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News & Updates by Wattpad
News & Updatesby Wattpad
Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more!
Community Happenings by Wattpad
Community Happeningsby Wattpad
Welcome to The Wattpad HQ Community Happenings story! We are so glad you're part of our global community. This is the place for readers and writers to come to discover...
Book Launches by Wattpad
Book Launchesby Wattpad
The latest and greatest about all your favorite published Wattpad books can be found in this story. Now with even more publishing deals happening, find all the details a...
Stories from HQ by PaidStories
Stories from HQby Paid Stories
A sneak peek of what's happening and what's to come for the Paid Stories Program. Learn more about the Paid Stories team and everyone else at Wattpad HQ who is working t...
A Look at the Story Insights Report by storyinsights
A Look at the Story Insights Reportby storyinsights
Here's what the Story Insights Report looks like.
wife of a billionaire heir  by salmerh1497
wife of a billionaire heir by salamerh samaila
He doesn't smile at me his silence is killing me what will I do now that I have falling in love with him I know this was a fake marriage but each night I lay with him on...
5.2K reads without any words by EdenNightwinter
5.2K reads without any wordsby Eden Nightwinter
This is basically a joke towards those "X amount of subscribers without any videos" YouTube channels. I just swapped subscribers with reads and videos with wor...
The secret door by ny_is_love129
The secret doorby ny_is_love129
When Isabel,heir to the throne of emerald finds she does not want to be a queen she runs away after repetitively getting into disputes with her parents. While she is awa...
2020 by JaydaRodelas
2020by Jayda Rodelas
This story is about 2020 (Tagalog Version) i will make english and Korean version also!
Wattpad Magazine by Producergirlxx
Wattpad Magazineby "Producer Girl",, type "Meg S...
The best place to hear Jokes,brain teasers,Riddles This is the Perfect place to make story advertisments And find out about the latest news on the only place Wattpad Th...
Digital Pitch: Blog: News and Updates by evanfanfiction
Digital Pitch: Blog: News and Upda...by Evan Potter
Stay Updated with All The News and Updates. I will post blogs and announcements regarding Digital Pitch. I will Update blogs like this once a month. DOCUMENT STARTED ON...
Angelimon Training guide by DrazTheWolfYT
Angelimon Training guideby FamousAuthor
All your facts and needs of Angelimon 👼
The Dream Makers by kacywrites
The Dream Makersby caseywrites
A girl named Emily finds out abour magical and mythical creatures in her planet. She wants to become a here someday so she wants to save people from the devil, evilness...
Bookworm News Issue #1 September 11-17 2016 by Bookworm_News
Bookworm News Issue #1 September 1...by Bookworms Unite!
September 11-17th 2016 #1 Issue Editors Note pg.1 @Skyoe_Gaming Featured Story: Welcome! Pg.2 @lockamocha345 Fan-Picked Interviews: With @ConnieBellx Pg.3 @lockamoch...