Black butler x reader by prussia22
Black butler x readerby Frau Beilschmidt
What happens when you are from the 21st century and one night you save a person from dying so they give you one wish
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  • alois
  • claude
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straight line//Dolan Twins by ash1i3
straight line//Dolan Twinsby Ash☀️👙
Dustin was just your average nerd, she get bullied from Ethan & Grayson Dolan. She leave for a few mouths & comes back with a told makeover. Published 1-28-15 Completed...
  • dolantwinwatty
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Twilight Preferences by SerenaChintalapati
Twilight Preferencesby Serena Chintalapati
For the Twihards. Guys:
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  • preferences
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Rejected with the Alphas Baby by afrodiiti
Rejected with the Alphas Babyby Afrodiiti✔
After being accused of having a abortion Avery is rejected by her Alpha Mate Camden Davis and her pack despite her pleas of innocence. Avery then runs away to raise her...
  • alphafemale
  • alphababy
  • love
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overdrive • bellamy blake by dxltas
overdrive • bellamy blakeby dxltas
❝give me faith and i won't leave❞ We were born in space. We were expendables, none of us really mattered; not to anyone anymore. Our home wasn't home, it was a ship of m...
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The Ring by silverblooms
The Ringby silver
Mia Rhodes is not your typical senior. She doesn't socialize or have many friends. Rhodes spends most of her time at The Ring with her single father who is the head coac...
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Relatable posts by Jaffacake30
Relatable postsby Jaffacake30
New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Welcome to Relatable posts. The place for everyone living the sloth life - slouching and snacking away watching endless hours of TV. This boo...
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Silver Rose || {A GOT7 Yugyeom Fanfic} by mangseok
Silver Rose || {A GOT7 Yugyeom Fan...by HAITUS
Eunkyung had been warned many times by the people in her small superstitious town to look out for werewolves when the moon was full. But it wasn't until she got herself...
  • jyp
  • fantasy
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Fate (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
Fate (Magi Fanfiction)by Alex Hyde
~I do not own Magi or any of the characters~ *1st place winner of MagiWA 2017 in Judar category!!* There are only supposed to be three magi per era. Three magi to guide...
  • althamen
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  • jafar
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Wherever you go by Eloise2424
Wherever you goby Eloise Brooklyn
Love marriages are rare and are hardly recognized properly in India. Every parent in India feels as though it's a payback of every child to marry who they chose as they...
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  • yourstoryindia
  • sacrifice
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Celebrimbor's Daughter and Thranduil's Son (The Daughter Series) Book 1 by Colfinthel
Celebrimbor's Daughter and Thrandu...by Queen Colfinthel Vylia
My name is Vilya, named after the Ring of Air. I had no family, no home until a ranger, Aragorn found me. He took me to Riverendale where I found my new family. Lord Elr...
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Is it Because I'm Small? (BoyxBoy) : New Ending (Jan. 2017) by purplenatash
Is it Because I'm Small? (BoyxBoy)...by Natasha D'Oliveira
Lu is the omega of the pack because he is so small and can't turn to his human form. Everyone treats him like crap and he believes what they say. Until another pack mo...
  • witches
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Not Just Friends (Dipper X Reader) by ashetxi
Not Just Friends (Dipper X Reader)by • a • s • h •
You are new to gravity falls. Your going to be living with Mabel and Dipper. Your life starts to change drastically. But does it change for the better? Or for the Worse...
  • dipperpines
  • death
  • dipperxreader
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The Other Mikaelson (TVD Fanfiction) by DiedT0Live
The Other Mikaelson (TVD Fanfictio...by Rose Thorns
What happens when Klaus forgot about his youngest sister? What happens if they all forgot about her? When they think, she died when she was human. But in reality Mikeal...
  • vampires
  • theoriginals
  • watty2015
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My red rose{in English} by prenica
My red rose{in English}by Red_velvet
ERIC's letter. Jealous red??? My heart skipped a beat. I forgot to breathe. A sharp electric current is running all over my body. Setting my body on fire. My breaths we...
  • mystery
  • sidharthmalhotra
  • fight
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Dying Breath (Labyrinth Fanfic) (UNEDITED VERSION) by sarahlet2999
Dying Breath (Labyrinth Fanfic) (U...by A Fifth Cellar Occupant
*ALERT* THIS IS THE UNEDITED VERSION OF DYING BREATH *ALERT* The edited version has begun to be posted so if you wish to read those chapters, feel free too. The plot is...
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The Broken Hero by LadyTempus
The Broken Heroby LadyTempus
Perseus Jackson, the hero and two time savior of Olympus sacrificed himself to defeat Gaia and her children. His sacrifice has been mourned for the past five hundred yea...
  • jackson
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My Escape (Magi Fanfiction) by alexinwhite
My Escape (Magi Fanfiction)by Alex Hyde
*I do not own Magi or any of the characters* Ashlyn's life had been anything but easy. Her father left years ago and her mother is very abusive, both physically and ment...
  • kou
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  • hakuryuuren
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shattered truths by naruto_saves_me
shattered truthsby anime_kpoptrash
after coming from the land of waves, naruto becomes depressed as hakus death reminds him more and more of what he went throught in his younger days........each day, one...
  • suicide
  • naruto
  • depression
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The Bad Boy And The Nerds Baby by cutiepop101
The Bad Boy And The Nerds Babyby cutiepop101
This book is about a nerd who trusted the bad boy of the school and got banged up. She is trying to cope with what has happened in her life.
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