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WattpadZombies: To Shelter... Or Not!! by WattpadZombies
WattpadZombies: To Shelter... Or N...by Zombies Undead & Infected
On a weekly basis, we'll post an image within a chapter, asking how you would make the location displayed a safe place come the Zombie Apocalypse!
Ghosts, Zombies and Maggots by RosannaMI
Ghosts, Zombies and Maggotsby Rosanna M. I.
Christina awakes in the middle of the chaos only to find out that she is a ghost and is wandering around the damaged streets, which are also the so-called home for the m...
The Beginning of the End by TheSexyBrain
The Beginning of the Endby BVS
WINNER of the "And Then There Were Zombies!" Contest (January 2020) and Anthology book It began with one single human. Patient X. Because of him, the disease p...
Eating With The Greens by MissJina
Eating With The Greensby MissJina
*Written for the Just for guts May 2020 contest* Sally Green is a scientist who just happened to discover the formula that makes zombies. When she brings her work home s...