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Minecraft but every 5 minutes the sea level rises [shtpost] by seiga_
Minecraft but every 5 minutes the...by Seiga
what if ❓🤔 we 👬😘 kissed 💋 at the height limit 🤔 by the 🌎 world🌏 border 😯 as the water 🌊 rose (and we were both boys 🙈👬)?
  • globalwarming
  • smplive
  • schlattxwilbur
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Water by TheOfficalWater
Waterby Water
  • water
Stuck Between Worlds #Wattys2019 by jesswritesforfun
Stuck Between Worlds #Wattys2019by jesswritesforfun
Via knew she was different; she could breathe underwater and see in the dark. When Via and her best friend Will discover an underwater cave and meet Shawna, Via is deter...
  • love
  • bisexual
  • underwater
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Hope by crappydiaper
Hopeby crappydiaper
Some people aren't born to be soft and quiet. Dull and boring. They are born to make the world shatter. They are born to show you the greatest loss in life isn't death...
  • jugo
  • sasuke
  • sasukelovestory
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human survival by varmaRuddarraju
human survivalby varma
this story is about human survival in the universe. if the humans are going to destroy due to natural calamities or human deeds then humans need to search for another pl...
  • robots
  • water
  • futurestories
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When the Denis's Meet the Winchesters by werewolf123462
When the Denis's Meet the Winchest...by werewolf123462
Two sisters that set out to find the good in creatures that have a bad reputation, but they find the Winchester on one of there "cases". Midnight is older by o...
  • water
  • samwinchester
  • wendigo
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The Royal Escape by Hana_maylas
The Royal Escapeby Hana Maylas
Clara Fernandez is a Princess from the kingdom of Mahika, a realm that is naked to the human eye One day, her parents declared that Clara will be engaged to Victor Gomez...
  • romance
  • earth
  • love
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Floating With The Clouds by CardioWriter
Floating With The Cloudsby CardioWriter
Apollo only had one dream, to fly a plane one day. With his parents' accidental death after his High school graduation and all kinds of crisis coming his way, he ends up...
  • airplane
  • femalemaincharacter
  • maleprotagonist
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The fate of the cursed Queen by DeboraHalluni
The fate of the cursed Queenby Debora
Once upon a time in a realm far away, an ordinary girl, no princess, no royalty, declared that this story would have never been a tale as old as time... In the prosperou...
  • betrayal
  • mythology
  • queen
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Necessary Weeding  by MidnightDaydream18
Necessary Weeding by Nightingale
There are times when you don't address your emotions for a long time for the fear of being judged by others and sometimes by your own self. This collection of poems is...
  • hope
  • love
  • people
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Queen Raina by lele_hamilton
Queen Rainaby Melanin Queen
All hail Queen Raina
  • king
  • language
  • action
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Who Is Lyra? by thyfly
Who Is Lyra?by Faith
Lyra has always felt wrong. An itch she can't scratch. A craving she can't soothe. More recently, a pain deep within her that's slowly bringing her down from the inside...
  • fire
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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The Restoral : Year 1 by giancarlus123
The Restoral : Year 1by maxiejackson123
Midworld is distraught since the Chaos 2 split up the world according to gender. Now the Destined 4 have been born and are ready for their destiny and their first year o...
  • school
  • mage
  • water
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Veganism by HiImAShoutyMan
Veganismby Shouty Man
Hello there! This is just a book of information on Vegan topics and such. Enjoy! ‼️DISCLAMER‼️ I do not intend to force people to change their diet. This is just informa...
  • information
  • water
  • savetheplanet
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Heir to the Fire Goddess  by Jazmin0x0
Heir to the Fire Goddess by Jazmin
Ashen is 17 with her family living in the water kingdom even tho she is of fire decent. Her family is poor so she takes up the offer to go to the elemental ball, there s...
  • reverseharem
  • girl
  • fire
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Rush Above Sea Level by TheDuhKarrot
Rush Above Sea Levelby Karis Luk
Atlantis Ebert must survive the Rush after it wiped out everyone in her town. She must find the survivors and rebuild the life she lost, facing brutal leaders, harsh soc...
  • dystopian
  • water
  • pride
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Fire And Water Don't Mix. (BxB) by TheMysteryOfWalter
Fire And Water Don't Mix. (BxB)by Walter Behrens
The day Fin White moved in across Daniel Kent they didn't get along. They only had one thing in common, that they're both gay and super powered vampires. but this doesn'...
  • supernatural
  • romance
  • mxm
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-A Heroes Diary- by MiraMissHappy
-A Heroes Diary-by Mira
This is a Diary from an Oc and their classmates (also Oc's) who are going U.A. High School. The story plays before the actual events of BNHA so beware. (It is the prolo...
  • mic
  • ốc
  • villain
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fish with a pacifier by martydoo
fish with a pacifierby marty
a collection of short poems
  • flawed
  • summerread
  • read
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Under the Water - j.d by flowingbloom
Under the Water - j.dby Maya
Skip time to over one hundred years into the future after the disaster of April 14, 1912 Violet Dewitt Bukater, a recently graduated college student of journalism and ps...
  • scary
  • youngadult
  • shortstory
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