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YouRiko [One Shots Scenes] DISCONTINUED by sky_reign18
YouRiko [One Shots Scenes] DISCONT...by @ricchan_nosuke
I hope you like my YouRiko one shots.. Warning: I do not own Love Live Sunshine!! Characters
Love Live! One-shots! [REQUESTS CLOSED] by VoteForLoona
Love Live! One-shots! [REQUESTS CL...by VoteForLoona
In this one-shot I'll include the voice actress' of Aqours and μ's and of course I'll also include the character xD anyway just a short warning I'm not good at making on...
Blue eyes by YouRiko-senpai
Blue eyesby YouRiko-senpai
"Don't look at me like that!" "Like what?" "Like that! Damn you and your blue eyes!"
~LOVE LIVE! ONESHOTS!~ by tryshieeee_19
~LOVE LIVE! ONESHOTS!~by tryshieeee_19
"Na,na,na,that's what I want to be." -Love Novels,BiBi. ...
Unexpectedly In Love (ON HOLD) by YouRiko-senpai
Unexpectedly In Love (ON HOLD)by YouRiko-senpai
Watanabe You is a second year student and she is going to transfer to Otonokizaka High because of her mother wants to experience life in the city. Sakurauchi Riko is a n...
If Aqours has boyfriends (COMPLETE) by BLAHBLAHWOW
If Aqours has boyfriends (COMPLETE)by BLAHBLAHWOW
This story is the first story that I made here in wattpad so I would give this story to those who loves LLSS I am sorry if my spelling and gramar is wrong but you may re...
I'll always love you, No matter what Happens  by VoteForLoona
I'll always love you, No matter wh...by VoteForLoona
This was supposed to be my friend's story but she was too damn lazy to update so this is why I'm the one finishing her story (-_-) anyways, Watanabe You and her best fri...
I want to be with You [Youriko] by shuizu
I want to be with You [Youriko]by den
You is a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School, together with her best friend from childhood who loves idols, Takami Chika. Today is their first day of sch...
I never knew, it will be "You" by YouRiko31
I never knew, it will be "You"by Westdoor31
Watanabe You, a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A happy, energetic, always moving forward and supportive friend, is the most admirable student by he...
A Forgotten Remnant of the Past by YouRiko31
A Forgotten Remnant of the Pastby Westdoor31
Riko Sakurauchi, an 18 year old 1st year College Student at Tokyo University of the Arts. A silent introvert who has no friends. But she felt her life is missing, a frag...
Love Live: Uchiura no Kiseki by hoperunsdeep314
Love Live: Uchiura no Kisekiby HOPErunsFOREVER
As a high school boy, you are ready to start your year as a foreign exchange student in Japan- until you realize which school you're going to- Uranohoshi Girls' High Sch...
RIVALRY! by SagaMasamune4
RIVALRY!by Saga Masamune
That words enough to make Riko's face redder than before. You only glanced at Riko while sipping the glass. "Hmmm...." Kanan looked at them with a big grin on...
Water vs. The World by uwucrysuwu
Water vs. The Worldby Crys
The cousins You Watanabe and Kanan Matsuura are delinquents in Uranohoshi. The school is infamous for its lack of students and many fights that occur. After the murder o...
We Both Love You (Riko X Male You and Chika) (COMPLETE) by BLAHBLAHWOW
We Both Love You (Riko X Male You...by BLAHBLAHWOW
This story is about 2 boys who have the same mother but different fathers their fathers are really good friends but the 2 boys who consider their selves as twins because...
Beginner's Sailing [You Watanabe X Male character] by rexyru
Beginner's Sailing [You Watanabe X...by ReXyRu
This is a story about a young man who was recently transfered to a place called Uchiura. There, he met a beautiful girl with a stunning blue eyes. It is love at first si...
frostby SaltyBalls
Even idols need breaks sometimes. That's why you take your lover out to the park.
LoveLive! Songfics by sleepysavoki
LoveLive! Songficsby Savoki
A collection of LoveLive! songfics.