleplay [ACTIVE] by DeathStar_
Yuri/Yaoi Roleplay [ACTIVE]by EstreallaAndOka
I'm going to cry. My Yuri [This Book] got deleted! again! please don't report and I'll tag everyone who I was roleplaying with
  • yaoi
  • lgbt
  • individual
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∆•Lunala And Lycos•∆ by WhiteHoseok
∆•Lunala And Lycos•∆by JaeHyeonnie
WereWolf Group Roleplay Let's be active and have fun! Highest Rank : 1#grouproleplay 1#grouprp {Discontinued}
  • werewolf
  • grouproleplay
  • rp
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Liv & Ripper by Explode
Liv & Ripperby S. Elise
Eye's so Green, Mouth so Sweet- Jack the Ripper you have me Beat. - Olivia Daleson A love story you are sure to fall madly and deeply into. Jack Caspian or as his soon...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • jack
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In The Dark {Rosalie Hale} by skjefferson
In The Dark {Rosalie Hale}by CallMeB
Dallas White. The new girl with a tragic past. She moved to the small town of Forks, Washington to get away from her past. She wanted to start anew. Staying with her unc...
  • rose
  • lgbt
  • emmettcullen
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Alpha Brutus  by _dolansbaes_
Alpha Brutus by s a t a n
"Mine. You are meant to be mine. Moon Goddess destined for us to rule together. And you can't do a fucking thing about it." After being put through abuse for t...
  • wolfpack
  • obsessive
  • italian
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Burning Desires | Legacies  by zyyyxoxo
Burning Desires | Legacies by Mieczyslaw Stilinski
Heros. Villains. Whatever When we're young, we're taught the difference of a hero and a villain. Good and evil. A savior and a lost cause. But, what if the truth is tha...
  • salvatore
  • hybrid
  • mikaleson
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Full Moon  by Bee9018
Full Moon by Hybrid 9018
As your past resurfaces, you can't avoid it. No matter how much you want to ignore it, you have to face it. There will be people who pretend to your friends and here to...
  • werecoyote
  • teenwolf
  • werewolf
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The Alphas Mate - Book 1 by CristinaXHale
The Alphas Mate - Book 1by CristinaXHale
Cristina, a mostly normal teenage girl has problems at home. Her life takes a turn for the weird when she's partnered with one of the schools most popular boys. It turns...
  • matebond
  • completed
  • paranormal
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Jana : A Prince's Tale by _diamond_crown
Jana : A Prince's Taleby _diamond_crown
Book 3 : Werewolf Jana De Russe Alwar was the most powerful Alpha Warrior in Manovar. The current King also listened to his older brother in all matters. His ruthlessn...
  • mxm
  • werewolf
  • love
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