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The School Life of The Other Demon by JustYoung1
The School Life of The Other Demonby JustYoung
{BOOK 3 in The Demon Twins Series} Months of recovering, meeting new people, and bonding with her family, Demetria Wayne and her twin brother, Damian Wayne, are ready to...
The Family of Bats (DRABBLES) by RobinLover4Ever
The Family of Bats (DRABBLES)by RobinLover4Ever
Drabbles of the Batfamily! WARNING: This story covers many topics, each chapter is a new drabble/story unless otherwise stated! More tags later! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHIN...
Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Bruce Wayne/ Batman x reader  by writingintheimpala
Bruce. The Man Behind The Mask. Br...by Bella
What happens when you meet Bruce Wayne? Things to note: -For this to make sense you are in 19-27 years old. Sorry if in real life you are a different age. - You live in...
The Daughter (Complete) by Zodiac_Keys
The Daughter (Complete)by Allie Zodiac
Angel Mattews. A 16 year old teen orphan with depression and anxiety. Her mother and her step dad had died in a car accident when she was 5. Her grandparent were dead an...
Izuku the Green Robin ( IzuMomo Story ) ADOPTED! by justredhead
Izuku the Green Robin ( IzuMomo St...by justredhead
Izuku is still quirkless, but as a child he finds someone who utterly changes his life. BNHA X DC Comics X Marvel Comics I don't own any of these franchises, i only own...
Batman has a daughter? by Lunas_pack
Batman has a daughter?by Lunas_pack
a secret that Batman had been hiding for the past 16 years is revealed to the League, and the Team. and with it comes adventures, mysteries, torture, pain, love, and hum...
Pumped up kicks|| Red Robin by Frayed-Apart
Pumped up kicks|| Red Robinby Fray
"Hello bird boy. Aren't you pretty". "Seriously, stop flirting with me while I'm trying to capture you". "But that's no fun". Tim drake x m...
The Normal Life Of The Other Demon by JustYoung1
The Normal Life Of The Other Demonby JustYoung
{BOOK 2 in The Demon Twins Series} It's been three long weeks since the incident. No one is coping well with her condition. But what happens when she suddenly wakes up...
Jason Todd Imagines(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) by alexaaaachan
Jason Todd Imagines(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)by ♡ alexa
Jason Todd Imagines and headcannons from tumblr. The person that wrote the imagine will always be at the top of each chapter. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these imagi...
Taming Kate {Completed✓}  by Estyshawl
Taming Kate {Completed✓} by Esther Chumebi ☆
"Damn! I love it when you're angry, it's really sexy. Trust me sweetheart, you're more beautiful when you're angry" "Go to hell" I muttered as I star...
The Batkid Soulmate  by The_BatCats
The Batkid Soulmate by The_BatCats
The batkids soulmate is the remake of my old book The batkids Soulmate Book. Katherine Winchester is Dean Winchester daughter and Sam Winchester niece. She did some thin...
A game of Angels and Devils [A daminette fanfic] by imyoursnowflake
A game of Angels and Devils [A dam...by imyoursnowflake
Everyone thinks that the new girl at Gotham high, Marinette Dupain- Cheng, is a sweet angel with the perfect life.At first glance Damian Wayne Hated her.The perfect smil...
Catching I Bruce Wayne by apollosmeatballs
Catching I Bruce Wayneby 5SecondsOfWinchester
*COMPLETED* Skylar Marie Jones was a simple senior student at Metropolis University until she made one wrong choice and is now indebted to the famous crime lord Steven M...
Gotham Preferences & Imagines by okaynegan
Gotham Preferences & Imaginesby Jem
This is a book of preferences for the show Gotham! *CONTAINS SPOILERS* Written by: @okaynegan (creator) @vancityreynolds @AlexisKaimen @Pierce_This_Girl
batman family by 444Lin888
batman familyby sorry i snapped-
there will be x reader . stories between the brothers . NO SEXUAL CONTENTS . cat batfamily x reader (heck yeah) . funny moments . boyfriend scenarios . so yeah have...
Waiting for the Other Demon by JustYoung1
Waiting for the Other Demonby JustYoung
{BOOK 4 in The Demon Twins Series} It's been six years since they have last seen everyone. Everything has changed since then. Damian and his twin sister, Demetria, have...
Angel With Hidden Wings by Writerclouds
Angel With Hidden Wingsby WriterClouds
Marinette Dupain Cheng, a familiar name throughout everyone as the sweet and kind girl, that everyone adores. Everyone thought Marinette was a human but, she isn't what...
A story of romance,comedy and teen life...what you need to relax you're mind? It all appears to be a love story until...
Daughter of Gotham by SashaConant
Daughter of Gothamby Sasha Conant
What if the first blood child of Bruce Wayne wasn't Damian Wayne, but a girl named Zandra Wayne. From the moment Zandra was born, Bruce knew he loved her. After all she...
Meet the Bats (A Young Justice/Teen Titans Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
Meet the Bats (A Young Justice/Tee...by MolMcN
What happens if the Team had to Protect Dick Grayson and his brothers?! But at the same time, Dick isn't allowed to tell them his secret. Trouble, that's what happens. (...