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Tailwind: Poems by a Teenage Naturalist by RavensAndWinter
Tailwind: Poems by a Teenage Natur...by JoJo
🕊️A 2018 Watty's Longlisted Work!🕊️ ...the girl asked the raven how she could fly. The Raven told her it was easy. All she needed was a tailwind to help her heart soa...
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Heroes for Hire     [Wattys2018 longlist] by CharlesSwan
Heroes for Hire [Wattys2018 lo...by Charles Swan
Welcome to Wildehaven, a land of magic and heroes. Follow the Storm Rose Guild as they set about gaining coin, prestige, and as much rare loot as they can find, recover...
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Star Wars: Heir to the Sith (Part 1) (#Wattys2018 shortlist) by tomc100
Star Wars: Heir to the Sith (Part...by TS Church
Shortlisted for the #Wattys2018. In the final hours of Emperor Palpatine's reign, newly promoted Captain Pina of the Star Destroyer Reaver is sent to quell unrest amids...
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The Kramorian Exchange by kramawsky
The Kramorian Exchangeby Kramawsky
Wattys 2018 long list!!! The day August Halliman's brother was selected for the Kramorian exchange program was the day that changed his life forever. A pact between Ear...
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Renegade by PaulaPespo
Renegadeby PaulaPespo
Fourteen years ago, a teenage girl accidentally set her friends and a store on fire. Today, every ability-wielder is tested, categorized and closely monitored by the Civ...
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Wicked Confessions (Excerpt Only) by Lauren_Courcelle
Wicked Confessions (Excerpt Only)by Lauren Courcelle
Wouldn't it be nice to know what everyone is really thinking? What's truly important to them? Who they like? Who they don't? What's true and what's not? Who they are whe...
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Red by EverestNeverlynn
Redby Everest Neverlynn
The Asylum is an organization created by the councils of Evuull in secret to collect troubled youth with too much criminal potential who were too young to be put to deat...
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Charley,TheMagicalFlounder#watty's2018Longlist #wattys2019 #featured  by MaryEllenCampbell
Charley,TheMagicalFlounder#watty's...by @MarlyJeffreys_
Every Kingdom has its problems, and this Kingdom was no different!
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The Devil's Master by thetempered
The Devil's Masterby Susannah Oddi
It is the mid-1600's and Britain is plagued with rumours of devilry and witchcraft. Laura Sheridan, a bee-keeper in a small hamlet in Essex, is drawn to a stranger who o...
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Unwed 💍 by Scarletletterheart
Unwed 💍by A.M. HIGHT
Wattys 2018 Shortlist!!! *First book in a two part series* June 1952-in a world of poodle skirts, convertibles, and rock and roll... At seventeen, Isadora (Izzy) Twiss i...
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