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Forgotten Flower by Cutenekoexplosion
Forgotten Flowerby Cutenekoexplosion
Lotus is a friend of Rick O'Connell, she's been doing her research, and while doing it trying to find him for the past three years until he suddenly shows up looking all...
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Reborn into Hakuouki!? (Hakuouki Fanfiction) by monyekyoyahibari
Reborn into Hakuouki!? (Hakuouki F...by monye:D
Ever since Akamine Jun fell down the stairs, everything has changed. Her world, her time and of course, her life. A series of not-so-fortunate events somehow lead her to...
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The Mystery Guy by CandyGirl725
The Mystery Guyby Candy
this is a love story about 2 young people age 16 and 17 years but there's a secret between them but who's keeping the secret and what is it. the love story has a sweet b...
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Text Me When You Can Brallon by j-jamesmarch
Text Me When You Can Brallonby ♥
1 new message from Dallon allow or decline?
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Panem Et Circenses by kittythedestroyer
Panem Et Circensesby Kay
I still remember the first day I stepped foot there. It was a day filled with both joy and sorrow. Which was better, I have yet to figure out. Even now, as long as I’ve...
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
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Where she went by pinkturtlee
Where she wentby Tiffany Amber
Sequel to the New York Times best seller IF I STAY
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All The Things That Could Go Wrong by Jessimoto
All The Things That Could Go Wrongby Jessimoto
I am just a confused 13 year old trying to stumble my way through high school. You can join me in my nerdy quest, or not, your choice. Just know, some of this stuff will...
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The Rent Conspiracy by theflyingdonkeydr
The Rent Conspiracyby theflyingdonkeydr
the not so long awaited sequel to the og musical conspiracy, 'The Les Miserables Conspiracy'.
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The BEST Followers in the World by FIRrocks
The BEST Followers in the Worldby FIRrocks
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Just a girl looking for her brother by pied_piper4
Just a girl looking for her brotherby pied_piper4
It's in the title. She's just a girl looking for her brother. Spelling errors, and grammar, please excuse them. Not intended. Don't know where the story is going. Upda...
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One night time what went wrong? by padlocklol
One night time what went wrong?by padlocklol
The only thing i could hear was my mother voice shouting "whos the father of the unborn child Amy, do i need to repeat myself" that night was a mistake it wasn...
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Plan your Vacation Where Bollywood Celebs Went for Their Honeymoon by yuvatrip2
Plan your Vacation Where Bollywood...by yuvatrip2
When it comes to honeymoon, Bollywood couples always plan their vacation in style and luxury. Their weddings set the trend instantly for so long as they are grand and dr...
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The Day the Lights Went Out by RorKobi23
The Day the Lights Went Outby RorKobi23
On May 27th, 1995 in Florida Ethan Kuno, Clarissa Kuno, and their dad Maor Kuno had a normal day but not a normal night. That night Maor went to Pantry Pride to get some...
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The Love That Died by alexleon1244
The Love That Diedby Redmin Storys
this was the love that went too far. There was an ordinary boy in high school.he went to school to learn till he found love.he went overboard with love.
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you too. by ToriaGreen
you too.by ToriaGreen
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I'm back  by lonewolfiey101
I'm back by lonewolfiey101
Have you ever felt like no one likes you, that you have no one to turn to, that your so ugly you just want to die right then and there. Well that's how I felt until one...
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then it beggins  by MichelleDansereau
then it beggins by Michelle Dansereau
she is a loner
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Something Went Wrong by veronika305
Something Went Wrongby veronika305
Growing up in a home that is not your home at all. Living looking at positive things and just having fun. Sam knows this life. Seems like every teenager goes through thi...
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If I stay - Three Years Later by PsykoTeddyBear
If I stay - Three Years Laterby Leeah
This is a fanfic of If I stay. You need to have read both books if you will understand this. Both If I stay and Where she went.
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