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It's A Hoot (mxm) by AKingOfFate
It's A Hoot (mxm)by King
Toren Grettly was about as average as can be, aside from being an owl shifter. He was true to his nature. Quiet, calm, and patient. He preferred the night hours over the...
Grizz's Secret by jayemerald
Grizz's Secretby JayDiamond
Grizz has kept a dark secret for many years. On one night in particular things get out of hand. Now there is a hunter set on getting his head for his collection.
Love for a Beast (Dc Superhero Girls x Male Genome Cyborg Reader) by hhuynh24
Love for a Beast (Dc Superhero Gir...by Hhuynh24
Midnight Eclipse (Paranormal Viking Romance, In Progress) by lisa_london_
Midnight Eclipse (Paranormal Vikin...by Lisa London
Greenland 1406: In the dim sunlight of a rare midnight eclipse--when the moon shades the never-setting sun of polar summer--the last Vikings escape Greenland's frozen sh...
Totally Spies: Project Altered Beast (Harem X Male Genome Cyborg Reader) by hhuynh24
Totally Spies: Project Altered Bea...by Hhuynh24
Secret Project Altered Beast: Alpha. Level: 100.000% Monsters: Werewolf, Merman, Wendigo, Garuda, Minotaur, Dragon, U.W.H, Weretiger, and Werebear. Name: (Y/N) (L/N) Cus...
Date A Live: The Alpha Beast (Male Genome Cyborg Reader) by hhuynh24
Date A Live: The Alpha Beast (Male...by Hhuynh24
Spirit meet Monster. (Y/N) (L/N) Custer Itsuka and he's the adopt of Itsuka family, Shido and Kotori was kidnapped by the DEM and they want Kotori but until (Y/N) who be...
Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4) by ScaryPasta666
Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)by ScaryPasta
Sitting in a cafe with a guy you like just talking sounds great .. Right ? Well for Harley crown it's a bit complicated .. He meets up with his mate and guess what ? H...
Mama Bear, Papa Wolf by JeannieBennett5
Mama Bear, Papa Wolfby Jeannie Bennett
Blue - werebear, new widow, Mama Bear, crazy family. Jack - werewolf, twice rejected, Beta, crazy family. Mates?! First in a series of five short stories.
Oh dear sister (teen wolf fanfic) by youwillneverknow989
Oh dear sister (teen wolf fanfic)by youwillneverknow989
Emily argent, the sister of Kate argent and after six years she returns to beacon hills after hearing her old friend Laura hale was killed. Laura was the alpha that bit...
Feral by AetherWolf1028
Feralby Aether1028
Las Vegas. 2040. From the shadows of a mysterious lab experiment on innocent people grew a organization none understood but everyone feared. Shapeshifters with glowing e...
Wattpad's Best Werewolf Stories by CinderellasShoe
Wattpad's Best Werewolf Storiesby Faith
| # 17 in suggestions | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a compilation...
Badass Stiles one shots  by hawkeyehybrid
Badass Stiles one shots by hawkeyehybrid
The title says it all. A bunch of one shots where Stiles is a badass and/or has a secret and the pack finds out. Minimal shippings, mainly Stydia, Scallison, Stallison...
The Runt And The Werebear by UnderCoverWriter3000
The Runt And The Werebearby UnderCoverWriter3000
Coralie was just a normal girl, who was living a normal life in a normal town, with a normal family. Right? WRONG! Nothing about her life was normal. Her family is made...
Rogue Waves[Book 1 of the Rogue Series] by Scrin245
Rogue Waves[Book 1 of the Rogue Se...by Scrin245
Danny is the next alpha in his pack. Before he gets to be the alpha he must find his mate, but what if his mate doesn't want him. When he finds his mate, Danny quickly r...
Tamed (Crimson Hill) by bunzyb
Tamed (Crimson Hill)by Bunny
Crimson Hill - Book 1 High Rankings - #5 in werebear 8.8.18 Mason Sawyer, Mase, is the Beta of the largest wolf pack in the world: the Crimson Hill pack. He's a player...
Her Savage Men •Book 1•  by thelastfemaleuchiha
Her Savage Men •Book 1• by Queen of SAMCRO
"I know this is wrong. I know I should fear you. But I don't." I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid of the monster that lived in my head. I was afraid of sp...
Turned 2: The Bramblewood Werebear by kessiecarroll
Turned 2: The Bramblewood Werebearby kessie.carroll
Jennie Walden has spent her youth climbing trees and rambling about the countryside, rather than practicing her etiquette, as a young lady should. But she is grown now...
Captain Barnacles turned into a werewolf by RonyRondeng
Captain Barnacles turned into a we...by Rony Rondeng
Shellington and Dashi discovered Captain Barnacles have turned into a werewolf from a disease called ' Brown Fever* '. * Brown Fever is a rare symptoms found in adult p...
Bite Me. by OliverTwist96
Bite Me.by OliverTwist96
The Canadian wilderness. A vast forest filled with animals large and small. Wolves, deer, mountain lions, moose, lynxes... and bears. This is the story about a bear. No...
Werewolf Asylum - An Excerpt by RoxanneSmolen
Werewolf Asylum - An Excerptby Roxanne Smolen
When a mad scientist threatens to harvest his supernatural powers, a teenage werewolf enacts a dangerous ploy to get her off his tail. This is an excerpt from Werewolf A...