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The Weekend Write-In (volume 3) by The_Weekend_Write-In
The Weekend Write-In (volume 3)by The Weekend Write In
We are a friendly group of writers who enjoy writing and sharing weekly flash fiction stories of 500 words or less. Everyone is welcome to join. Follow this profile for...
The Right Word by johnnedwill
The Right Wordby John Nedwill
More stories from the Weekend Write-In.
Snapdragon by ThomasWalborn
Snapdragonby Thomas Walborn
A Johnny Earthquake story. Johnny and Rusty are hired to find a half-million dollars in counterfeit money but someone will go to extraordinary lengths to stop them.
Tales from Earth-F by JasonGreenfield
Tales from Earth-Fby Jason Greenfield
Welcome to the Fox Universe - Earth-F is where the heroes of the public domain 1930's-1950's Fox Features dwell. In Tales, read flash fics and short continued stories ab...
Word Diet - short stories with less calories by Lamplighter1890
Word Diet - short stories with les...by Lamplighter1890
This is a collection of quirky, tragic, serious, intimate, scary, and humorous flashfic all written with the goal of less-is-more! So take five minutes, relax and read...
Dorothea Hall Mysteries by tyrapendragon
Dorothea Hall Mysteriesby tyrapendragon
While the Lady is away, the maid will play. Dorothea, newly married, decides to take her employer's advice. She will start her own detective agency.
Nightmare by deframj22
Nightmareby Michael DeFrancesco
100 word story for the March 10, 2023 weekend write-in prompt *claim*
Dither & Blather by sleepingdraco
Dither & Blatherby Søvn Drake
Another Weekend Write-In flash fiction collection.
Rest in Peace by deframj22
Rest in Peaceby Michael DeFrancesco
100 word story for the March 10, 2023 weekend write-in prompt *claim*
Intro to the Soundtrack of Alien Bees by deframj22
Intro to the Soundtrack of Alien B...by Michael DeFrancesco
A drabble for the March 17, 2023 weekend write-in prompt *score*
My Word! by johnnedwill
My Word!by John Nedwill
Another volume of tales from the Weekend Write-In.
Two Heavy by Orumeena
Two Heavyby O'Rume Ena
What is inside Lola's bump is very very unusual. Warning: Some may find this disturbing Weekendwritein attempt for prompts: Bump, Food, Package, Ruin, Repeat, Value, D...
Body of a Doe [short stories] by EPrescott
Body of a Doe [short stories]by Eva.
it's a story between you and i.
Unsinkable by Lamplighter1890
Unsinkableby Lamplighter1890
500 Word Weekendwritein prompt "Confidence" A young boy must find confidence to undertake a task that has always led to failure in the past. This is a wry, an...
Cement City by JH_Foliage
Cement Cityby Jade
How to capture it all? I was no photographer My paint brushes, I have retired And words simply do not belong On a cover The same way they fit In my mouth, or march along...
A Lovely Sunset by DebbAnn
A Lovely Sunsetby DebbAnn
Weekend write-in for May 20, 2022: regress For Irene
Drabble, Drafts, and Cockamamie Ideas by sleepingdraco
Drabble, Drafts, and Cockamamie Id...by Søvn Drake
Exactly what the title says. Commentary and additional cockamamie ideas welcome. Includes work from Urban Fiction's #UrbanFridayPrompt, #MicroBytes Contests and Challeng...
A Villain's POV by tyrapendragon
A Villain's POVby tyrapendragon
This is written from the perspective of the villain in the current stories I'm working on. Just a little experiment for fun.
Shorties by gkp00co
Shortiesby Paul Glanville
Short stories in the 450 to 600 word range, mostly my entries in Write On's Weekend Write In, but other shorties as well.
The Barn by mediocrebrit
The Barnby Paul Westley
Written for the weekend Write-In: *** Approach: In 500 words, tell what happens when it is approaching ***