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Percy Jackson: The Primordial God by Siddarthiners
Percy Jackson: The Primordial Godby hpsid yoda
Percy is betrayed by most gods and campers for his new half brother. Chaos and Void take Percy to The Council( you will know what it is later in the story). Read on to f...
  • adventure
  • jackson
  • perzoe
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the mute kid! (errink)FINISHED by ink_lovesart
the mute kid! (errink)FINISHEDby project failed
this is a fanfic of error x ink! were ink is mute...i need to start staring error more...
  • geno
  • ships
  • sanscet
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Waking Up in the Apocalypse by jaileeng
Waking Up in the Apocalypseby • j a i l e e n •
imagine... waking up after a three year coma to find that the world is now roaming with the dead and then you come to find out you are the cure to the Black Fever. join...
  • dead
  • cure
  • zombies
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Diary Introvert  by aurelrd
Diary Introvert by Sikna Aurel Rianditha
[UPDATE 1 BULAN SEKALI] Gue bukan mau sendiri. Cuma ingin dibiarkan sendiri! - Arnankia Gue kenal sama lo, Bahkan sampe lo berubah penampilan pun gue bakal tetep kenal...
  • drama
  • indonesiamembaca
  • teenlit
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Unbreakable (Mileven) by mileven_forever_st
Unbreakable (Mileven)by mariposa
"Hi El." I stared at her for a few seconds then I Said "Uhm, I was thinking maybe we can go out on a date?" "What is date?" "A date is...
  • eggos
  • wattys2018
  • strangerthingsseason2
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message1 by Morethanyoubaby
message1by 🌈🌙
  • wattsy2018
  • wattsap
  • funfiction
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"Sometimes, the past hurts..." (A poppy x Archer trolls shortfic) by Annoyingsister2004
"Sometimes, the past hurts..." (A...by Annoyingsister2004
(COMPLETED) Archer, laughed at Poppy's joke. He really loved his girlfriend, She was Everthing he wanted in a girl; kind, compassionate, and sassy. Just some of the thin...
  • hurt
  • romance
  • snackpack
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His Grasp..{A trolls Poppy x Archer shortfic} by Annoyingsister2004
His Grasp..{A trolls Poppy x Arche...by Annoyingsister2004
(COMPLETED) (I'm sorry for this fic, I have no idea why I wrote It 🤣) Summary: Poppy, and Branch, were walking aside Archer in the forest. "Thanks for Help, Archer...
  • comfort
  • fewocs
  • hurt
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ცუდი ბიჭი როგორც ასეთი by Morethanyoubaby
ცუდი ბიჭი როგორც ასეთიby 🌈🌙
ნუ ნანობთ შეცდომებს...20 წლის შემდეგ თქვენ იმას უფრო ინანებთ რაც არ გაგიკეთებიათ..ვიდრე იმას რაც გააკეთეთ...????????
  • harrystyles
  • ფსიქოპატი
  • wattsy2018
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This is basically different chapter of stories One shots😍❤️ Levi top🍆 Eren bottom 🍑 Levi x Eren=💓💓 R-18 [DO NOT READ IF YOUR UNDER THAT AGE] 🙈🙈🙈🌈🦄yaoi luber 💕
  • attackontitan
  • aot
  • fanfic
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CITRA'S INDIGO  by citramochi
CITRA'S INDIGO by citramochi
Salam true story .......... Wajah yang hancur berlumur darah, rusak dan aroma amis anyir bak samudra darah Sesosok hantu yang sedang berdiri dengan bola matanya yang su...
  • indigo
  • misterikehidupan
  • spiritual
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I took pictures by roadie_1d_newhope_
I took picturesby Rye
just some horrible pictures I took. Mabey some drawings and paintings.
  • pretty
  • photographs
  • camera
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MINSAN, AKIN KA by KayeNis143
MINSAN, AKIN KAby kaye_gorg_pretty
Kathniel Story
  • kathrynbernardo
  • knreads
  • kathniel
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Attempts...{A trolls Fic} by Annoyingsister2004
Attempts...{A trolls Fic}by Annoyingsister2004
"Aww, pleeease Branch, pweease?" Poppy whined. They and the rest of the snackpack were walking toward the fun dungeon.. "No poppy, I'm not going to en...
  • wattsy2018
  • branch
  • singing
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If It Wasn't Without Him by vminxlove
If It Wasn't Without Himby vminxlove
Kim Taehyung is an orphan , he is 19 years old. He doesn't have any family members that he knows. He is in the foster system since he was born . He was in a lot of fost...
  • selfharm
  • suicidal
  • btsvmin
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"Identity secreto..." (A trolls fanfic) by Annoyingsister2004
"Identity secreto..." (A trolls fa...by Annoyingsister2004
(COMPLETED) (This idea has been bugging me non-stop so I though I'd bring it to life~😂) Summary: Archer, always wondered if someone suffered with the same thing he did...
  • poppytrolls
  • seriousness
  • trolls
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Magical academy: Perang dunia sihir by goldenmee
Magical academy: Perang dunia sihirby goldenmee
seri pertama dari judul magical academy by gold silent
  • teenfiction
  • academy
  • romance
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Ikuya ha... la ragazza?! (Free!) by ClaireDeLun3
Ikuya ha... la ragazza?! (Free!)by Claire DeLune
I dissapori tra Ikuya e la sua vecchia squadra dell'Iwatobi SC si sono sciolti, ed ora che anche Hiyori ha provato l'emozione di nuotare al fianco di Haruka, si può guar...
  • freetakeyourmarks
  • freekizuna
  • free
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Hayata tutunmak için mücadale eden bir gencin hikayesi
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Alfa : Alvaro and Fanya by dnldhsptr
Alfa : Alvaro and Fanyaby Daniel Adhie Saputra
[SLOW UPDATE] NB: *Kelas 9 banyak Ujian Disaat cowok dingin bertemu dengan cewek biasa , yang hanya bisa mencintai tanpa dibalas . Yang akhirnya si Ice King bertemu deng...
  • cold
  • hati
  • remaja
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