Halcyon | James Potter by kmbell92
Halcyon | James Potterby K.M. Bell
Book 1: Nepenthe Book 2: Halcyon For those that survived the war and carried on, happiness was waiting for them just around the corner, they simply had to find it. For J...
  • harrypotter
  • werewolf
  • animagus
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Intoxicated (ManxBoy) Mpreg Explicit - Book 1 by Daniis20
Intoxicated (ManxBoy) Mpreg Explic...by Sabaku No Dani
Danny McArthur is a 17yr old Secondary School senior who identifies as an Omega where Secondary genders are common place. Alphas are the top dogs, Omegas are the protect...
  • supernatural
  • feminisation
  • submissive
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Man's Best Friend | Taekook by Staerrykookah
Man's Best Friend | Taekookby B♡
Taehyung is a famous author who moves into a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods to escape society whilst searching for the inspiration to write his new book. He's...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • vkook
  • kimtaehyung
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Phoenix  ▻  Brett Talbot by arios2004
Phoenix ▻ Brett Talbotby Angie
In which Brett Talbot and Ivy Hobbs, enemies since the seventh grade, grow closer once a Dead Pool is released in Beacon Hills and both of their names are on it.
  • deadpool
  • werewolf
  • highschool
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Running Wild //A Roleplay// by -Too_Bad_Im_Gay-
Running Wild //A Roleplay//by StarGazer
"No matter how normal you may think this world is, there is always something lurking within us all. For nothing, is as it seems~"
  • roleplay
  • mates
  • whoknows
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The Werecoyote the Hybrid -Book 1  by kitagirlrock
The Werecoyote the Hybrid -Book 1 by kitagirlrock
19 year old Malia Tate and her bestfriend Hayley Marshall went to Mystic Falls to visit her friend Tyler Lockwood to help the hybrids to brake the Sire Bond to Klaus. No...
  • mattdonovan
  • forbes
  • werecoyote
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My Werewolf Girlfriend by AustinAndKaedrik
My Werewolf Girlfriendby Austin Kalin & Kaedrik Wulffh...
*Edited and revised final version!* Alex knows it's weird to have a strange voice in his head. He knows that things don't normally go bump in the night. He also believes...
  • werewolf
  • rogues
  • pack
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She Devils (Camren/You) by ashkeo1
She Devils (Camren/You)by Ashley Keo
#1 gxgxg 9/4/18 #1 Aztec 9/6/18 Y/n is just an average, small town girl. She's perfectly normal. Goes to college, gets attacked by Vampires, chased by other supernatural...
  • 5h
  • gods
  • torikelly
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HELP What is the name of this book? by no_nam
HELP What is the name of this book?by Mitra Dave
PLEASE- one book has been discovered that I've been searching for but its just one other that I don't know, if you know the second book please tell me. I'm desperately t...
  • power
  • hiding
  • princess
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Miracles by Korrynn-Nadine
Miraclesby Rynn
Born the daughter of the Archangel, Gabriel, Lya Sommers always her life would be difficult, but she never expected to end up in forever tied to the Originals but she en...
  • gabriel
  • elenagilbert
  • elijahmikaelson
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Daybreak (A Lapidot Fanfiction) by xXNeutronStarXx
Daybreak (A Lapidot Fanfiction)by Space Nerd
Lapis's first day at her new school leads her to meet someone like no one else. Peridot. Peridot is one of the nicest, cutest, loveliest (and most immature) people that...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • lesbian
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Alpha's human mate ✔ by hinashiekhfff
Alpha's human mate ✔by hinashiekhfff
ADVIK KHURANA ( age 22) Alpha of his pack, he took over at 18 when his father decided to step down .he has anger issues . REYA SINGH( age 18) a human girl who is really...
  • college
  • wolf
  • alpha
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The Alphas psychotic mate 💗 by honey_lemon_drops1
The Alphas psychotic mate 💗by honey_lemon_drops1
"She's crazy." "She's a monster." "She's a complete psycho." "She's my mate." ---------------- "For the last fucking time, i...
  • bdsm
  • psychotic
  • warrior
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Aqua Awards 2018 by bmv555
Aqua Awards 2018by VINU
Pros of this contest - I'll be judging it and closing it ASAP (I know how hard it is to wait for a LONG time sometimes for the results) Let me start the introduction aga...
  • humor
  • vampire
  • book
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A Dragon's Burning Heart (RWBY X Male Dragonborn Reader) by MrWitchHunter89
A Dragon's Burning Heart (RWBY X M...by MrImmortal89
Y/N L/N the last Dragonborn he is one of the most feared and loved people in Tamriel but his inner darkness is about to grow what will happen?
  • skyrim
  • elderscrolls
  • rwby
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You & I(Rias X Male Reader) by HisAngelHerDemon
You & I(Rias X Male Reader)by Aoi Rii
Kuoh Academy, a normal japanese school at first glance but in fact it's actually under the domain of two devil Households; Gremory and Sitri. You are a transferee and su...
  • malereader
  • academy
  • fanfiction
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A Beta Life  by AliFNQ
A Beta Life by Works by AliLee
I heard the boys voice before i saw his face. It sounded like the smooth rehearsed kind of voice you hear in the movies, from the dream boat lead character with the too...
  • mate
  • lovestory
  • werewolf
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Midoriya X Bakugou  by mi1k__
Midoriya X Bakugou by MilkyDragon
Fucking Omegas and Bakugou being a dick like always and smut
  • werewolf
  • izuku
  • bakugou
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Alpha Ethan/// a werewolf Ethan dolan fanfic by dt_wdw
Alpha Ethan/// a werewolf Ethan do...by Carly :)
Christine just graduated from high school. She was the only werewolf in the school, and never really met another of her kind except her family. One day she goes for a ru...
  • dolantwins
  • ethandolan
  • werewolf
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