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Wincest Shorts by DemonSam
Wincest Shortsby L⃟u⃟c⃟i⃟f⃟e⃟r⃟
Some shorts and stories from my tumblr @/Sinfulbrothers
Bed Of Roses by VampireLord669
Bed Of Rosesby Alex Olsson
Wincest I don't know this was gonna be a one shot but it got too long and here I am
Two-sided coin | Wincest  by Silver_ferret
Two-sided coin | Wincest by Silver_ferret
Sam is 15 and Dean 19 Sam struggles with his growing feelings for his older brother, that don't seem to be just brotherly anymore. Slow build up ♡
wincest oneshots [incest, boyxboy] by -waywardsammy
wincest oneshots [incest, boyxboy]by 𝚎𝚖
either fluff or smut. there is literally no in between.
+13 more
wincestiel one shots by vooche_93
wincestiel one shotsby ..........
Discontinued, coz I'm a lazy piece of half wit fuckery. Smutt, wing kink, dark very dark, blood kink I guess, 3 way, incest, trigger warning, lil fluff. I'm not actuall...
Heat Of The Summer (wincest fanfic supernatural) by Uranusismyfav
Heat Of The Summer (wincest fanfic...by Cassie Plageman
Its a blistering, hot summer in Arizona and Dean is struggling to keep a hold of old feelings. Will the brothers make it through the summer?
Supernatural ships  by sammyislucifersbitch
Supernatural ships by sammyislucifersbitch
Any and every ship imaginable in the show mostly smut , but some are fluffy I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS IN THE SHOW 'supernatural' I DO NOT OWN THESE ONE SHOTS I w...
I Wanna Be Yours by DarkAngelHeart556
I Wanna Be Yoursby Dark Angel Heart
Sam always used to keep a journal of his feelings for Dean. One day, he comes home to see something he never wanted to. If you guys want me to, I may write more
My First Two Wincest One-Shots by SmithAndWesson18
My First Two Wincest One-Shotsby Emily Kumse
Just some short stories. Don't like don't read. Enjoy spicy wincest smut.
🌹Red eyes🌹  by imma_boss_ass_bish
🌹Red eyes🌹 by 💖Mojito💖
Red Eyes 18+ (smut) ------------------------------------------------------------- Hellooo! My name's beebo and im writing a bunch of oneshot smut fics from any fandoms...
wincest / johnlock oneshots by OnMyMindTonight
wincest / johnlock oneshotsby veronica/sam (nicknames r rad)
probably a lot of angst one, fluff, maybe smut. definitely some weecest. and johnlock AUs. so yeah.
every rose has its thorn by lexiconophilia
every rose has its thornby hayden j.r.l.
in which sam is harbouring a secret that would change his and dean's lives forever, and he decides to do what he should've done a long time ago
Gorgeous by MuseUponVenus
Gorgeousby Alexander
A Weecest one-shot. Basically Sam is feeling depressed about his body and his crush on Dean. Dean shows him it's not all black and white. (This is my first time doing s...
Weecest/Wincest Drabbles  by queen-of-j2
Weecest/Wincest Drabbles by queen-of-j2
These are just some wincest drabbles I write sometimes :)
Sam and Dean first Kiss by MarcelStyles94_
Sam and Dean first Kissby MarcelStyles94_
Sam and Deans first kiss Dean is 18 Sam is 14
A little bit of Dean  by twistaandshout
A little bit of Dean by twistaandshout
Sam is at Stanford and Dean has been missing his baby boy's body and contacts him for the first time in a year..
Dr. Sammy Winchester by Arikanana
Dr. Sammy Winchesterby Arikanana
Small one-shot of 10 year old Dean being hurt and his little brother patching him up (/^•^)/ pure fluff and cuteness, hope you enjoy~!
Just Cause He's My Brother by Anonymous_Writer_666
Just Cause He's My Brotherby Anonymous_Writer_666
Dean will protect his Sammy with all he has as they grow up.
My Reason to Be || Sam&Dean  by samftdean
My Reason to Be || Sam&Dean by Mia Novak
Dean's entire life is built around May 2, 2001. - Original story is on AO3 by Fragments of a Life You Shouldn't Miss by @ clex_monkie89 I just really liked this fic and...