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The Hidden Mate (Completed) by brealexus
The Hidden Mate (Completed)by Bre Alexus
While hiding from her abusive ex-husband. Milani finds out things she had never known. The world wasn't how it seemed. Finding out she was really a werewolf sadly wasn't...
Royally Mated by Taliii__
Royally Matedby 𝑻𝒂𝒍𝒊.
#14 Werewolf┊A small, seductive grin overcomes his face, as he leans in closer towards me. I feel his breath on my neck, causing me to still in his arms. "You see t...
Mated to - Savior of the Werewolves [Part - 2] by ShikhaAggarwal1
Mated to - Savior of the Werewolve...by Shikha Aggarwal
#40 IN WEREWOLF Sequel to Alpha's Princess - Savior of the Werewolves (Part - 1) "We travel with the same clan over and over again, from one life to the next, until...
The Abandoned Mate by brealexus
The Abandoned Mateby Bre Alexus
A sequel to the hidden mate. Milani is deemed a rogue, but unknowingly to her mate and her pack. She is also pregnant. Finding shelter with her best friend Jared. Who ju...
Alpha's Princess - Savior of the Werewolves [Part - 1 # Completed] by ShikhaAggarwal1
Alpha's Princess - Savior of the W...by Shikha Aggarwal
#9 IN WEREWOLF (01/12/2017) "Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones you accept you for who you are. The ones who w...
Brother Blood by jaeshanks
Brother Bloodby Jae
{🐾Book 3🐾 } Home Sweet Montana. While the farm life may be the new normal for his pack mates, Conor struggles with life on the farm, haunted by his ordeals and his c...
Truce and Lies by jaeshanks
Truce and Liesby Jae
{🐾book 4🐾} (spoilers for those who haven't read Werehuman or BrotherBlood) Being the only werewolf in a pack of strange vampires in the middle of a countrywide feud is...
Of Soot And Cinders by -crucible-
Of Soot And Cindersby Crucible
[boyxboy] [completed] [unedited] Soot is a slave at the royal palace. He earned his name from his job of cleaning away the cinders and soot that cover the many hearths o...
Change (completed)  ✔️ by HereIAmAngel
Change (completed) ✔️by ;-)
First change :-) It started as a challenge and then... the lead character caught my brain and ran with it Now we have a girl that just changed for the first time Her ch...
Divine Favor by Selenophile030995
Divine Favorby Selenophile030995
Book of POV : Celine Amber Smith, The direct descendant of a silver wolf found her mate when she was captured and brought to face the new reigning Alpha, Alpha King Liam...
WHY WE LOVE WEREs by WattyWolves
WHY WE LOVE WEREsby WattyWolvesCommunity
☆ We are working on a new project! ☆ We are requesting that fans of the WERE community (writers/readers) send in letters explaining : Why do you like the genre? How did...
Story Ideas Submitted by Fans by WattyWolves
Story Ideas Submitted by Fansby WattyWolvesCommunity
We want readers empowered we want them heard we want them helping So here is one way for readers to suggest story ideas to the community of writers And, a way for writer...
The Beast of Gevaudan by Libra_Muse
The Beast of Gevaudanby Love Me Libra
#1 in ROSEQUARTZAWARDS (31/01/2020) #9 CREATURE FEATURE (01/2020) #11 Ranking in Creature Feature 9/6/2018 The Beast of Gevaudan, was a normal human being and a Soldier...
Resources & References  by WattyWolves
Resources & References by WattyWolvesCommunity
Writing tips and tricks Info everyone should know resources links And hopefully some interviews on writing . We're not experts, but we've been around the block a few tim...
#Wattys2016 Werewolf Promo Book by Dream_Craziness
#Wattys2016 Werewolf Promo Bookby missy
Are you curious which of your favorite Werewolf books have been entered into the #Wattys2016? Look no further! This is a compilation of werewolf stories participating t...
Contest Prompts by butteryketchup
Contest Promptsby Hi
Some stories for contest prompts.
Sanctuary  by werewolfgirl35
Sanctuary by Angie
WattyWolves challenge, a picture Prompt
Stuttering Start (April2017 WattyWolves Entry) by toni_ette
Stuttering Start (April2017 WattyW...by toni_ette
Jason Galten is a spectacular business man and an even better Alph. Savvy could be his middle name. He has everything under control, except when it comes to women. He fa...
Visit to the Clinic by S-S-Long
Visit to the Clinicby Alpha Dragonet/Silent So Long
Chris, the Alpha of the Terralink Pack of Westminster, London, has to visit the hospital for a very surprising malady. Written for WattyWolves' June contest
Visitor by S-S-Long
Visitorby Alpha Dragonet/Silent So Long
A chocolatier in Berlin faces his transformation, and the visitor that will initiate it. Written for @WattyWolves September challenge. It was chosen as the winning st...