My Cute Pup (C O M P L E T E D ✔️) by annwritess1
My Cute Pup (C O M P L E T E D ✔️)by annwritess
Elliot is such a cute boy. He is an omega werewolf. It means a is on the small side when it comes to other wolves. Elliot doesn't mind at all he likes being small. Ellio...
  • gay
  • handsome
  • pack
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The Legend of Wrath by Ancientt
The Legend of Wrathby Ancientt
Wrath paid for his crimes. Now redeemed, he's handed a mate, a second chance at life, and freedom. Now he just has to figure out what to do with them.
  • comedy
  • ancientt
  • romance
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Echoes of an Alpha by moralfantasy
Echoes of an Alphaby Reese Cadwell
Inessa will do anything to keep her life as a rogue. Her freedom is the last safe place in White Timber Forest, especially since the tensions between the four werewolf c...
  • council
  • wolf
  • winter
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His Queen to Claim by fifthangelxx
His Queen to Claimby Danea
"You're mine! Not hers so you shouldn't have let her touch you period!" I yelled at him before I realized what I said. Xerxes had me backed up against the wal...
  • matebond
  • maturelanguage
  • alphamate
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Majesty by PandaPause
Majestyby AlenaLuna
Follow the story of Ellie. A 20 year old girl who is thrust into a world that is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Ellie was normal girl until one night she found a dead...
  • lycanthrope
  • love
  • werewolf
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Mate To The King by kutekittykat8265
Mate To The Kingby Chris Kelly
This is the third book to Mate To The Dragon. Dragons haven't roamed freely for thousands of years. Forced to manifest themselves within the mind of a human and share th...
  • powerful
  • mates
  • kutekittykat8265
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Alpha Legend by BadMoonRises
Alpha Legendby Epic
The story of two werewolves falling in love. An extremely powerful Alpha and an Alpha's daughter who just happen to be mates. With fate trying to bring them together and...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • powerful
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Alpha Logan by Daylight428
Alpha Loganby Daylight428
I smelt something calming, like the smell of rain and vanilla and suddenly, a guy came in charging at Gabriel. Gabriel didn't have any time to react as he was knocked to...
  • mate
  • love
  • alpha
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A Winchester In The Pack (Book 1) by cc-riley
A Winchester In The Pack (Book 1)by Cecilia Riley
Saga Winchester is the younger sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. But when a werewolf hunts ends with Saga being turned, Dean throws her out. Saga somehow finds herself...
  • winchester
  • deanwinchester
  • teenwolf
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Peace Treaty - Taekook by itstaekookschild
Peace Treaty - Taekookby itstaekookschild
"Do you regret loving me?" "Tae, please, just let me love you, all of you, and just believe me when I say, I will never regret loving you" An ongoi...
  • taekook
  • kpop
  • vkook
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The Human Luna by dillayasi
The Human Lunaby dillayasi
Summer is a normal teenager who moved from a big city to a small town. With a brain of a genius and a confidence that can't be shattered. She loves lacrosse and eating...
  • mate
  • lovestory
  • alpha
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The Void by pine_applelifestyles
The Voidby E. E. Fritscher
Deirdra Lockhart is your average teenage girl stuck in a small town; just looking for a way out. She wasn't popular by any means, but she absolutely was not a nobody. Ev...
  • adultfiction
  • romance
  • rejection
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Sybil by AmythestWinter
Sybilby A. L. Winter
<<Sequel to Zion>> The dead should say dead, for death hath laid his hands on them for reasons to never question
  • sequel
  • werewolf
  • dark
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Brutally honest reviews by turquoiselvr
Brutally honest reviewsby turquoiselvr
No pain no gain. Want honest feedback as well as as more reads and votes on your story? Then enter, if you dare. There are no sugar coating, I'll let you know what your...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • chicklit
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Underworld: Extinction by cc-riley
Underworld: Extinctionby Cecilia Riley
Izabela Vasilescu, a Romanian vampire-werewolf hybrid. She was a hybrid turned by the Corvinus brothers long before the Mikaelsons were born. She's been in hiding for 20...
  • mysticfalls
  • underworld
  • williamcorvinus
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Kidnaped by the Alpha by slxbmamx
Kidnaped by the Alphaby ❈ᴅᴀʏʟɪɢʜᴛ❈
Evi Everdeen, is the sweetest person you'll meet. Everyone adores her. She's a straight A student at East York Collegiate. She's not known by many students at her school...
  • badboy
  • egoistic
  • badboygoodgirl
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Wolf? (A Sanscest Story) by BubblyShip
Wolf? (A Sanscest Story)by BubblyShip
(I do not own UnderTale. That belongs to the brilliant Toby Fox! I also don't own any of the Sans except fot AlterTale and their children, I just own this story!) There...
  • afterdeath
  • sans
  • sanscest
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×The Hunted× ||werewolf rp|| by Myka_Long
×The Hunted× ||werewolf rp||by Myka
We're back, and ready for more.
  • magic
  • witches
  • supernatural
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Alpha Logan by shyannmenard
Alpha Loganby BookWifey
"Logan..." I breathed out. Logan pinned me against his wall and his eyes glowed. His wolf is coming out. Crap crap crap. He kissed down my cheek bone till he...
  • supernatural
  • adventure
  • action
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Alpha Aidan by bebadassy
Alpha Aidanby im sea
"I wont stop until I hear you purr, kitten." Aidan kissed my neck with such expertise it left me quivering in my spot on his mattress. He used his tongue to le...
  • youngadultreads
  • alpha
  • omega
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