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Naruto ~ Rewind by Black4raven15
Naruto ~ Rewindby Black4raven15
The three musketeers survived the war-Wait. Wrong story. Ahem. The three compadres-Wait. Still the wrong story. AHEM! The golden trio-FUCK!!! Ok. Ahem. Naruto, Sasuke...
Team 7 and Akatsuki react to ships  by SadisticHellChild
Team 7 and Akatsuki react to ships by KaoiUzumakiNara
Elly: oh! Mistress is letting us yell at everyone and scare the crap out of everyone! Karea: Elly... girl... when the fuck do we start? Rirue: calm down Zaplord and non...
Sockathan Smut (Oneshots)  by OrdinaryTrashBin
Sockathan Smut (Oneshots) by sickkkk
Oneshots ((Do not own the characters in this and the art in the cover))
send. by fugaci0us
send.by mush
Saying that a boy is your biggest problem sounds shallow, so you won't. But god, do you want to. long-distance sockathan trash sock's alive, jon's his best friend / targ...
My Partner | Sock x Reader by ProxieGeno
My Partner | Sock x Readerby L S
"Be a good person and don't break your halo!" The line your mother always said to you whenever you left the house. Now that you were gone and did have a broken...
Opposites Attract [Welcome To Hell Sock x Jonathan] by SaphCruse
Opposites Attract [Welcome To Hell...by Saph Cruse
Sock and Jonathan begin a relationship together after discovering that they're both gay, but Jonathan later dies of a car accident instead of suicide. [Disclaimer, the s...
the voice on the radio by Pawmental
the voice on the radioby Pawmental
A sinister, cheery voice can be heard on the radio wreaking havoc on those he encounters. He has never felt any remorse or True emotion but things can change especially...
Art Stuff I Guess ᕳ⌣.⌣"ᕲ by Crying_In_My_Kitchen
Art Stuff I Guess ᕳ⌣.⌣"ᕲby M.Ping
So I failed my art class oops (╯⩹‿⩺)╯︵ ┻━┻ Here's some drawings I did while either my teachers or my parents were yelling at me :) Ok after a mix up with some of my teac...
The Demon and The Angel (Sock × Reader) !!BAD!! by myCitrusCity
The Demon and The Angel (Sock × Re...by Whisp ! Eli
I have re-uploaded this just to show that I have indeed improved!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK THIS IS REALLY BADDD I wrote this in 2017, leave me alone ∆0 If there's enough...
I'll Fix Everything- A Sockathan Fanfiction by the-mystical-acid
I'll Fix Everything- A Sockathan F...by the-mystical-acid
A story by Jack Sock Sowachowski begins to notice Jonathan Combs talking less and less the longer the demon lingers. Sock, being the kind boy he is, tries to cheer him u...
Sockathan Week 2015 by Beautiful_Killer99
Sockathan Week 2015by Maxina Ptak
Little stories for the first ever W2H Sockathan week! Hope you like them! If you have no idea what W2H or Welcome to Hell is, go watch it, it's amazing!
"Wait, you can see me?" Sock X Reader (Welcome To Hell) by MarcyMunro
"Wait, you can see me?" Sock X Rea...by TheGoodEnchantress22
Blacksheep: the town with the most frequent suicide rates in the world. Why would anyone want to live here? Meet (y/n) Combs, distant cousin of Jonathan Combs. Both of t...
The Tragedy (Sockathan) by Pinkmana
The Tragedy (Sockathan)by Mana
Sockathan yeah woop
The Demon's Three Words {Sock x Jonathan} COMPLETED by MomoDeKawaiiNeko
The Demon's Three Words {Sock x Jo...by lassiblue
A thunderstorm wakes our favourite little demon in fright. When he creeps into Jonathan's room, the two find they say three very meaningful words. DISCLAIMER: credit for...
My Hero Academia - (Squad/Class) Chats by Lucario765G
My Hero Academia - (Squad/Class) C...by Lucario_motivate?
Basically this is yes, a Chatroom Fanfic of BnHa Don't ask about the tags (but if you do..idc xD) I suck at summaries oml First BnHA story in my life..yeee Are freaking...
Probably A Spam  by just_an_issue
Probably A Spam by 𝙻𝚘𝚌𝚊𝚕 𝙳𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚊𝚜𝚜
Did you read the title? TW for this entire book Tooru Oikawa's✨favourite 👏food🥘is milk 🥛 bread 🍞 his 😃 personal 💔motto🧍🏻‍♀️is: If❌you're 💞gonna💅hit😍it,😬the...
LOL ART BOOK🔥😫👌👌 by moonstone6654
LOL ART BOOK🔥😫👌👌by moonstone6654
This contains hand drawn art for YOUR viewing pleasure ~💕
My Little demon by dsmsky
My Little demonby ♡︎🅢🅚🅨♡︎
It's been 6 months since Sock was assigned to his human counterpart Jonathan combs. Socks job was to push said human to suicide, but he's been doing the exact oppisite...