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Captured by xWintersolsticex
Capturedby 𝙻 𝚆𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛
UNEDITED. I wrote this in middle school and it's really bad! Read at your own risk!! ------ Skylar White is a fox shifter. She is kind, bubbly, and outgoing. After one t...
The Fox and Her Twin Mates  by sw33tdays
The Fox and Her Twin Mates by 🧡Topaz🧡
Topaz is the only fox in a pack of wolves. She doesn't think she has a mate, but little does she know that the moon goddess has something special planned for young Topaz...
the secret of Stiles  by MCF135
the secret of Stiles by MCF13
what if Stiles , the weak humain of the pack was in reality not so humain ? everyone in the pack always put Stiles aside since they think he is just some weak humain tha...
My Secret by peacetaker123
My Secretby peacetaker123
Stiles has a secret. He is part fox and mage. He can also play the piano and can also sing. Stiles is also gay for Derek. Nobody knows, not even his father, his best fri...
weak? no that's not me by just_a_sterek_lover
weak? no that's not meby just_a_sterek_lover
stiles is a guy who runs with werewolves he is a human at least that is what his pack/friends think. stiles was 12 when he came to beacon hills. therefore he lived in ne...
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction) by silas1365
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction)by silas1365
Stiles has been missing for 7 years, but what happens when he Is found? And what happens when he isn't the same stiles that went missing all those years ago? Feral stile...
Wow really! BxBxB by Lamma04
Wow really! BxBxBby Nix
Andrew Silver was a normal kid up until he was 14 years old and was turned into a fox shifter by a infested fox bite. 3 years later while attending a ball a week after h...
Stiles The Avenger by werewolf7745
Stiles The Avengerby Son Of Stope
Stiles kept a secret from the pack. When Scott bit the nogitsune, Stiles was also effected he became a Werefox with all the power and tails of the kitsune that possesse...
The dark wolf and the kit (Sterek AU)(boyxboy) (ON HOLD) by KittenGirl5214
The dark wolf and the kit (Sterek...by Kitten
(ON HOLD) Stiles is a 12 year old were-fox, when he is left by his mother when he was shot from hunters. Derek is a 14 year old were-wolf when he finds a little fox in s...
Legally Feral After Story by kittyslyfox
Legally Feral After Storyby Anime&Animals
Complete Book 2 (Don't read until you have read Legally Feral or things will be given away) ******** *********** ************** ********************* Five years have p...
Blood Bound by Rianbrainiac
Blood Boundby Marian Alexis Montgomery
"Why Nicollo? why did you kill Sammy?" I shrieked at his face. I was angry, boiling even. For the last two months Nicollo have been stalking me, showing up eve...
A Different Kind (✔️) by anwcamolover
A Different Kind (✔️)by Na.bsh13
~Completed and Not Edited~ Being a fox shifter is one thing, being a black shifter is a whole other thing. Fox shifters are rare as they are. There are only enough to ma...
Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4) by ScaryPasta666
Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)by ScaryPasta
Sitting in a cafe with a guy you like just talking sounds great .. Right ? Well for Harley crown it's a bit complicated .. He meets up with his mate and guess what ? H...
Derek & Stiles love life by Mind_Wander
Derek & Stiles love lifeby Terminus160
This is a story that Stiles gets kidnapped a long time ago. Then pack find pictures of him and Derek when they finished rebuilding the hale house and started moving in...
Sterek Stories - A Collection - I by ilse_writes
Sterek Stories - A Collection - Iby Ilse
Collection of Sterek fanfics. - Campground - Anchor (the Anchor series also has a separate book) - The one where Stiles knits Derek a scarf - K-9 - Officer Goodbody - My...
Forbidden Mates by Hollystar1
Forbidden Matesby Hollystar1
There were many shape shifters in the world other than werewolves. Their packs were seperate, depending on their animal. They were peaceful with each other, as long as t...
Their Lives Changed  by Teenwolfmk55
Their Lives Changed by Makayla
Cleo McCall has been through a lot, being sick all the time, being in a coma... then becoming a werefox. She hasn't had it easy. And now as life goes on, it's not gett...
Echo of the Soul by peach-rose
Echo of the Soulby Milk Tea
Hikoro isn't the big sister Dororo needs or wants. Her body is possessed by a fox demon, a powerful Kitsune. Enslaved by Daigo and the fox, she has no choice but to be t...
Unstoppable   ━  Remus Lupin by -ahsoka
Unstoppable ━ Remus Lupinby 𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐞
UNSTOPPABLE | DISCONTINUED (in need of rewrite) in which, a teenaged witch with a declining mental state must try to navigate both her life and her love lif...