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War of the Worlds Robbie x OC & Ray x OC by Wyvernmist22
War of the Worlds Robbie x OC & Ra...by Wyvernmist22
Lily and her Aunt Mary live together and are friends of Ray Ferrier. As Lily went to visit him one day they played catch and she met the one she was destined to love Rob...
War Of The Worlds Robbie x Reader by EddiesMoms_Underwear
War Of The Worlds Robbie x Readerby Big Tozier
Y/n's mom died when she was fifteen. After mourning, she and her father moved to New Jersey, where her dad got a job at the car shop. It's been a little over a year sinc...
One Shots For Days by AliceIsLost
One Shots For Daysby Chloe Flood
One shots including all of your favourite characters. Romance, friendship and more.
An Unrelenting Nightmare (War of the Worlds X Male Reader) by Drago275
An Unrelenting Nightmare (War of t...by Ryu
got this idea after seeing gameplay footage of a new War of the Worlds game.
Ruby in the Machine by Alienking101
Ruby in the Machineby Alienking101
when Ruby gets lost at age of twelve she safe and hidden in what looks to be a hidden factory there are strange creatures making these strange machines in till a creatur...
Valkyria War of the Worlds Chronicles ( Valkyria Chronicles X War of the Worlds) by TheGreatSummoner
Valkyria War of the Worlds Chronic...by TheGreatSummoner
In the year 1935 the war between the Federations, Gallia, and the Imperial army fought each other for months. It was then something falls in the sky as another army had...
War of the worlds remnant survival by GhostR3x1
War of the worlds remnant survivalby GhostR3x1
This is a fanfic of war of the worlds if the martians from mars found remnant and began there attack.
Alien Invasions by KadenVanciel
Alien Invasionsby Kaden Vanciel
I've been thinking about the scene from Spielberg's 2005 adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds that introduced the audience to the first Tripod to appear in t...
War of The Worlds Chapter 2 Blood and Iron by Cs0101010101def
War of The Worlds Chapter 2 Blood...by Comrade Creme Sos
Day 3 of the Martian attack and the Eastern Bloc has been attacked by the Martians. They have been shown to be unending. Watch a Soviet Medic watch in horror as his home...
The War of the worlds: the second invasion part 1: the return of the Martians by ThatWOTWfan2022
The War of the worlds: the second...by ThatWOTWfan2022
We all know the Martian war of the 19th century: the Martians came in cylinders and nearly wiping us out with their heat rays and their fighting machines. Now they have...
million to one by bebeandwilfsfanfics
million to oneby bebeandwilfsfanfics
war of the worlds fan fiction x first story x brother and sister writing together :) hope you enjoy!
H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds by tgm-stories
H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worldsby A Spider-Man Tale
The Original Book By H.G Wells with added context and character.- By me, it isn't amazing but enjoy. - At the Turn of the twentieth century, Southern England is invaded...
War of the Worlds (Satan's Sister Sequel) by khsmith17
War of the Worlds (Satan's Sister...by Kaitlin
Satan is at it again. Except, he's brought his brother, God, and anyone who can help him succeed, into this. New characters emerge and take a lead on this story. Feeling...
My hero academia in : war of the worlds  by Deathr919
My hero academia in : war of the w...by Deathr919
Class 1a sees a cylinder in the sky fall and now they must protect earth
The War Of The Worlds by SonicWasHere87ExE
The War Of The Worldsby SonicWasHere87ExE
The citizens of Equestria must now face a new enemy that has no mercy and no means of stopping. This is War. The War Of The Worlds. Based on the novel by H.G Wells, The...
My Internal Fighting Machine. by GoldenGreen2003
My Internal Fighting Machine.by AtomicBlast
Lonely, almost bare, tranquil. The river was always that way. But not today, where a tall and thunderous engine stood above me. I was caught in its eyesight. This was i...
War of the Worlds by Author-Anonymus
War of the Worldsby Anonymous
Winnifred Grey, a fouteen-year-old girl, is simply enjoying her break from school. Often she would hang out at her neighbor's, Ray Ferrier, house when her mother wasn't...