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HIS EVERYTHING (Complete) by hinashiekh_
HIS EVERYTHING (Complete)by hinashiekh_
CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 1 (Sweet romance ) ASFAND JAHANGIR (age 27) a hard core bussiness man , who loves his doll alot .he cant even see a tear in her eye.what happ...
Concealed Affections by jsnj_writes
Concealed Affectionsby Jayasri Naga Jyothi Pasupuleti
✯ How love finds it's way to reach you ✯ Meera Rao ~ Harsha Kumar She is introverted enough to mess up with her hidden emotions. He is extremely optimistic & overconfide...
Beg |  by unapologeticallyk123
Beg | by Unapologetically. K
"Beg for me babygirl" "Ohh please daddy" she rubs my bulge A shy freaky girl choosing over guys, a lot of female drama. I can't really give a summar...
Sad Poetry by Brianna_Laughter
Sad Poetryby xoxo.Queen.xoxo
Random Peoms that may make you cry read at your own risk . (I know this is a sucky description)
The Eleven Supernovas by wWWRRRYY
The Eleven Supernovasby wWWRRRYY
Summary: The Eleven Supernovas pirates are known as notorious pirates in the grand line. They would become the greatest together under their captain, to accomplish their...
Stepbrother (book 2) by unapologeticallyk123
Stepbrother (book 2)by Unapologetically. K
There's chance you might understand but You most likely you will not understand this book if you didn't read stepbrother #1 . So I suggest reading it beyotch. But if you...
Khawahish  by sonachopra
Khawahish by sonachopra
" sir please don't touch me " shout zoya with anger in her eyes 😡 " oh come on baby in some days you'll be my wife then we can have all the fun I saw in...
Creepy & Fun Facts by KuraKrene
Creepy & Fun Factsby niji
Most of these are just words I got from the internet so most of them are not 100% true. This is all made just for fun. [UNCONTINUED] 📎Subjects&Topics •Scary Facts •Phob...
If Only He Knew | One Night stand With The Billionaire | by Natalieho10x
If Only He Knew | One Night stand...by Natalieho10x
Sophia Evelyn Knight has determination, ambition, and enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life. Being the CEO of Knight Enterprises and Forbes "202...
i hate u i love u (brittana) by santcna
i hate u i love u (brittana)by aime
After head cheerleader, Santana and dance captain, Brittany have a fight at a party they're forced to join glee club. They're sworn enemies... for now. *LONG BUILD UP*
Help Her (Jeon Jungkook FF) by Lovebtsforever2173
Help Her (Jeon Jungkook FF)by Care
"Did he hurt you?" He whispers. I glance at him with a confused face. "Who?" I ask him. "Jack! Who else!" he said putting down his book...
Vision  by heattank
Vision by heattank
read and find out...(slow updates) ©The clock is ticking. (C) heattank.©™ TIP: read all chapters to understand the whole book and other stories which will be coming soon.
after zira was defeated everyone lived in piece especially her children but it seems one of them will be in a terrifying and heartbreaking love triangle with the prince...
Everything started with truth or dare | SM by shawnmendes_swe
Everything started with truth or d...by Shawn Mendes fan
Y/n 16 years old and is Cameron Dallas sister. She likes Shawn Mendes, Cameron's best friend. What are going to happen?
The Struggling Life (Completed) by manukansal12
The Struggling Life (Completed)by manukansal12
it's story about a girl named Manya. her parents died into accident. And her father's friend gave her and her sisters to shelter. But they were maids into her uncle's ho...
Unexpected Love✔ by zylarinschar
Unexpected Love✔by Mikess
"I know it's unbelievable but believe me darling...I'm unexpectedly falling inlove with you". Palestine Morgan Fointelle, a really spoiled brat! Who fell in l...
His Only Hope || A Severus Snape Romance Novel by MayaDemonAngel
His Only Hope || A Severus Snape R...by MayaDemonAngel
*Updates every Friday!* The war is over. It left behind torn up families and scarred orphaned children. Severus Snape was on the brink of death when Dumbledore's fire Ph...
Kamen Rider Zi-O (I am a Crossover Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Zi-O) by HyperKabuto264
Kamen Rider Zi-O (I am a Crossover...by Shadow 264
During his Journey with Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi, Tenma Sanchez together with Sougo, donning Decade Armours and Geiz donning several different armours fought Oma Zi-O...
Be my Future ||•MLBB•|| [Harith x Nana]  by blue_scarlet156
Be my Future ||•MLBB•|| [Harith x...by ϯαηƘαηα_ɕհαη
Nana's life was in danger, a boy named Harith need to protect her from the abyss, they we're looking for this innocent girl for years because she has something special...
The Story Of Riley by liyamichelle
The Story Of Rileyby liyamichelle
Love, lost, heartbreak, and finding all wrapped up In this book about one special girl name Riley. Read story for more‼️