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We're doing WHAT?! by Temilol12
We're doing WHAT?!by Temilol12
Ever wanted to know the reactions of Mulan, Shang and the others if they watched their story?
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Gale of Memories by SilvermistAnimeLover
Gale of Memoriesby K.R. Starktower
MiM makes the Guardians travel through Jack's memories in an attempt to bring everyone closer together. How will they react to his mortal life? How will they react to hi...
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Frozen: It's Movie time! by agentmegan
Frozen: It's Movie time!by Cassandra
What would happen if right before the King and Queen departed to their doom, the entire frozen cast(Anna,Elsa,Kristoff,Sven,Hans,the Duke,King Agnar,Queen Idun,the peopl...
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The Umbrella Academy Watch Their Show by Ninalak10
The Umbrella Academy Watch Their Winter
The Umbrella Academy characters are taken by me, Evelyn, Alex, Scarlet and Topaz so that they can watch themselves in a TV show!
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Watching Black Clover by shirohana27
Watching Black Cloverby HANAKO-SAN
Just as the traitor among the magic knight's captains was about to be revealed, everyone was brought to a mysterious strange room alongside other magic knights and even...
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What the Future Holds by shinshinjane
What the Future Holdsby shinshinjane
A stranger interrupts the Champion ceremony claiming to know what everyone's fates during the out come of Ganon's return. With all exits sealed off, the royal family and...
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When The Truth Comes Out: Watching Their Lives - A Glee and Arrowverse Crossover by swimmingisawesome101
When The Truth Comes Out: Dory
Barry Allen is eleven when his mother is murdered. He becomes Sebastian Smythe at 14. Kara Zor-el is thirteen when her world is destroyed. 24 years later, she is now Kar...
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Avengers and others watch Spiderman: Into Spiderverse. by Sakura-Okami
Avengers and others watch Sakura-Okami
Avengers, Guardians, Spiderman, Loki T'chala, Shuri and Strange watch Spiderverse. Nobody writed that so I decided that I have to.
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Kunugigaoka Junior High Year 3 watches Assassination classroom manga version  by donnytheweebygemini
Kunugigaoka Junior High Year 3 donnytheweebygemini
Just thought of doing something similar to @TheSteinsGateFormula since they made an amazing fic, but the damn anime isn't as good as the manga, so I'm gonna try a manga...
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Miraculous Ladybug Trash  by _missingsmile_
Miraculous Ladybug Trash by GRACIE THE GREAT
Yep another Watching Miraculous Ladybug 🐞
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Watching BBC's Sherlock by CSP2708
Watching BBC's Sherlockby Carolin S. Petersen
Transcript written by Ariane DeVere a.k.a. Callie Sullivan After Sherlock's death, everyone is a bit torn up. Molly and Mycroft share a secret. John and Mrs. Hudson stan...
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The Girl He Kept by Raven1082
The Girl He Keptby Raven 1082
She was like his property, his item, his possestion. A slave to his insanity. *** Luna; a quiet high schooler from a small neighborhood in Oregon. Just a normal girl wh...
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Best Enemies [COMPLETED] by RaziaSultana
Best Enemies [COMPLETED]by Razia Sultana
THEY SAID NO WAY..................... Ashton Cooper and Selena McKenzie hated each other ever since the first day they've met. Selena knew his type of guys only too well...
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digimon watching their show (on hiatus for now) by UsuiKillua
digimon watching their show (on Usui Killua
this is a Digimon fanfiction a watching the show kind of fanfiction only season 1, and 2
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School watches Assassination Classroom by TheSteinsGateFormula
School watches Assassination TheSteinsGateFormula
Ritsu travels twenty years into the past to try to undo the apocalypse, but due to an unforeseen error, the whole of the third year of Kunugigaoka Junior High School has...
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Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) by bllover587
Watching Avatar: The Last Dani
Right after Katara heals Aang, Team Avatar and Zuko are brought to a mysterious place where they get to react to their lives.
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Lost in Time (Assassination Classroom) by Nothingbutrandom
Lost in Time (Assassination Cecily Mayfair
Nagisa is thrown back in time along with Kayano and Karma by an invention that their former classmates Itona and Ritsu helped make under the supervision of a man sent by...
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Httyd viendo Httyd 2 by dracko7646
Httyd viendo Httyd 2by drako luna
Los habitantes de Berk son llevados a una sala de cine junto con una persona desconocida y muchos dragones.
Team Flash and Supergirl watch their future (COMPLETED) by pinkie03pie
Team Flash and Supergirl watch Dimension Princess
So I kidnapped team Flash and Supergirl because I'm bored and love showing people stuff and see how they react. Also Barry and Iris are just friends. Barry and Kara rec...
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Watching Barry (Supergirl, Flash and Arrow) by Zana_Zoola14
Watching Barry (Supergirl, Flash ZanaZoola14
Meet Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe as he watches through different parts in his life with his friends, superfriends and family
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