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A Witchcraft Story by s4r4chan
A Witchcraft Storyby Saranouille
Eliza is a young witch trying to live in a world where sorcery is not a thing considered good. Even though she is loved by most of the magic creatures she lives with, sh...
Destiny (bxb) by MJKingofPop1958
Destiny (bxb)by #Moonwalker
Both Faith and Jade have no idea that they were connected by the "Love Chain." A chain that binds two people together to forever to be in love. Whether they li...
DEADWOOD HALL - book 1 of the Oozing Magic series by lindajonesAuthor
DEADWOOD HALL - book 1 of the Linda Jones
Deadwood Hall - A thrilling story about magic, weird creatures, family, and looking out for each other even when things go VERY wrong. When nine year old Dylan and his...
1968 Wonderland by miarae5
1968 Wonderlandby mia rae
Robin Baker was just like any other girl, she was chill she had a strange love for books. But her favorite is called "Wonderland" each Sunday or Tuesday she wo...
Project Special [IN THE PROCESS OF WRITING] by Lyan0qq16
Project Special [IN THE PROCESS Lyan
Chloe lost her best friend when she was 8 years old because creatures known as cytio that killed him and she gets isolated from the rest of the world with a large group...
A Dog and A Girl Against The World by Foxbrush
A Dog and A Girl Against The Worldby witch hunger
Humanity is suppose to be dead, plants and beast now rule the lands. That's what I was taught as a pup, and its what I believed up till today. Which of course gets throw...
Dog Teeth by OmegaMogeloShiny
Dog Teethby OmegaMogeloShiny
When a wolf hunting party chooses which lamb to take, they are relentless. It will be the weakest. It will be the one they chase. In the frenzy, the wolves will claim th...
The Portal by selena110801
The Portalby selena110801
17 year old Gus has had a hard life, he takes his anger out on anyone he can. One day something incredible will happen that will change his world forever, or our world f...
The Beginning of My Life With Serial by kjrekitkatkart00
The Beginning of My Life With KJ AND KIT
So this is the prequel for My Life With Serial since I thought of it. She is sort of reborn to become Rosemary, changed the name, and she is first name Raven. Yep.
The Red Artefact   by Sugarpony1001
The Red Artefact by Sugarpony1001
Seventeen year old Claire's life was turned around as she discovered a completely impossible world of super-natural beings hidden from the human eye. Just beginning her...
Ginger by meggie202
Gingerby meggie202
An adventures cat who goes on a journey and meets strange creatures. Will she have the courage to survive?
Ghostgirl98's/Amber's Art Book by GhostObserver_98
Ghostgirl98's/Amber's Art Bookby Amber Peralez
So i decided to make an art book why? Cuz why the hell not!? :P i doubt anyone would read/look at it anyway so this is just for fun, if any of you like what i draw feel...