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Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic} by kasiapeia_
Brilliant {A BBC Sherlock Fanfic}by K. Millard
Amelia Watson is a thunderstorm, and her temper a wildfire. Sherlock Holmes is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, his mind a place very few people can understand. Who'd have...
Trying Not To Love You by MmaroZ
Trying Not To Love Youby MmaroZ
Martha has a life, a happy one, a long way from the home she left abruptly after a night that changed her life. But when her father is taken ill she has to return to the...
Shattered Wings ⇢ teen wolf // stiles stilinski by staliaaa
Shattered Wings ⇢ teen wolf // sti...by staliaaa
[COMPLETED, SEQUEL NOW UP] ~Prologue~ My name is Isabel Cannenta. I'm a somewhat average 16 year old sophomore living in a Beacon Hills. My mom died a while ago, it's ju...
The Hired Girlfriend (Harry Styles Fanfiction) by Obey_Janoskian
The Hired Girlfriend (Harry Styles...by Obey_Janoskian
HEADLINE: NEW HARRY STYLES SCANDAL! Would you agree to be the bad boy's hired girlfriend? Noel Springs is Holmes Chapel's good girl with big dreams. All she wants is to...
Dead Shot (A Cal Murphy Thriller Book 1) by Jack_Patterson
Dead Shot (A Cal Murphy Thriller B...by Jack Patterson
****NOTE: This novel is completed ... Enjoy!***** Working as a journalist at a small weekly paper in rural Idaho, Cal Murphy begins losing his big city dreams of writing...
Mr. Player by Obey_Janoskian
Mr. Playerby Obey_Janoskian
Alex, is the definition of a Good Girl. She gets the good grades to fit her title and she's never once stepped out of line. Luke, is the definition of a Bad Boy...
Happily ever after (Emison) by exla21
Happily ever after (Emison)by Alex
Emily and Alison 6 months after graduation. A is gone *trigger warning*
Forbidden Love (A StingLu Love Story) by Harudayoshi
Forbidden Love (A StingLu Love Sto...by AS-PG /XRIB/
There are lots of StingLu fanfics just like this but I hope you enjoy ! Lucy always wanted to have a boyfriend.But what if her boyfriend is from the enemy.
How To Become Wattpad Famous by arcadebastille
How To Become Wattpad Famousby arcadebastille
In order to become Wattpad famous, a writer must follow and use certain ways to attract readers. Here are my tips that can help you obtain more votes, more comments, mor...
Sweet Blasphemy (An Andrew Biersack Story) *WATTYS 2014* by kylar_addict
Sweet Blasphemy (An Andrew Biersac...by Kate Kylar
Three years ago Envy fell in love. Envy fell in love with her boyfriend. Envy's boyfriend was Andrew Biersack. Now after being reunited with her old friends Envy's life...
Just like me (A Ben drowned love story) creepy pasta by Lord_of_the_reads
Just like me (A Ben drowned love s...by Cindy Carey
*edit* hi this book has been completed and finished. I wrote this in my adolescent so if you dislike this book I understand but please refrain from commenting. it was my...
Only girl in the world by Nimbus2000
Only girl in the worldby Nimbus2000
Thalia is the only girl in the world, literally. It is the year 2043 and females are said to not exist due to a virus that had excaped and wipe them from the face of the...
One Of These Days... // Dance Moms FanFic by sunfl0wervol2
One Of These Days... // Dance Moms...by •~•~•
"Chloe is better than Maddie." "Maddie is better than Chloe." "Paige can't dance." "Brooke is so irresponsible and is just a total...
Stranded (One Direction fanfiction) by _perfect
Stranded (One Direction fanfiction)by _perfect
This wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to travel the world. Not get stranded on an island with the band I absolutely despise. Death, loss, pain, guilt. Never tho...
Vincent Valentine Fanfiction by Dory_Valentine
Vincent Valentine Fanfictionby Thorn Highwind
When the lonely girl Terra finds herself in Hojo's lab she has got to find a way to escape!!! Luckily the Famous Vincent Valentine comes to her rescue
Falling For Him  [COMPLETED]  by niallsfreakygal
Falling For Him [COMPLETED] by Luna
Blade's just a normal teen vamp, living her life like anyone else would. Untill her life gets turned upside down. She's being hunted by the Volturi. She falls in love wi...
Mutual (A TheSyndicateproject/Tom Cassel) by Coming_Undone
Mutual (A TheSyndicateproject/Tom...by Coming_Undone
Popular Youtuber Ashley Lewis has a thing for Tom Cassel. She can barely admit it to herself, but the attraction is there. She loves his smile, his laugh, his accent. Ev...
For My Fallen Angel<3 by flikka99
For My Fallen Angel<3by Shelby :3
Poems I wrote for my amazing girl<3 I know they kinda suck...but oh well...feel free to read
Forrest Girl (Eragon Fan fic)ON HOLD #Wattys2015 by Lauren19997
Forrest Girl (Eragon Fan fic)ON HO...by Lauren19997
CURRENTLY ON HOLD. SORRY Iris is the daughter of Durza. When Durza was killed by Eragon Iris' mother (Adurnae) was killed by the king but not before teleporting her dau...
Please Leave Me by marc15pique3david7
Please Leave Meby Idk
She is a doctor. He is a famous football player. She is muslim while he is not. She doesn't date; he does. They are different but work at the same place 'FC BArcelona '...