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The President's Son by InkMonster06
The President's Sonby RosiesInk
He wrapped the cozy fluffy white vesarce blanket around us then rested his chin on my shoulder, not to talk of the fact that he snaked his smooth hands around my bare st...
His Disabled Princess by Rei-naa
His Disabled Princessby 💅
Harley Wilhelmina Reese couldn't walk since she was four. She still can't and is looked down on by others because of that. She has hardly any friends because of her disa...
Struggles of A Nigerian Teenage Girl by _Mayowa_
Struggles of A Nigerian Teenage Gi...by |MAYOWA THE ICON|
We all can relate somehow sha. ~~~ I know I suck at descriptions but this is just some relatables that I am very sure every Nigerian Teenage girl relates to. Enjoy!
SEASHORE [still Editing ] by mcjay234
SEASHORE [still Editing ]by Joy Samuel
Kauna, a young woman tells the tale of her childhood and how her horrible experience as a child literally sends her across the seas. Now in a land that has strange custo...
Chief Hunter. (Onhold) by Reins_of_Suns
Chief Hunter. (Onhold)by Reis Yun (Zuricone)
A story about a girl and her family and the rest of the world. Highest ranking so far 19 in #sisterhood (2/9/21) 👑 The thrones haunted me in my nightmares. The ghost o...
Nigerian Writer's Digest by Watt9ja
Nigerian Writer's Digestby Wattpad Nigeria
Cover credit: @Iyanuoluwa-Temi Oya o, all Naija people, make una show face! Are you a Nigerian on Wattpad? Looking for recognition on Wattpad? Well, @Watt9ja is all abou...
CEASELESS  by IConquerdaily
CEASELESS by Ukeme-obong Chris
We often hear that life is a journey. The question is, how far are you willing to go in order to fulfill your mandate. Ceaseless, tells us about our life's journey, His...
I'M NOBODY BUT ME by ShurdyFino
I'M NOBODY BUT MEby Esther Akpan
Love is beautiful if it's with the right person. But for Miracle, her right person, Mikey, is someone's person. She's not a sickler but she's an entity of sickness when...
My Thoughts  by JennyLeey
My Thoughts by J
~•Like a thousand miles ran and we are right back to the beginning, an empty beginning with no dreams and no hope, just despair and regrets.~ This is just an insight of...
OBLITERATE  by IConquerdaily
OBLITERATE by Ukeme-obong Chris
Everyone dreams of a perfect ending. But, no one asks if they are actually ready for a perfect ending. Daitoro Rowland has had her fair share of pain, hurt, and betraya...
EYES PERFECT by ShurdyFino
EYES PERFECTby Esther Akpan
Nelson is so much in love with Bolande that he wants to do right by her. Nelson bums into Jason and Bolande on bed. will things change? who's this Jason of a guy? Bolan...
Stilettos  by IConquerdaily
Stilettos by Ukeme-obong Chris
Complete √√ Women are naturally being regarded as the 'weaker vessel' or 'vulnerable. But, is it true? 🤔 This poem makes you understand that there is more to women than...
Cupid Strikes Again  by _reedahish
Cupid Strikes Again by _reedahish
A good paediatric oncologist whose dream is to own her hospital once again bumps into her long time ex He became ruthless, arrogant, hotter and a wealthy business mogul...
I shall defend your throne.( Ongoing) by Reins_of_Suns
I shall defend your throne.( Ongoi...by Reis Yun (Zuricone)
^Previously known as Stars of Evernight.^ Two kingdoms are always at war. Sorlan and Delorvia. The king of Delorvia is so used to war that the idea of piece is unrealist...
The Season Awards; Harmattan Edition by Nigerians_Hangout
The Season Awards; Harmattan Editi...by Nigerians_Hangout
That time is here again 🎆🎆 The holiday time, the jolly time, everyone's favorite time of the year, isn't it? My name is @proudly_taurean and with me here are the best...
Grand Mistake  by vicashmens
Grand Mistake by Victoria
Elton and Audrey were caught up in an unforgettable love story. Though they disagreed to certain issues,their enjoyable love scenes were able to get them to the final y...
TWO HEARTS ❤️❤️ by ShurdyFino
TWO HEARTS ❤️❤️by Esther Akpan
Kezia believes that Hana's playing with two hearts, Hana's heart and Eric's heart. Eric kinda saw it coming though he was madly in love with Hana. well, the saying goes...
HER PLIGHT (Ongoing) by Peachez_B
HER PLIGHT (Ongoing)by Becca❤💖
16 Year old Jessie, was raped at 14 and since then, she has promised herself that she will never fall in love. Jessie's dad has been having an extra marital affair. Whe...
The Last Half-Striped Zebra. (Short Story) by Reins_of_Suns
The Last Half-Striped Zebra. (Shor...by Reis Yun (Zuricone)
A story about bravery. "My first night in the bursting main city of Planet Noiraylle led to my arrest. " -, The Last Half-Striped Zebra. Don't trust people you...