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Take Me Away | ✔️ by itsbellaobrien
Take Me Away | ✔️by Bella O'Brien
Sam Alexander is an underground fighter. Her name there is "Ice". Ice like the souls of the people who had hurt her. Except for the two people who will never d...
FALLING SERIES#1: Extra Ordinary Princess by Zurc_Dessie
FALLING SERIES#1: Extra Ordinary P...by Mavery
Si Camille Umbay (CAMS) ay isang apo ng reyna, siya rin ang tagapagmana ng trono Papalit sa reyna sa takdang panahon. Hindi katulad ng ibang mga prinsesa si Camille Umb...
Ephemeral [ Completed ] by mishyrielle
Ephemeral [ Completed ]by captain
Louis and Safia are childhood best friends who turn into lovers. As time goes by, they suddenly found themselves taking a different path. What if their second chance tu...
Painful Love (Love Series #1)  by itsYlevolYoj
Painful Love (Love Series #1) by Loco
Meet Sharlayne Perez, the childish self proclaimed "future wife" of Kiro Alvarez. Sharlayne is head over heels of this "cold-hearted guy" named Kiro...
Betrothed (The Selection series and Red Queen Fanfic) by AlienSkittles94
Betrothed (The Selection series an...by 김 요온비
Delancy Seraphina Mortensen, Crown Princess of Gardenia is the best friend of Maxon Calix Schreave, Crown Prince of Illéa. Asked if his best friend will help him to choo...
The Empresses' Academy (REVISED) by PinkPoisonYanna
The Empresses' Academy (REVISED)by Yanna Kim
I just want to inform you that Im revising This Story Entitled "The Empresses Academy." Yep. Irerevise ko na siya. My friends suggested it a few months ago so...
From Paris, With Love [GirlXGirl] by InZanity_R
From Paris, With Love [GirlXGirl]by InZanity_R
Elise Zaragoza is not your typical college girl who listens to gossips and cares about her instructors or professors. She would attend her classes, wait for it to end, a...
She || Donny Pangilinan by baelessdonny
She || Donny Pangilinanby 🍣
"I hope you're having nightmares for breaking my heart."
One Lucky Night by LovelySeptember
One Lucky Nightby LovelySeptember
***Highest Rank: #3 ~03.19.19 #wattysph*** She was staring to a beautiful creature - a man she missed for a long time. She left him without goodbye. Five years rolled a...
Philippine Mythical Creatures by creepyfreakygeek
Philippine Mythical Creaturesby creepyfreakygeek
For those interested in "Philippine Supernatural Creatures" this book is for you. I am always fascinated about the Creatures of Philippine Mythology, to know t...
Wishing Upon A Star by kawaiiNeko09
Wishing Upon A Starby Ann Margaret
This is my story.. I hope you'll like it and hopefully love it. This is not the first story that I've written but this is the first one that I'll be sharing. It's called...
One Starry Night by LovelySeptember
One Starry Nightby LovelySeptember
***Highest Rank: #1 ~7.03.18*** The night is bright with twinkling stars, teasing her. The pain is unbearable for Stella and she knew, it's time for her to stop and for...
Doctor Sunflower #Wattys2017 by MayariOfTheMoon
Doctor Sunflower #Wattys2017by 8
What will you do if the man you adore who you've only seen through your TV screen is suddenly right in front of your eyes? A young medical student who also works as a...
The Girl You Never Noticed by DarkInMyOwnShadow
The Girl You Never Noticedby Syra Angelyn Lumaday
To Love is part of our Life. To be loved back is such a blessing, but sometimes we're stupid falling in love to someone who can't love us back. To Love is not a sin, but...
Memories Of Spring by yourstrulyahri
Memories Of Springby Caroline | Coleen
"I will never forget what we had, and will always cherish the lessons you taught me. We didn't get to experience a fairytale-like happy ending. But at least, we had...
The Incarnates #Wattys2017 by MayariOfTheMoon
The Incarnates #Wattys2017by 8
Can love really transcend time and space? Is fate inconstant or is it set in stone? Gertrude is set to marry the man her parents chose for her. It was the norm at that...
One Shots Compilation by mishyrielle
One Shots Compilationby captain
One shots stories that I wrote in my former rpa, my works that I present at the class and some of my pieces that I dedicate to someone. Warning: Tagalog words ahead! (S...
I Fell In Love With My BestFriend by GoddessOfDarknesss
I Fell In Love With My BestFriendby Colay
Pano nalang kung may bestfriend ka na ubod ng pasaway. Mahilig mambababe, uminom, basag ulo,at napaka kulit nito. Ano nalang gagawin mo kung sa bawat pakikipag away nya...
Enthusiast [ Completed ] by mishyrielle
Enthusiast [ Completed ]by captain
Chanel, an Army (BTS fan) who dreams to meet her bias in BTS. Jungkook, the Golden Maknae of the world's well-known K-pop group. Can he really felt the word love with hi...
I Love You From The Start by Ligaya0514
I Love You From The Startby Ligaya0514
How will you love? Will you love to forget the pain? Will you love to fill in the emptiness? Will you love to be true to yourself?