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The Deal [Shicca Fanfic] by DreamerChan04
The Deal [Shicca Fanfic]by Nina
Rebecca, a famous B-cuber and third-year at Eden's Zero High school, admired by everyone. Shiki, a popular volleyball player and a third-year at the same school, loved b...
Cosmos [Edens Zero x Reader] by heavenswheels
Cosmos [Edens Zero x Reader]by vee
They knew they could have each other's backs. Those three could trust each other, no matter what had happened. Join Rebecca, a rising B-Cuber, Shiki, an enthusiastic boy...
Close(Shicca) by peachybonsai
Close(Shicca)by Frankie
"I don't know why, but I always feel the need to be close to her." "Dude, that's super cheesy." •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
Weiszmura Week 2021 by Marshtompz
Weiszmura Week 2021by Marshal
My entries for Weiszmura Week 2021! CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SUN JEWEL ARC (Not sure how many anime only people are reading this, but better to be safe then sorry!) Cross-P...
Singing Contest! Shicca Fic by GlitchedBoi
Singing Contest! Shicca Ficby Yordy Rodriguez
A contest is being held to be able to meet one famous B-Cuber singer Meghan! Rebecca, loving all songs by her, does her best to win the contest after earning a slip of e...
Pál utcai fiúk fanfiction gyűjtemény by Annapanna02
Pál utcai fiúk fanfiction gyűjtemé...by Annapannna
"Mért félnénk, mért élnénk, ha nem egy álomért. Mért félnénk, mért élnénk, ha nem egy álomért." BokÁts, Csónakos/Csele, Kolnay/Barabás, Nemecsek/Geréb, Csónako...
Edens Zero x Reader (IDEA) by KittyLover462
Edens Zero x Reader (IDEA)by Kitty Lover
Basically this is an idea for Edens Zero story (Idk how to write a good story) this is going to be base off my friend's oc for edens zero
I'm right here by Animezui
I'm right hereby Animezui
Hermit has a nightmare, the only way to wake up is to prevail against her trauma. Can she do it? Or will she rely on the person she trusts most to help her through it...
Dear diary...(a Shicca story) by Bestgirlbecca
Dear diary...(a Shicca story)by Catgirlbecca
Have you ever dated a guy who cheated on you? Have you ever felt emotionally neglected by your parents? Rebecca is a typical 17-year old girl, with trust issues, who can...
Edens Zero One Shots by Edolas22
Edens Zero One Shotsby Kyoka/杏香
A bunch of Edens Zero one shots I don't own the characters, obviously. Also, if you haven't read Edens Zero, then I would definitely recommend it! It's my favourite manga
You found me (hiatus) by KittCat1509
You found me (hiatus)by Bianca
He lost his wife to cruel fate and now he is vulnerable. But what will happen when a young woman shows up and helps him out of this dark hole he has fallen into (Daniel...
The Mage of Edens Zero! (Coming Soon!) by MythicalPink
The Mage of Edens Zero! (Coming So...by MythicalPink
Jessica Bluegarden is the twin sister of Rebecca Bluegarden. After meeting Shiki from Granbell Kingdom, her exciting adventure through the galaxy began as they are on a...
Tear Drops(Weiszmura) by peachybonsai
Tear Drops(Weiszmura)by Frankie
Tangled AU P.S. I don't own Edens Zero or it's characters, nor do I own Disney's Tangled
Dear diary... by juvinem
Dear diary...by Nicole♡
Have you ever dated a guy who cheated on you? Have you ever felt emotionally neglected by your parents? Rebecca is a typical 17-year old girl, with trust issues, who can...
I Know That I Am Going To Die; by ladymonahan
I Know That I Am Going To Die;by Alannah Danielle
Hester's idiotic accident.
Reviews by Underdog
Reviewsby Jacques Shepherd
Here are my reviews of films and books for those with a keen interest in what's good and what's bad.