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Before You Were Popular by weareyoungwriters
Before You Were Popularby ⌁ jayla⌁
[COMPLETED] ❝Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.❞ Celeste Sawyer and Archer Rossi have been best-friends since...
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Our Broken World by kaya_01604
Our Broken Worldby Kaya
Cover art by: @DjMidget In the distant future, our world has been decimated by wars and nuclear attacks. Scared, broken people are scattered across the country, wanderin...
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A Billionaire's Weakness✔️ by Goldbhabie
A Billionaire's Weakness✔️by ✩Ava_writes✩
She looked at his once cold eyes which showed nothing but love for his beloved Munni, his munnisa who has managed to steal his cold heart. ...
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Katherine by ARThomas1
Katherineby Ariel Rose Thomas
A mystery that has haunted the residents of Manchester Indiana for decades... Lauren Craw is a young psychiatric nurse, who is forced to leave her comfortable job in Chi...
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WATTPAD PICKS  by InspiredGirlReader
WATTPAD PICKS by Angel of VentreCanard
Recommended all the time!!😉 Guys, these stories are well picked from Wattpad according to my perspective. These are the best for me since I started reading in Wattpad. ...
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FYRIAN'S FIRE (previously THE FORGOTTEN SEER) by EmilyHJeffries
FYRIAN'S FIRE (previously THE FORG...by Emily Jeffries
Publicly humiliated by the Prince of Glademont, Lady Tessamine Canyon betrays a tightly guarded secret to a roguish enemy spy. Soon the dominion is thrown into chaos, an...
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Yesterday's Happiness ( Growing Up ) by AmDiyaSeidu1
Yesterday's Happiness ( Growing Up...by AmDiya Seidu
Kayla Davis and Jay Hamilton are the very best of friends and share a connection beyond the understanding of many. After a summer with her Naana in Evergreen,she return...
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The Diary of Whitney by pueeny
The Diary of Whitneyby pueeny
#18 truestory,#1 untoldstories,#3 fuckboy,#86 sarcasm Began:August 24, 2018 Ended: After drying his hand, Matthew sneaks up behind ,getting a squeal as my reaction. T...
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MY HOTTIE by lilian131
MY HOTTIEby Benita Kevin
She never meant to fall in love with him but somehow fate brought their paths together as Melvin saved her from a speeding vehicle which could have ended her life. In ap...
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Truly Royal (ON HOLD) by sherrylynn1999
Truly Royal (ON HOLD)by czarcasm
#5 wattpadpicks On the night of the Soulmate Ball, and the day of her eighteenth birthday, Anastasia Royal Dumont expects to meet her other half. Little did she know tha...
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Jump by blahblablah2134
Jumpby blahblablah2134
We are not scared to be alone in the dark, we are scared that we are not alone in the dark. That there is something beyond explanation right around that corner. That the...
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my bodyguard  by lovelyhayley_2435
my bodyguard by Baby
Hayley rose madden the daughter of the most dangerous mafia leader I was angry when I got home , I slam my bedroom door I couldn't believe how much angry this little gi...
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Experiences of a Baby(ON HOLD) by pueeny
Experiences of a Baby(ON HOLD)by pueeny
This story is based in a baby's life starting from in the womb.I will try to be as detailed as possible. Though it's gonna be very difficult. This is between 0 months...
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Martyr's Love by YeeshaReid
Martyr's Loveby Yeesha Reid
A dramatic story of two person in different realm. Earning trust , loyalty and love. But a tragic happened, the protagonist leading lady have been jailed by her leading...
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Letters To T ... by AmDiyaSeidu1
Letters To T ...by AmDiya Seidu
It'd been so long ago when it'd happened. But you never really forget something like that. Especially when that something had defined you Completely. it becomes a p...
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We are doomed by Josefa_fs
We are doomedby Josefa Ferreira
Humanity faces a weird sickness that turns people insane. Survivors will have to fight to remain alive while trying to keep their sanity in a wrecked world. Photo in th...
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