My Alpha Mate by sami_sizzle
My Alpha Mateby sami_sizzle
"Mine" he said so I did the only logical thing... I ran Samantha Horn was girl with a kick ass attitude and a crazy Ex. When her fathers death caused her to mo...
  • sami
  • possesive
  • alpha
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The Cursed Beauty by Mariedan2002
The Cursed Beautyby Marie
#2 In Wearwolf "You think you can control me? You think you have the power to control me? I'd rather die than let a manipulate and narcissistic bi*h like you even t...
  • monster
  • action
  • romance
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my dog is a what?! by gabyree02
my dog is a what?!by Hi
1 month ago i found a dog in the middle of the street. 1 month ago, he became my best friend. 1 month ago, he became my closest companion. My amigo, my partner in cri...
  • mates
  • shapeshifter
  • sad
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Claiming Eliza by Elegantlass
Claiming Elizaby Elegantlass
The funny thing about fate is no matter how hard you try to push it away and avoid it, it will always find you. Eliza gets taken from her mom, and is forced to particip...
  • romance
  • mate
  • matingtrial
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A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Edited) by Maryah_Roses
A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Ed...by Maryah Rose
Growing up in the wilds of Alaska, Keliea was like any young shifter, well unless you consider having a Goddess with a sick sense of humor normal. Disowned and shunned...
  • pack
  • shapeshifters
  • shape
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Werewolves |Book 1| by Invisible5792
Werewolves |Book 1|by Invisible5792
So we stood there kissing as it snowed. Hand in hand, lips on lips, like in one of those cliche love stories. You know, where the girl is in love with the boy and yet yo...
  • packs
  • luna
  • orphans
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Emily Gilbert (TVD fanfic) (Completed) by AverySommers16
Emily Gilbert (TVD fanfic) (Comple...by Avery Sommers
Emily Gilbert is Elena's 12 year old little sister and is dragged into the Supernatural Drama and is in danger. But what happens when a witch casts a spell on her which...
  • gilbert
  • tvd
  • thevamorediaries
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My "Loving" Brother  Logan x Jake by Peach57891
My "Loving" Brother Logan x Jakeby Peach57891
Jake has a crush on his older brother Logan, and Logan has a crush on Jake. What will happen when Jake gives Logan quick peck by mistake and they both get into it? Read...
  • teamten
  • logang
  • jakepaul
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Started With Rejection by xx_rouge_wolf_xx
Started With Rejectionby xx_rouge_wolf_xx
Hunter is 15 and is a major bad girl she has a horrible past she's stubborn, mean,coldhearted,sarcastic and trusted know one when she finds her mate and he rejects her...
  • hybrid
  • mates
  • badgirl
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Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE) by Musically_Greek
Divergent Wolves(COMPLETE)by Musically_Greek
Tris Prior is the daughter of the Beta for Abnegation Gray Moon pack. It's her 17 birthday, haven't found her mate, or shifted yet. When she is given the chance to chang...
  • fanfiction
  • divergent
  • tobias
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My Luna by Deeia08
My Lunaby deeia
You never know the worth of someone until you lose them. All Bree wanted was a perfect life with her mate who would love her as much as she would love h...
  • witches
  • romance
  • mates
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The Bad boy Is my Mate by bubblegum_1458
The Bad boy Is my Mateby bubblegum_1458
"Thanks for letting me crash here Ember." Ember: No problem Now go before they find you here I packed some goods and extra money for the road now go. And with...
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • wearwolf
My ex-boyfriend is my mate!! by RosaIsabelm
My ex-boyfriend is my mate!!by RosaIsabelm
Ashely's is the daughter of the alpha from the silver moon pack but what happens when her ex boyfriend wants her back because there mates. Will she reject him or stay wi...
  • wearwolf
  • exboyfriend
  • mates
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Mad Ember by Ayee_Graciers
Mad Emberby Ayee_Graciers
The year is 2260, with radiation levels reaching impossible levels. humans are dying at a rapid pace. Their only hope is escaping the planet, and living in space. With...
  • wattpad
  • rouge
  • radiation
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The Vampire's Mate © by CRISSY43V3R
The Vampire's Mate ©by CRISSY43V3R
Juvia Lockser a common teenager who attends to Magnolias famous private high school 'Fairy Tail Academy'. Natsu Dragneel known as the school's bad boy and badass. But on...
  • dragneel
  • juvia
  • navia
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My Darkest Desires (BoyxBoyxBoy) by Deathhasnothingonus
My Darkest Desires (BoyxBoyxBoy)by Luke // ATL Trash
  • wearwolves
  • lgbt
  • polyamourous
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Red Eclipse by MtPalmTree
Red Eclipseby MtPalmTree
When your life is threatened. When your title is challenged. When your pride is dead. What would you stop at to protect your pack? My answer? Nothing. Even if the tormen...
  • vampires
  • witches
  • action
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Different wolf {the lupa} = voltooid ✔️ by AntheHemerijckx
Different wolf {the lupa} = voltoo...by +the
Luna is 17 en over 99 dagen krijgt ze eindelijk haar wolfsgeest. Over 99 dagen word ze eindelijk 18 En over 99 dagen krijgt ze eindelijk te horen wie haar mate zou zijn...
  • wolf
  • wolves
  • lupa
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Magcon are Vampires? by ellamellitt
Magcon are Vampires?by Ella Mellitt
Luna was a normal 17 year old at a first glance, but really she has a big secret. She's a werewolf and her brother Kian is the alpha of the pack. They aren't a normal pa...
  • wearwolf
  • magcon
  • wattyawards2014
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Alpha and omega by oliviaraee24
Alpha and omegaby oliviaraee24
Her name is Taylor. His name is Dylan. She is an omega. He is an alpha. She loves to dance and sing. He loves getting into girls pants. She is not noticed at school. And...
  • mates
  • alpha
  • passion
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