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The Son Of The Devil - [ BTS FF ] ☑️ by ParkYn3012
The Son Of The Devil - [ BTS FF ]...by Author Butt-er
Hello, i really need your attention here. In a few weeks, some of the chapters on this book will unpublish because for some reason. And the reason is ; 1. The author has...
Marked For Death | klangst by angstyy-chic
Marked For Death | klangstby leeann
After the fall of Zarkon and the return of Shiro, the Paladins -- along with Allura and Coran -- are in a state of comfort, enjoying each other's company and reminiscing...
Leopard | Benny Rodriguez  by fwaaliyah
Leopard | Benny Rodriguez by aaliyah 🐺
🌤🦒✨ • • this book cannot but duplicated or altered without my permission- midnightbenny
Recovery (Lana Del Rey/Elvis Fan Fiction) by AddictingFanFic
Recovery (Lana Del Rey/Elvis Fan F...by AddictingFanFic
When Elvis and his girlfriend, Candice, get into a car accident due to a blizzard and an unseen truck, Candice is saved after Elvis's body couldn't be found. Eventually...
Tracob Oneshots  by coffeesandcaramel
Tracob Oneshots by Beth 🍼
"Sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money, all I need is you" A bunch of cute, fluffy Tracob Oneshots based around the titles of Troye's songs. All of th...
Heartless || Leonetta - HEAVY EDITING by Violetta_Vargas
Heartless || Leonetta - HEAVY EDIT...by ಎಲ್ಲ💛
❝After all, It was just a game for you. I was another toy, my feelings were your playground and my life was the game.❞ *** I've been walked on, used and forgotten and I...
Living With Luke Prior by ki_ki2003
Living With Luke Priorby kiki28
After getting accepted into the college of her dreams, Aspyn ends up being roommates with Luke Prior. Luke is the type of guy with many secrets, and is a hard person to...
Amor eterno by Russell42
Amor eternoby Russell42
Kagome hija del ave fénix se enamora de inuyasha hijo de anubis, lo cual los dos lucharán para estar juntos
Monsta X Imagines | @Jooheonsaegyo by jooheonsaegyo
Monsta X Imagines | @Jooheonsaegyoby ⧚ Sera C. ⧚
[Still Writing, I also do requests so don't be afraid to send me a chat! :)] Just a bunch of imagines / scenario's of each member of Monsta X! (Each series contains an i...
Diced! by Ilikemozzsticks
Diced!by Division
"Ladies and Gentleman, do you love to share your food to the world? Do you love to be on camera and teach recipes to millions of people? Do you have a passion for f...
The Map of my Life by lilybug04282004
The Map of my Lifeby lilybug04282004
This is the story of the beginning of Lavender's life to the thriving teenage years of her spontaneous life. Come read with me and see what happens in Lavender's life of...
MY YAMI (Yaoi) by MichelleKChapman
MY YAMI (Yaoi)by Michelle Chapman
My Yami is a YAOI (boy X boy) Yugioh fanfic. Yami X Yugi, Bakura X Ryou, Marik x Malik and Seto X Joey. This about how each Hikari's (Lights) love their Yami's (Darks)...
ALONE✅ by khayr_Souf
ALONE✅by ummulkhair Yusuf
HEAVILY UNDER EDITING. COPYRIGHT 2018 ||1 in Nigerian books *19/7/18|| || Completed *22/7/18|| ||Main Tags * Romance|| ||One in the series of *SUFRAH* ^*^*^*^*^ ~~Yusrah...
Black Roses  by giselle_xx
Black Roses by giselle
Jadelyn the Artist, Nerd, Loner Valentino the Gangleader of the Black roses, Bad Boy, The Black Roses need a gang Tattoo They go to her because she is the most amazing...
Quoted by kkourinn
Quotedby kkourinn
This is a collection of quotes and poems from literary works and shows. ----- Updates weekly
Kupido's Bullet by TheBullet-Flaw
Kupido's Bulletby TheBullet-Flaw
THERE'S BEHIND A SECRET FOR THOSE JUDGEMENTAL. this story contain, mystery, creepy, love story, romance, and happiness, you will learn from this story.
Kormkr : a ghost story by Nidhoggur_
Kormkr : a ghost storyby Nidhoggur_
14 year old Kristín goes on a school trip out in the country along with her friend, But soon Kristín starts to notice paranormal activities at the strange school. ( INCL...
Nowhere to be found ... by PRIOPATRA
Nowhere to be found ...by PRIYANKA PIMPALEKAR
Three astronauts land on earth after a successful space mission. The events that unfold are not only mysterious, but gruesome. Something other worldly has them under...
The boy who lives at the end of the street by tombola_05
The boy who lives at the end of th...by TomWalters
Jemima Carson lives on the other side of the street to the mysterious little boy with the worn teddy bear and the stained black tailcoat. She doesn't know where he is fr...